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One Piece 1032

One Piece Chapter 1032 entitled “Oden’s Beloved Sword” shows the return of Komurasaki in the Treasure Repository where a mysterious figure once healed the 9 Red Scabbards. Orochi and Zoro hears a Shamisen with his sword Enma given by Hiyori suddenly reacting.

In this blog post, let us try to figure out if the silhouette is Toki, Hiyori or another painting by Kanjuro.

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Komurasaki in One Piece 1032 - Toki... x
Komurasaki in One Piece 1032 - Toki, Hiyori or another person?

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One Piece Chapter 1032

Let’s start this One Piece theory in Chapter 1032 with Zoro and Orochi hearing a shamisen play and as Orochi peeked, she saw Komurasaki dressed in her Oiran outfit. Let’s try to figure out whether the silhouette who healed the scabbards in chapter 1004 is either Toki, Hiyori or another person.

Zoro and Orochi wonders why someone would be playing a Shamisen in the middle of the battle.

However, in chapter 992, as Kaido battles the 9 Red Scabbards, Black Maria was also playing a Shamisen but Zoro did not hear it.

Toki’s dress in Wano

As pointed in the video, these are the dress worn by Toki in Wano and the last dress is very similar to the one seen healing the scabbards.

Toki heals Oden while Hiyori heals Zoro

Both Toki and Hiyori had a history in healing other people.

In Chapter 964, Toki heals Oden after she was saved from the bandits who were trying to capture her.

In chapter 938, Hiyori heals zoro after he saves her from Kamazou (killer)

Marco, Izo and a strange silhouette

As the Red Scabbards were already starting their raid in Onigashima, Marco, Nekomamushi and Izo arrived in Wano and followed suit. There was a strange silhouette that appeared in chapter 981 and it was originally thought as Izo but on the next chapter, Izo showed up wearing a totally different Kimono.

A mysterious silhouette appears in front of Marco and Nekomamushi and it was assumed to be Izo

But Izo was wearing a different Yukata so the person appears to be different

All the ships that were used by the scabbards were destroyed when they entered Onigashima and only the ship of Marco were sailing towards Onigashima

Then as Kaido lifted Onigashima, a similar ship fell to the ocean.

Is Komurasaki in Chapter 1032 Toki or Hiyori?

The Komurasaki in One Piece Chapter 1032 appears very similar to Hiyori but may well be Toki in disguise. For one, Toki and Hiyori looks very identical. But let’s figure out if the Komurasaki here is an impostor like Oden in Chapter 1007

In chapter 932, the samurais mentioned that Hiyori always wear a Kitsune mask whenever she plays the Shamisen.

Then, it was revealed that the song she is playing is called Moon Princess and it was meant to be played for her father. It appears that she is crying whenever she plays so she needs to keep the Kitsune mask to hide her tears.

But the Komurasaki playing in Chapter 1032 is not wearing a Kitsune Mask

The Figure was not wearing a mask when she played the Shamisen

Orochi Meets Komurasaki in the Flower Capital

She is also wearing the exact Kimono during the banquet with Orochi. But this was slashed by Denjiro and the Kimono was stained by blood.

Denjiro instructs Komurasaki to always bring a blood pack with her

Denjiro slashes Komurasaki and staining her clothes with the blood ch 933

Zoro Enma and Hiyori

Zoro first met Hiyori in Bandits bridge as Kamazou was hunting her. Zoro has no idea that Hiyori is Komurasaki. During the time Brook found them, Brook hinted that Hiyori is as beautiful as the Oiran and that the crowds were gathering for the funeral of the Oiran Komurasaki.

But Hiyori introduced herself to Zoro as the sister of Momonosuke and not as Komurasaki. Zoro has also never heard Hiyori play the Shamisen during their meeting with Kawamatsu.

But in Chapter 1032, Zoro hears a Shamisen play and after which the sword Enma which Hiyori gave to him started reacting badly. It can be assumed that Enma reacted to Hiyori as it’s owner but why only did it happen after the shamisen started playing?

Note also that Ame no Habakiri did not react when Momonosuke stood in front of it but Enma sucked out the Ryuo from Zoro without the Shamisen playing.

Momonosuke receives Ame no Habakiri, but no reaction to the sword

Zoro receive’s Enma

And lastly, in One Piece Chapter 1007, Kanjuro painted Oden with incorrect swords. But Kanjuro has never seen Komurasaki or the grown up Hiyori and no one has informed him that the two were the same person. Kanjuro was also not in the banquet held by Orochi to know what Komurasaki was wearing as during this time he was with the other strawhats in Ebisu with Tonoyasu.

Kanjuro has never seen Hiyori and does not know that she is Komurasaki.

Kanjuro draws Oden with the incorrect swords

Final Thoughts and Discussion

Based on all the clues, there is a huge possibility that the Komurasaki in One Piece chapter 1032 is not Hiyori but indeed Toki. One would doubt as to how Toki knows the attire of Komurasaki when Denjiro faked her death but it can be taken into account that Toki can jump into the future.

It can also be argued that Toki died while giving the prophecy but just like any other deaths in One Piece, there are no actual body and Toki’s Toki Toki no mi Devil Fruit has not been found which may point that Toki is still alive.

Oda has already foreshadowed this by showing two scars, Toki on her legs and Hiyori on her arms and Oda does not randomly put clues without any purpose in the future.

When Oden returned from Laugh Tale, He learned that Toki was shot by an arrow and received a wound afterwards.

Hiyori’s wound is in her right arm as Kamazou pursued her towards the bandit’s bridge.

Komurasaki also promised Zoro that he will not meet her brother until the right time and not to endanger the raid.

And Finally, the mystery remains as Oden, Toki and Komurasaki were all presumed dead. But now, we see another ghost resurrect just like the 9 shadows.

I hope you liked my theory. Let’s look forward to finding more clues in the One Piece story.

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