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One Piece Manga Chapter 1009

One Piece 1009 entitled Hell continues from the previous chapter where Orochi was seen running around Onigashima and setting fire in his path. The manga chapter also shows fight between Big Mom and Kaido with the five supernovas. What will be the outcome of the battle and Big Mom, Kaido or the Supernovas fall?

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Big Mom Falls? One Piece Manga Chapter 1009 Summary

One Piece 1009 starts off with the beast pirates trying to put off the flames set by Orochi. Kin’emon’s group were on their way to aid Momonosuke when they ran into Orochi and Fukurukuju. This is the first time they meet after Oden died 20 years ago although Orochi knew of their existence thanks to the traitor Kanjuro Kurozumi.

Fukurukuju tells Orochi that he will handle the samurais as they don’t know yet that Orochi already died once. But the latter taunted them and transformed into his dragon zoan form (Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi) to take on the red scabbards. Instead of the 8 dragon heads, only see 6 heads are visible. The scabbards aimed their swords to revenge Oden and without hesitation slashed all the heads of dragon. Fukurukuju was shocked at the sight of his fallen master.

It appears that we still haven’t seen any useful powers of the Yamata no Orochi other than giving multiple lives for its user. The heads are weak from attack and easily severed. Orochi also doesn’t have any fighting capabilities from his flashback nor we see any wings to fly. Does he also possess the powers of flame clouds to fly just like Kaido?

After they beheaded Orochi, the group left Raizo with Fukurukuju to settle their score. The title Hell was referring the samurai to leaving the judgement of Orochi to fate. Seven of Orochi’s head have been severed.

In the Japanese mythology of Yamata No Orochi, the dragon had 8 heads that were severed after Susano’o made him drink alcohol. and cutting off all the heads. After defeating Orochi, a mythical sword came out of his body and Susano’o gave the sword to his sister Amaterasu.


The scene switches back to the fight between Big Mom and Kaido vs the supernovas. Kid asked Law about him transporting one of the Yonkos with his powers. However, Law explained that the will of the Yonko is too great for him that makes it difficult for him to do so.

Big Mom tells Kaido to finish the fight supernovas with one blow. They stood the same pose as Dorry and Brogy in Little Garden and prepared to attack with 覇海 with the direct meaning Hakai “To Destory” or 覇 OverlordSea or Conquer the Sea.

“Hakai” was also used in Dragonball Super by the Gods of Destruction or Hakaishin.

Big Mom and Kaido attacked with brute strength sending a powerful wave towards the supernovas with no time to dodge and cutting off part of the island. However, Zoro was able to react and stopped the attack with his three swords. He asked everyone to get out of the attack path. Zoro’s defense gave a small window for Law to transport them to safety. Despite this, Zoro took heavy damage from the attack.

Luffy vs Kaido

As soon as they were all out of danger, Luffy immediately attacks Kaido with his Red Roc. Luffy smiles after Kaido avoids the attack giving a hint that the attack was able to damage him. Kaido didn’t waste any chance and hit back at Luffy with his club. Luffy blocks using his arms coated with armament and Kaido follows through with his Boro Breath. Luffy dodged the attack making him fall to the ground. Kaido quickly jumps up and attacks with (降三世 引奈落 Three-world Ragnarok). The attack finally connects with Luffy.

Luffy first used his Red Roc in chapter 1000 effectively hurting Kaido and taking him out of his dragon form. The beam that Kaido fired against Luffy was similar to his Boro Breath but this time in his hybrid form. This is the first time Kaido used the three world ragnarok. The attack works by spinning his Kanabo and the spin creates lightning similar to his Raimei hakke (Thunderclap Eight Trigrams)

Big Mom Falls

As Luffy was fighting Kaido, Law, Zoro, Kid and Killer devised a plan to separate Big Mom. Kid creates a metal box and Law used Shambles on Zeus to contain him in the box. With Zeus out of the way, Zoro attacked Prometheus with Kitsunebiryu: Homura saki (Foxfire Style: Flame Cutter) and Killer attacks Napoleon effectively seperating Big Mom from her homies.

Kid then gets the attention of Big Mom by shooting metal arrow from Punk Pistol. The arrows lodges to her body but does not affect her. Then, she punches Kid hard on the face pinning him to the ground. Kid smiles, grabs her and used Repel to shoot Big Mom to the air. Law quickly followed up with “Tact” to throw a boulder to Big Mom.

The huge rock hurled at Big Mom was enough to push her off Onigashima without her realizing. She exclaimed that the rocks don’t affect her. Soon after, Big Mom falls and only then she realized that she is no longer in the rooftop of Onigashima. She calls for Zeus to save her but the homie is trapped in Kid’s box. The supernovas were successful in separating Big Mom and Kaido.

One Piece 1009 Discussion

Before One Piece 1009, The Oniwabanshu and Mimawarigumi has already pledged alliance with Kaido after he beheaded Orochi. However, the forces were defeated by Hyogoro after turning into an ice demon. Orochi is also on the run since he doesn’t have much allies available at his disposal.

Onigashima also has been en route to the flower capital for some time now. In chapter 1006, we see a silhouette of Fujiyama (Mount Fuji in literal term). Coming from the direction of the original location of Onigashima, Big Mom can either fall in land or in the sea near Udon or Hakumai.

In Chapter 1005, Perospero already defeated Wanda and Carrot in Onigashima entrance and he was already heading inside. He might not be able to notice Big Mom falling from the sky.

In Chapter 934, Big Mom was separated from her children after King attacked their ship. The Charlotte siblings knew Big Mom was still alive using her Vivre Card. Smoothie also tells Perospero to not kill off Mama “yet”. I made a theory regarding Toki’s prophecy on how Lola and Chiffon may end up in Wano bringing Bege with them to complete the 9 Shadows. Is this the start of her children making their way to Wano Kuni using the vivre Card to save Big Mom?

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