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One Piece Chapter 1030

One Piece Chapter 1030 entitled “Impermanence of all things” updates the status of red scabbards, Kin’emon, Kanjuro and Okiku, after they were defeated and four of the supernovas, X Drake, Apoo, Kid and Law forming their individual alliances. How will Kanjuro and Orochi Kurozumi end their performance and will Yamato be able to stop the weapons from exploding?

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One Piece Manga Chapter 1030

One Piece chapter 1030 starts off with Apoo offering an alliance with X Drake in “Iwato room”. The two supernovas are with three of the numbers “Inbi” laughs ibibibi” (ichi 一 means one), “Fuga” fugagaga (futatsu 二つ means number 2) and “Zanki” zakikiki (san means three) who were still drinking and eating without regard to the commotion outside.

Apoo tells X Drake that they don’t have a horse or an army / crew to support them so fighting the war is futile. X drake declined as he mentioned to Apoo that he is not the one to be trusted but Apoo countered that trust has nothing to do with their alliance. But since X drake is now allied with Luffy, what will happen to their alliance? Does this mean that Apoo will be joining them soon?

This appears to be the same technique he used with Hawkins and Kid but their alliance was a failure as Apoo was already working under Kaido. In the last chapter, Killer defeats Hawkins in his attempt to save his captain.

Here’s a table of the alliances formed by the Supernovas after the two year timeskip.

Supernova AllianceStatusRemarks
Luffy, Law, ZoroOngoingFormed in Punk Hazard, this is the longest alliance amongst the supernova.
Hawkins, Beast PiratesOngoingHawkins did not have a choice but to join the beast pirates but it appears that this may be wavering as Killer told Hawkins that he may have regretted his decision in joining Kaido (chapter 1029)
Law, KidOngoingLaw proposed to Kid to trust Luffy effectively forming an alliance with him.
X Drake, LuffyOngoingAfter X drake’s cover was blown off, he asked Luffy to join their alliance. Zoro and Law rejected but Luffy approved of the alliance.
X Drake, MarinesOngoingX drake is currently working as a spy of the Marines.
X Drake, Beast PiratesFailedHawkins and the beast pirates found out that X Drake was a spy for the Marines
Apoo, Beast PiratesFailedQueen handed the virus antidote to Apoo and made him a prey to both Beast Pirates and Samurai alliance thus removing him from the beast pirates.
Apoo, Kid, HawkinsFailedFormed during the events of Punk Hazard but was a failure as Apoo was already a member of the Beast Pirates and he sold Kid and Hawkins to Kaido and join their crew.
Luffy, KidRejectedIn Udon prison, Luffy asked Kid to join the alliance but Kid rejected after Apoo betrayed their alliance
Supernova Alliance in One Piece

In my 9 Shadows in Toki’s Prophecy theory, I discussed why I think the 9 supernovas are the 9 shadows. We can slowly see that the alliances are now forming. Now, we just need to wait for it to materialize and the 9th supernova to arrive in Wano. You can read the blog post here or watch the video.

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Note also how Apoo tells X Drake that the winner of this war isnt coming unscathed. This is similar to how Lucci disregarded the winner of the battle and that the World Government will be taking over Wano.

Kinemon’s Luck Saves him Again

As Nami and Ussop escape with Otama and Komachiyo, they met what appears to be a Yokai but realized it was the lower half of Kin’emon trying to find help for Kiku. Ussop tried to talk to Kin but Nami remembered that his lower half can talk but cannot hear just like in Punk Hazard.

In chapter 1018, Kin’emon attempted to save Momonosuke from Kanjuro as the latter lured Momonosuke by pretending to be Kozuki Oden. However, this was foiled by Okiku and Kin’emon. Kanjuro slashed Okiku and Kin’emon retaliated by also slashing Kanjuro leaving the two on the brink of death.

Later on, Kaido arrived as he was also in pursuit of Momonosuke. Kin’emon sacrificed himself to stop Kaido and buy time for Shinobu and Momonosuke to escape. Kaido swung his Kanabo towards the head of Kin’emon.

In the next chapter, we see the three lying on the floor with Kaido staring at Kin’emon still fully intact. Despite this, Kin’emon stood up so Kaido grabbed a sword and stabbed Kin’emon’s belly.

As Kin’emon pointed out several times, he must have used all of his luck but still continues to survive as of this chapter. His devil fruit フクフクの術 read as “Fuku Fuku no Jutsu” otherwise known as Cloth Cloth Jutsu or Technique. But another way to interpret 福 Fuku in japanese is Fortune or Luck.

Just like how I discussed Shinobu’s power in my Adult Momonosuke’s Theory blog, It appears that Kin’emon’s real power is to have good fortune to be on his side.

Perhaps I will DIE in the battle ahead!! It feels as though I have used up an entire lifetime’s worth of GOOD LUCK

Kin’emon Chapter 976

Kazenbo – The Suicide Pact of the Kurozumi Clan

As Kin’emon, Kiku and Kanjuro lie in their blood awaiting their death, the voice of Orochi was heard near Kanjuro. Kin’emon was puzzled as before they headed to Momonosuke, they cutoff all of the dragon Orochi’s head.

Little do they know that prior to this, he was already beheaded once by Kaido. Orochi reappeared again in chapter 1026 after Inuarashi defeated Jack in the treasure repository where the Scabbards were healed by an unknown person.

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Orochi realized that Kanjuro is on the brink of death and praises him for a spectacular show. It appears that their ancestors remain unsatisfied and that Kanjuro must use his painting to depict the burning wrath of the Kurozumi clan. He then orders Kanjuro to free the souls of the Kurozumi which the latter obliged and created Kazenbo for his final show – “The Suicide Pact of the Kurozumi Clan”

Kazenbo is similar to Kanjuro’s first appearance before receiving his devil fruit but this time in the form of fire. Orochi is aware of the massive stockpile of weapons at the basement of Onigashima and tells Kanjuro to blow it up to kill the Kozuki forces and the Yonko. He patiently awaits Fukurukuju so they can escape from Onigashima but upto this time, the result of the fight between Fukurukuju and Raizo is still unknown.

In episode 598, Foxfire Kin’emon cuts smiley in Punk Hazard. Will Kin’emon or Zoro save everyone by using the Foxfire technique to stop Kazenbo?

Yamato is still on her way to the basement from the rooftop. She is hoping that Momonosuke can at least slow down Onigashima’s descent to the flower capital.

Kurozumi Clan’s plot (Revisited)

In chapter 965 entitled Kurozumi clan’s plot, Orochi met the old Hag, Higurashi who gave him his Yamata no Orochi Devil fruit. Higurashi then instructed him to exact their revenge by gathering money and producing weapon and use them as a tool that can be leveraged to gain a massive backing power!! And in chapter 974, Orochi explains that he was able to gain twice the amount of money from the Kozuki vault because of Kanjuro which allowed him to produce the weapons and join forces with Kaido.

Furthermore, Orochi was seen directly dealing with CP-0 in chapter 929 after Doflamingo was defeated. Based on the timeline, it appears it has been a month passed following Luffy’s travel from Dressrosa to Zou to Whole Cake Island and then to Wano Kuni. Prior to this, Orochi and Kaido were only dealing with the world government thru Doflamingo making Kaido the only massive backing power of Orochi.

Timeline from Doflamingo’s defeat to Luffy sailing to Wano

DayLocation of the StrawhatsChapter
0Luffy Defeats Doflamingo, 791
3The Grand Fleet is formed and Luffy sets out to Zou800
10Luffy Arrives in Zou after a week with the Barto Club803
11World Nobles prepare to sail for the Levely, Luffy sails to Whole Cake Island824 – 825
187 Days to sail to Whole cake island825
234 days in whole cake island until the strawhats escaped with Sanji
24 News came out about Luffy becoming the fifth Yonko. 2 days before the reverie, Monkey D Dragon and the revolutionaries moved their base from Baltigo to Momoiro Island904
26Luffy Arrives in Wano. Nami reads a paper about the reverie.910
28Kaido Defeats Luffy and was sent to Udon Prison. 924
30Komurasaki procession as an Oiran, Orochi meets CP0927 – 929
Timeline from Doflamingo’s defeat to Luffy sailing to Wano
Monkey D Dragon Luffy Kuma 3d 2Y timeskip
Monkey D Dragon Luffy Kuma 3d 2Y timeskip

However, this was cut short as Kaido beheads Orochi after announcing his new Onigashima plan. Momonosuke was also thrown off Onigashima but returned with Luffy as a dragon. Orochi does not have any ideas on what has transpired so far but still proceeds with blowing up Onigashima by instructing Kanjuro to exact their revenge and freeing the souls of the Kurozumi.

Higurashi: I can see it!! A vision of the future!! You will be the Shogun!!! Ni Kyo Kyo Kyo!!!
Orochi: AHH! You scared me! Don’t startle me like that old lady! Who are you anyway?
Higurashi: You mean to tell me you are not aware of what happened to your grandfather?!
Orochi: I don’t know much… I just know he committed Seppuku.
Higurashi: Not quite. He was killed!!! By the Kozuki’s.
Orochi: but he must have committed some crime..
Higurashi: What does crime even mean in a squabble for political power?! He who stands at the top writes the rules. And just like that, a crime is no longer a crime!! The previous shogun of the Kozuki Clan did not sire any children!! He had no heir you see!! The five Daimyo clans who serve Kozuki were restless.. Who would be the next shogun? Each of them harbored hope that he would be one…
Higurashi: But your grandfather was prepared to poison all of those rival Daimyos, That is!! One after another, they vanished seemingly perishing in a civil war!! The shogun anguished by the death of his loyal Daimyos took sick from stress. The plan was working but just when it seemed as though his ambitions would be realized, the shogun’s baby and heir was born!! Kozuki Sukiyaki!!
Higurashi: Accursed Sukiyaki! Not only did Kurozumi fail to become shogun, the plan came to light and your grandpa was forced to commit seppuku and the clan was cut off from power! Lands, Castle and titles confiscated!!
Higurashi: Everthing was taken! The Kurozumi name was lower than dirt! The clan was tossed out into the street belittled by all!! And whose fault is it that you live in poverty?! Whose fault? It was Kozuki Sukiyaki’s fault for being born!! That’s right!! If it weren’t for him.. You would have been Shogun one day!!
Orochi: Me.. Shogun…
Higurashi: That’s right!! Alas… Regret!! A curse upon him!!
Orochi: Hey, Um.. Are you a Kurozumi?
Higurashi: Who I am does not matter!! I have been out of the country.. It’s been a terrible ordeal. But just look at my face. It’s a power conferred to me by something called the clone clone fruit. And if you do as I bid you, I can give you power. The power to make you Shogun!!
Orochi: I’ll do anything

Higurashi: Then gather money and produce weapon. The craftsmen of Wano are highly skilled and that is a tool that can be leveraged to gain a massive backing power!!

Orochi: This man is a trust worthy one. He was born into a popular theater troupe but he lost his parents right onstage due to persecution in Wano!! The only life he know was in theater. Now that he was utterly adrift, he could only survive by acting out a role.
Orochi: Every time that I went to Oden Castle to borrow money, he brought me twice the necessary amount out of the safe. It was only because I had that stockpile that I was able to join forces with you.
Kaido: The information he brought about that fool Oden’s raid was helpful too I assume. (Chapter 974)

Orochi: You are a descendant of the main Kurozumi family? That’s right. I got rid of the people who killed your parents But our vengeance is only just beginning!! You will live your life as a true Kozuki and ultimately, without a single soul noticing, you will die as a Kozuki. That is the grand role that I give you for this stage!!

Kid’s Assign and Law’s Kroom Awakening Devil Fruit Powers

The most hyped part of this chapter is Kid asking with Law if he has finally awakened his devil fruit powers. Law responds saying he is not used to it yet and that it burns so much energy and he will only use it if he were near death.

Law stood at the back of Big Mom and summons “Kroom”, a modified version of “Room” and injects Big Mom with Anaesthesia making Big Mom to cough out blood. The attack appears like a version of Gamma Knife used by Law against Doflamingo and injure Kaido.

Meanwhile, Kid activates “Assign” to Big Mom making her a Magnet attracting all the metals near her including Prometheus, the weapons and the metal support bars. This is the second time the two successfully worked together against Big Mom, the first was in chapter 1009 where the two used Repel and Tact to throw off Big Mom from Onigashima.

However, we have not seen an awakened power of Big Mom yet. Kaido’s awakening is his hybrid form which is the stronger version of the regular zoan form.

In Episode 727, Doflamingo introduces a higher level of the Devil fruit powers called “awakening”

In Episode 855, Katakuri demonstrates his awakened powers to defeat Luffy by suffocating him with his Mochi powers.

Is Law’s awakening a sign of his impending Death?

In Episode 700, Doflamingo asked if Law knew about the powers of the Ope Ope no mi fruit other than the “personality swap”. Law admits that he knows about the Eternal Youth Surgery and that it entails the user to sacrifice his life once he performs the surgery. And in this chapter, Law uses the awakened power of the devil fruit against big mom.

The question now is does the Ope Ope no mi require the awakened power before the user is able to perform the Eternal Youth Surgery.

Is this a foreshadowing that Law may be dying in Wano and his will of D will be passed on to Luffy to find out the true history of the D Clan? In chapter 996, Law stares at a poneglyph saying that he needs a red stone to find out the true meaning of the checkered fate. If Law were to die, Luffy is the only member of the D clan to inherit his will in Wano.

There are some theory that Law will perform the eternal youth surgery on Luffy but I do not personally buy the idea as I do not think Luffy wishes to live forever as an immortal.

It may be possible that the ope ope no mi was first used on Kaido as he wanted to die but couldn’t as explained in his introduction on chapter 795. If the fruit is able to grant eternal youth, would it also be possible that it can take it away. Any other reason must be compelling enough for law to sacrifice his own life.

Many also think that Law’s arc has ended in Dressrosa after Doflamingo was defeated and imprisoned in Impel Down. His participation in Wano has been minimized and his alliance with Luffy is dwindling.

Another possibility is that Imu and the Gorosei are immortal beings as their origins are still unknown and that they are aware of the real history and are doing everything to prevent anyone from finding out the real history of the world.

One Piece 1030 Summary

In One Piece 1030, Apoo offers an alliance with X Drake while Kid and Law battles with Big Mom with their awakened devil fruit powers. Kanjuro also paints Kazembo as response to Orochi’s order to burn the weapons factory located at the basement of Onigashima.

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