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One Piece Chapter 1007

Who is the hidden figure in chapter 1004 and how is this related to One Piece Chapter 1007? Let’s start this One Piece Theory in Chapter 1004 entitled Millet Dumplings. At the end of this chapter, Bao Huang mentioned that there is someone who is trying to save the 9 Red Scabbards. We see the injured and unconscious samurai and a small secret figure either shedding tears or sweat.

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Oden in One Piece Chapter 1007 Theory

In chapter 1007 leak, we see Oden is alive and well and the Akazaya Nine was shocked at the sight of their leader. This is a sight to behold but there are strange things to take note of.

Let’s try to find out if Oden is still alive or someone else pretending to be Oden. Who might this person be and if the silhouette is another person

The community is trying to guess who this person is but Let me present my case.

The Two Swords of Oden in One Piece Chapter 1007

In Chapter 954, Hiyori tells Zoro that her father entrusted the two swords to her and to Momonosuke. The swords are Ame no Habakiri and Enma and were kept by Tenguyama Hitetsu. Hiyori gave Zoro Enma and Momonosuke asked Tengu to keep it as he was not yet ready to weild his father’s sword.

If you look closely at the guard (Tsuba) of these two swords, they are shaped like a clover. However, Oden’s swords on the leaked photo are round-shaped.

Shape Shifters and Copy Ability

Throughout the story of One Piece, there have been several figures who are able to change faces or physique. These includes Kurozumi Higurashi, Bon Clay, Catarina Devon, and Gyukimaru (Onimaru). We also have Kanjuro who is able to draw in precision figures using his ink devil fruit ability.

The original weilder of the Mane Mane no Mi is Kurozumi Higurashi but was later killed by Kaido. We then see Bon Clay use the devil fruit in Alabasta Arc and we last saw him in Impel Down after he sacrificed himself for Luffy to go to Marineford.

The next is Catarina Devon who has the mythical Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune. We see her use this ability and pretended to be Absalom against Gecko Moria when he attacked Hachinosu, also known as Pirate Island. However, she specifically mentioned that Absalom wandered into their lair which allowed her to make a clone of him.

We also see her transform to her Ninetails form with a smoke effect.

People may think Catarina Devon may already be in Wano and could be the spy of Blackbeard.

However, the possibility of her copying Oden is almost zero
unless she fought with Oden, belonged to Whitebeard or Roger’s crew or was in Wano. Also she should have possessed the Devil Fruit for over 20 years.

Next possible candidate is Kanjuro and his ink ability to draw Oden. We see him create a perfect clone who went with Kinemon on the boat before announcing he was the traitor. He has definitely seen Oden and his swords and copying that to perfection should not be an issue.

Onimaru as Oden in One Piece Chapter 1007

So the final choice is Onimaru or Gyukimaru. But you may ask how is Onimaru related to this? Did he not disappear after showing Zoro the swords he collected in the bandit’s bridge?

There are two things that you need to remember.

  1. Onimaru was introduced first as the companion of the Shimotsuki Ushimaru, the Daimyo of Ringo during the time of Shogun Sukiyaki.
  2. Onimaru changed to a Human form after Kawamatsu got captured by Kaido’s crew. He renamed himself as Gyukimaru and continued Kawamatsu’s goal to collect swords.

His powers are very similar to that of Catarina Devon but he is a mythical creature and not a devil fruit user. They are both Kitsune (Fox) which have the ability to shape shift. As mentioned, Onimaru may have likely seen Oden as he was the companion of Ushimaru. He may know about Oden’s sword but could not have been very specific on how the swords actually looked like.

Finally, compare the clouds of transformation made by Catarina Devon and Onimaru and the clouds /smoke beneath the feet of Oden. Do you see any similarity?

Also, Look at the sword after Zoro defeated Gyukimaru and the one in Oden’s waist.

Who is Oden in One Piece Chapter 1007

Therefore, It is possible that Onimaru shape shifted into Oden.

The Silhoutte Who Healed the Scabbards

I believe that the person in silhouette in Chapter 1004 is not Onimaru but another person.

And we have already seen this person in the PAST.

After Oden returned, the scabbards narrated the incidents in Wano during his absence. Upon learning on what happened to Toki, Take a look at his reaction.

Does this panel look familiar? It is indeed as it is the same as the one in Chapter 1004.

But this does not tell us who the person might be. But Oda has sprinkled several clues in the story which may point out on the personality of this person.

What IF I tell you that the Silhoutte could possibly be Toki?

Take alook at these two silhouettes.

But you may doubt, the silhouette may be Hiyori. Now, check the changes of Toki’s dress in Wano

This panel shows the last dress of Toki when Oden was executed and she was protecting her children in Kuri Castle.

Also, do you remember the panel we saw Marco and Nekomamushi during the time they were trying to contact Kin’emon? Many thought that this was Izo but the pattern of the dress / Kimono was the same as Toki’s and Izo was wearing a different Kimono / Yukata.

And finally you may ask how is it possible that Toki is inside the Onigashima. Didnt Marco fly with Nekomamushi and Izo? Take a look at the ship that Marco rode and now look at the falling ship after Onigashima floated in the sky. It looks very similar and this could be the way how Toki entered Onigashima and now we see her caring for the scabbards.

Lastly, she may show her scar to the scabbards to prove herself to them.

Final Thoughts

We see the silhoutte and determined the possibility that Toki may have jumped into the future in a different timeline. It could be because she was injured when she protected her children and gave the prophecy. I also think she was the one who left the journal in the river which Yamato eventually found. The question now is what role will Onimaru play in the story? Is this the start of the connection between Zoro and Shimotsuki Ushimaru?

I hope you liked my theory. Let’s wait for the big reveal and look into the future.

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