One Piece Chapter 1013 | Hera and Zeus | Kaido vs Luffy

One Piece 1013

In One Piece Chapter 1013, Zeus redeems himself after finding out that Hera replaced him as Big Mom’s new thundercloud. Kid finds Big Mom and the outcome of Kaido vs Luffy Conqueror’s Haki clash is finally revealed.

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One Piece Manga Chapter 1013 Summary

One Piece Chapter 1013 entitled “Big Mom’s Anarchy” continues after Ulti took Nami’s thunder lance tempo attack for the second time. She recovers immediately with little damage with Nami doing a follow up attack using tornado tempo. Ulti dodges and grabs Nami by her arms. As she was about to headbutt Nami, Big Mom fused Prometheus, Napoleon and Hera to attack Ulti with Maser Cannon.

The laser attack pierced through Ulti’s stomach and Big Mom was satisfied in getting her revenge on Ulti for hitting Otama. Nami and Ussop took the chance and carried Otama to immediately escape from Big Mom.

As the two scrambled to leave, the sobbing Zeus on the side was gazing at the sight of the three homies of Big Mom. At first, he did not think he was replaced but rather there was an addition to the group and they will all work well. But contrary to the fact, Big Mom saw and told him that his services were no longer needed.

Hera Eats Zeus

To regain part of her soul from Zeus and power up her new homie, Big Mom ordered Hera to eat Zeus to which the former happily obliged. The disheartened Zeus tried to beg for his life by disappearing without trace but Big Mom forbade him.

Big Mom finally caught a glimpse of the two as they were running away with her friend. She quickly grabbed the small child with her big hands and told her to not go with her enemies. She prepared to finish the two but Zeus screamed and apologized to Nami for abandoning her due to his selfishness. He cried his heart out and told Nami to watch as he defies Big Mom and trade his life so she can escape.

But before he was able to attack, Big Mom grabbed him and sucked what was left of him leaving him powerless. Nami accepted Zeus apology and tried to feed him black weather balls to give him energy. The weak Zeus bade his farewell to Nami as he was no longer able to munch on his favorite snack and Hera finished off what was remaining of Zeus.

Kid vs Big Mom

Otama quickly pulled Ussop and Nami to escape but Big Mom saw this and figured her friend was abandoning her. Though reluctant, Big Mom swung her sword to attack them when suddenly, Eustass Captain Kid appeared and used Punk Gibson to stop Napoleon. Kid’s metal hand grabbed Big Mom’s face and slammed her to the ground

The three felt relieved to have escaped from danger with captain Kid telling the strawhat pirates to back off away from her prey. The disgruntled Big Mom was able to recover and looked angrily at Kid.

Kaido Defeats Luffy

Back to the skull dome rooftop, Kaido was alone standing with his Kanabo on his shoulders and back to his human form. Despite Luffy gaining a new power up from advanced conqueror’s haki, Kaido still defeated Luffy but the battle was not shown. Kaido regrets that he was not able to take Luffy’s head as a trophy as Luffy falls from Onigashima.

One Piece Manga 1013 Discussion

Despite appearing like a short chapter, there are so many things to discuss about One Piece Manga Chapter 1013. The title “Big Mom’s Anarchy” shows the state of lawlessness with Zeus finally getting the courage to rebel against Big Mom. In chapter 988, Big Mom regained Zeus from Nami as he was unable to defy her owner’s orders. But on this chapter, he was able to finally redeem himself through sheer will and liking for Nami.

Although at first Nami considered Zeus as a slave, she treated Zeus with respect compared to Big Mom and his other soul brothers. Prometheus thinks Zeus as more of a hindrance which was the cause why they were unable to make a fusion attack unlike with Hera. Prometheus wish to have a girlfriend was easily granted as he saved Big Mom from falling.

Prometheus tells Hera the reason why she exist was because of his wish. Despite this, Napoleon also tells Hera that they have better chemistry. When Big Mom order’s Hera to eat Zeus, she ate him without any questions asked.

In Greek Mythology, Zeus and Hera were siblings at the same time Husband and Wife. That is why Hera addresses Zeus as “senpai” which is an honorary term given to a person with more authority or an older person. The act of eating Zeus may also be considered as a union or marriage.

Also notice the sorcery clima tact baton of Nami sticking in Hera’s mouth. As Nami needs a powerup, Zeus may find his way to enter her baton before getting fully consumed by Hera. Only the future can tell if Hera will soon follow Zeus as part of his soul now reside in her.

Big Mom eats souls

In episode 839, Charlotte Linlin unconsciously used her conqueror’s haki and ate Mother Caramel and the kids while celebrating her birthday

Also, as Big Mom sang the Bad End Musical, we see the souls in a graveyard from her mouth which could possibly signify the souls she have eaten in the past

Maser Cannon

Big Mom’s Maser Cannon is a powerful combination attack made by fusing Prometheus, Napoleon and Hera. This attack is similar to the Maser tank from the Godzilla franchise that shoots lightning and laser beam.

In Big Mom’s Maser Cannon, Prometheus as the sun serves as the energy source, Napoleon as the equipment and Hera as the the lightning / laser beam. This is the first time a combined attack was used using the homies. In parallel, Franky also uses his machines to combine and build Iron Pirate Franky shogun.

Kid vs Big Mom

Kid attacks Big Mom using Punk Gibson but this is not enough to take Big Mom down as she quickly recovers from the attack. Law was also on his way to Big Mom and there are no known enemies in the direction as King and Queen are in the Live Floor and Jack is fighting Inuarashi. The Tobiroppo are also fighting the members of the strawhats.

Luffy Falls from Onigashima

In Chapter 1010, Luffy tells Law to bring Zoro down as he is confident he can beat Kaido. However, three chapters later, Luffy falls from Onigashima just like how Big Mom fell from the rooftop. But this time, there is no one to save or catch Luffy fall.

In the previous chapter, Yamato was in a hurry to go to the rooftop but was she able to make it on time to reach Luffy? Is there anything written in Oden’s Log about Luffy falling?

Also, Big Mom falling on the ocean may hint that Luffy may also fall in the ocean but the previous chapter also gives a context that it has been a few dozen minutes have passed since Law and Zoro left the rooftop. As Onigashima moves towards the capital, Luffy may now fall in land instead of the ocean.

Who Will Save Luffy?

Just like his previous battles, Luffy always recover and in the end find his way to the final boss. Despite the number of times he fall, he is able to get back on his feet and in the process find unlikely allies to support him. Here are 8 possible ways Luffy can survive and get back to the battle.

  1. The Big Mom Pirates are on their way to Onigashima to assist Big Mom
  2. The Heart Pirates with their submarine following Onigashima
  3. The Whitebeard Pirate ship used by Marco and Izo to arrive in Onigashima
  4. The revolutionary army
  5. Blackbeard Pirates just like how Luffy met them in Impel down
  6. Strawhat Grand Fleet may see Luffy’s Vivre Card burning
  7. Momonosuke transforming to his Dragon form and saving Luffy
  8. Yamato

1% Chance of Surviving

As of chapter 1013, the person Basil Hawkins pertained to as having 1% chance of surviving has not been given any attention. Here are my thoughts on the possible persons of interest that may fit.

  1. In Chapter 1012 cover story, Kid wears a shirt with 3D 軌 (path) 99% with only 1% remaining.
  2. I have also made a theory that it can also be Big Mom that may lead the last supernova (Capone Bege) to Wano to complete the 9 shadows in Toki’s Prophecy.
  3. Now Luffy may also be a likely candidate now that he is falling from Onigashima.

Whether Luffy falls on the sea or in land, someone will sure save him and bring him to defeat Kaido before the dawn.

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