Onigashima arrives in the Flower Capital | Momonosuke bites Kaido | One Piece 1026 Discussion

One Piece Chapter 1026

One Piece Chapter 1026 entitled Tennōzan (天王山) continues as Onigashima approaches the Flower capital and the face off between the Azure Dragon Kaido, Pink Dragon Momonosuke and Strawhat Luffy intensifies.

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One Piece 1026 Spoiler

One Piece Chapter 1026 Discussion

Onigashima Arrives in the Flower Capital

Just like in chapter 1016, One Piece chapter 1026 starts off with Tenguyama Hitetsu and Otoko strolling along the capital. Tengu worries about the safety of Otama while asking Toko if she was enjoying the festival. The moon and Onigashima has been shunned by thick raging clouds caused by two dragons fighting over supremacy. Little do they know about the impending danger of Onigashima as it arrives at the Flower capital and the celebration will soon turn into extreme fear.

Onigashima in the Flower Capital is Dressrosa in the Making

Just like in Dressrosa, the citizens of Wano are unaware of the impending battle that is about to unfold before their eyes. The secret raid in Onigashima was only made known to a few who were able to understand the message of the pamphlet. In Dressrosa, many of the people forgot of the horrors of the past because its citizens were turned into toys and King Riku was removed by the tyrant Doflamingo Don Quixote.

But have the people of Wano forgotten about Toki’s Prophecy?

“You are the moon, unaware of the dawn. May your purpose be fulfilled. And cast 9 shadows on the night woven of 20 years, and you shall know the brilliance of the dawn.”

Kozuki Toki, née Amatsuki
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Most of the people left in the capital have not prepared for a battle and as soon as Onigashima arrives, the citizens may be held hostage by the beast pirates. The people have remained neutral and not opposing Orochi as he turned their country to a toxic weapon factory. The people are also hungry but this time, they have been able to eat giving them the strength to fight if need be.

And just like in Dressrosa, the people of Wano must rally behind the alliance and their fear must be converted to courage to stand up and believe.

Return of Joy Boy

It must also be highlighted that before Oden died, his wish is for Wano to reopen the borders before the arrival of the figure known as Joy Boy. He specifically mentions that “WANO MUST BE PREPARED TO WELCOME AND WORK WITH THEM”. This means that Wano as a country must accept the reopening of their borders and work with the external forces. This cannot happen if the citizens are left fearful.

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Momonosuke bites Kaido

The battle rages between the Azure and Pink Dragon on top of Onigashima. Luffy guides Momonosuke and instructs him to imitate Kaido’s Bolo Breath. Momo is unsure how to use his powers so Luffy tells Momonosuke to bite Kaido instead. Momo remembered all the suffering he endured and how his mother, Toki, was injured by Kaido. This fueled the rage and Momo finds the courage to bite Kaido.

Can Momonosuke stop Onigashima’s descent?

As the fight continues Luffy tells him that he does not have anything to fear as he has just bitten one of the four emperors. Realizing what he just did, Momo agreed that there is nothing to be scared of anymore. Luffy then tells Momonosuke to stop Onigashima from its tracks.

Kaido vs Luffy Clash of Conqueror’s Haki

Realizing that he was at a disadvantage in fighting Luffy and Momonosuke as a dragon at the same time, Kaido changed back to his hybrid form and attacked Luffy using thunder Bagua. The two clashed with their attacks clad with Conqueror’s haki. The attacks connected but did not touch causing the heavens to split, revealing the full moon once more.

At the same time, Perospero and Jack mocked the minks for failing to finish them off while in their Sulong form but the tide changed as soon as the moon peeked returning their powers defeating the two using Oden One Sword Style (Oden Ittoryu)

Orochi, Jack, Inuarashi and the Silhouette in 1007

Despite the number of times that Orochi has reappeared, the Marys have not reported to Kaido or the all stars that Shogun Orochi is still alive. At the end of this chapter, Orochi witnessed how Inuarashi defeated Jack. It can also be recalled that there was a mysterious silhouette who healed the scabbards in chapter 1007 at the area where Jack and Inuarashi are currently fighting.

There are assumptions that the silhouette could either be Hiyori or Toki. There have been no clues yet as to whether the figure has escaped but if she is still in the same area, then Orochi might accidentally bump into her and capturing her in the process.

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Adult Momonosuke and Hiyori will be an Oden and Toki Return

Kaido has already transformed to his Hybrid form leaving Momonosuke the Dragon flying over Onigashima. The sky splitting will soon reveal Onigashima to the flower capital and people will see Momo as the dragon instead of Kaido. The fear and rage that people feel against the dragon will soon be directed towards Momonosuke.

Also, the existence of Momonosuke has not been revealed to the citizen and Tengu and Toko are not aware that Momo has been changed into an adult.

In chapter 1023 entitled “Spitting Image”, Shinobu was able to age Momonosuke to 28 years old. Luffy asked Shinobu why she was crying as she utters the words “My Lord, you look just like…”.

It can be assumed that Shinobu was crying because she was afraid of the dragon as she was hiding at the back of Luffy. But in the several times that she encountered Kaido as a person or as a dragon, she has never cried out of fear.

The only time she cried was during the Golden Hour as she narrated Oden’s sacrifice for Wano. This means that Shinobu meant that Momo as an adult looked just like his father, Oden. This would only be possible if she has seen momo as an adult before he transformed into his dragon form.

And in Chapter 939, we can recall that Hiyori tells Zoro that it was not yet the time to meet his brother.

The capital is currently unaware that Hiyori and Momonosuke are still alive and the two as an adult strongly resembles their parents. When they show finally show up, people might believe that Oden and Toki has returned.

One Piece 1026 Tennozan

The Chapter title “Tennozan” can be described as the turning point in relation to the battle of Yamazaki in Mount Tenno in Kyoto.

Meanwhile, Hideyoshi decided that a wooded area called Tennozan (Mount Tenno) just outside the town of Yamazaki was key to strategic control of the road to Kyoto. He sent a detachmentunder Nakagawa Kiyohide to secure this area, while he lead the majority of the army to Yamazaki himself. His forces took over the mountain and gained a significant advantage

Battle of Yamazaki

Also, possibly related to this is the first emperor of Japan, Jimmu Tenno (Emperor Jimu) in Yamato Dynasty who was the first Emperor of Japan who was presumed to be a descendant of the goddess Amaterasu.

They also gave the imperial line a direct descent from the gods – the original purpose of their composition – with the goddess Amaterasu’s great-great-grandson Jimmu Tenno being the first emperor of Japan. Jimmu’s traditional rule dates are 660-585 BCE, but he may well be a purely mythical figure.


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