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Vinsmoke Sanji in Onigashima

Vinsmoke Sanji’s role in Onigashima has been shrouded with mystery. Since the start of the raid, Sanji has been running without any directions and has not contributed much on the raid. He was continuously looking for women and ending up being captured by Black Maria. Eventually, he asked Robin to save him, and bid to save the Red Scabbards and Momo but ending not doing anything for them too.

In this blog, let’s recap the whereabouts of Sanji, why he did those things and what his lineage as a Vinsmoke may reveal in the future.

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Sanji in Onigashima Summary

Chapter 979

Franky: Where did Luffy go?
Jimbei: Well, he saw Eustass Kid and his crew run right toward the front door so…
Luffy: They have no idea what Kin’emon’s plan is!! Don’t worry, I’ll go and bring them back!!
Sanji: That’s only going to make it worse!!!
Jimbei: But then Roronoa Zoro said
Zoro: Luffy’s only going to make it worse!! So I’m going to stop him!!
Sanji: He’s only going to get lost!!! but who cares about those idiots? This is our chance for a little rendevzous on the battlefield, Nami!
Nami: We’re all full!!
Sanji: Get out of there Ussop!! Who said you could be in heaven?
Ussop: You gonna aim this cannon better than me? Give it up man.

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Chapter 981

Narrator: It started with a miscalculation — the presence of an expansion not found on the old mansion plans. A long bridge runs along the waterside, where wisteria bloom in full view of a newer pleasure hall
Sanji: Kin’emon!! There’s a pleasure hall here!
Kin’emon: Over two thousand soldiers crossing this bridge will look very unnatural…
Narrator: This hall belongs to Black Maria of the Tobi Roppo.
Kin’emon: It’s like he’s being sucked right into the entrance!!! Sir Sanji!!

Samurai: Look! Someone’s coming out of the pleasure hall!
Kin’emon: It’s sir Sanji!!
Samurai: I don’t think he saw any woman in there!!
Kin’emon: If there are no woman in the pleasure hall, there certainly won’t be any men!!

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Chapter 983

Carrot: Hey!! Stop calling for Big Mom you stupid Sun!!
Prometheus: They’re right here!
Zeus: Oh no, Nami… She’s gonna kill me!
Nami: You said you spotted Sanji Earlier?!
Carrot: Yes but…
Sanji: I’m not giving up on finding ladies!!
Nami: Why did he even come?!
Shinobu: Forget him, we need to escape and look for Lord Momonosuke!!

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Chapter 988

Momonosuke: Shinobu?!
Shinobu: They’re not coming off!! Oh No!!
Momonosuke: Aah Shinobu!!
King: That was clumsy work.
Luffy: It did’t work!! Is she okay?!

Momonosuke: Shinobu!!
Nami: No! Shinobu!!
King: ?!
Sanji: (Sound effect kchang–!!)
Queen: What was that?
King: ?
Queen: What?! He’s flying?
Momonosuke: Aaaaah!!! It’s high!! I’m scared!
Samurai: What’s happening?
Hyogoro: Lord Momonosuke!!
Shinobu: Lord Momonosuke?! Ooh Ouch.. Huff!!
King: (kicks the air)
Sanji: (blocks, then his invisibility was deactivated)

Momonosuke: Sangoro?!
Nami: Sanji?! I thought you were chasing after women…
King: Give the boy!! He must be eliminated!!
Sanji: Take Momo, Shinobu!!
Shinobu: My Lord!!
Sanji: Hey Momo!
Momonosuke: Sango…
Sanji: Way to drop your name like a man!!
Shinobu: Hold on tight Lord Momonosuke!!
Sanji: Uh Oh, this isn’t good!! Watch out!! Stop it you bird freak! A big gaping hole in the stomach could kill someone!!
King: Not just a hole– I’ll split you in two!! Let’s see if you can vanish and escape that!!
Sanji: The invisibility’s just a visual thing so let go! AAAHH!
Luffy: Sanji!! uh oh, that looked bad

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Chapter 989

Sanji: Did Momo manage to get away? Dammit.. it annoys me how sturdy this stupid suit is.
Hyogoro: Commander Chopper used himself as bait, and now he’s fallen back to the ground!! and so has the strawhat fellow!! We’re surrounded bt the enemy on all sides but strangely enough, I can’t imagine losing!!
Samurai: It’s the strawhat crew!!!

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Chapter 991

Ulti and Page One: Move it Samurai!!
Luffy: It’s those two again!!
Sanji: the dinosaur from the flower capital! And.. Who’s the cutie?!
Page One: You’ll never get another chance to see Kaido, Straw Hat!

Sanji: Ussop, I’m counting on you to keep nami safe for me! Let’s hurry Luffy!! We gotta catch up to Kin’emon!!
Luffy: Yeah!! Ah.. Hey! Sanji, cover your ears!!
Apoo: Slash!! Take a listen to my fighting music!
Sanji: ?!!
Apoo: Aaaa Pa Pa Pa Pa!! So you learned huh?! But it’s a lot harder to fight in silence than you think!!

Apoo: Hey Haccha! Have you sobered up yet?!
Haccha: Hachaaa!! Ha cha cha!!
Apoo: You gotta teach these people what happens when ancient giants really let it rip!!
Samurai: What is that man, some kind of an animal trainer?!
Samurai: Look it’s using its friend as a weapon!!
Samurai: What brute strength!!
Samurai: This looks bad!
Luffy: I’ll get that guy!!
Sanji: No, Luffy, Don’t stop! There’s no end of them!!
Luffy: Grrr! Fine!

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Chapter 993

Narrator: First basement level
Luffy: Outta the way!! You!!
Sanji: Wait, Luffy!! Party table Kick course!!!
Beast Pirates: Aaah!!
Briscola: Hey You!! You’ll payfor what you did to my guys!! Prepare for a beatdown!! You won’t get past me!!
Sanji: Why os the gorilla growing out of there?!

Briscola: Oh, you’re a couple of wise guys huh? Then why don’t you tell me how a gorilla is supposed to grow?
Sanji: How should I know?!
Briscola: Gorilla Punch!!
Sanji: Whoa!! That was pretty powerful!!
Luffy: Hey there’s a hunch back there too!! All right, I’ll take care of them!
Sanji: How many times do we have to tell you to conserve your strength for Kaido?!
Luffy: It’ll take too long to handle these guys alone!!
Sanji: Shut Up!! Is ten seconds too long for you?! I’ll do it in three!!

Jimbei: Fish-man Karate… Shark brick fist!! Luffy!! Sanji!! I figured you would be here.
Luffy: Jimbei!!
Jimbei: I’m getting you up to the roof!! You must conserve your power!!
Sanji: Who put you in charge?! I’m the one dragging Luffy along!!
Jimbei: Oh, you are? Sorry.. The samurai should have reached the top of the battlefield, we ought to head there…
Sanji: How do you know everything that’s happening?! Watch out because if Luffy get’s a chance to fight, He’ll take it!!
Jimbei: I’ll keep that in mind.

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Chapter 994

Narrator: First castle level
Beast Pirates: Aaah! It’s strawhat and Jimbei!
Beast Pirates: They’re really touch!! Watch Out!
Luffy: Hurry! We gotta get to Kin’emon!!!
Sanji: Why didn’t you mention black legs?!
Jimbei: C’mon, we gotta move!! I wanna beat Kaido too!!
Fourtricks: You guys are pathetic!!
Beast Pirates: It’s fourtricks and Hamlet!! We can’t slow down those guys down sirs!!
Fourtircks: “Ordinary”? That word applies to you!!
Hamlet: “Expectations”? That’s what we surpass!!
Sanji: Stop growing like that!!

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Chapter 995

Queen: And that other guy’s Roronoa Zoro, huh? Always best to take out the number twos and threes quickly and the’ve got Judjes son among their group too… Vinsmoke Judge

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Chapter 996

Narrator: Middle of second floor
Luffy: Hurry, Hurry! What floor are we on?
Jimbei: If we climb those stairs, we ‘ll be at the third!! The roof is above the fifth floor!!
Luffy: Got it! just you wait, Kin’emon!!
Sanji: Huh? Hey, do you guys hear that?! Can’t you hear it from the third floor?!
Luffy: Hear what?
Beast Pirate: EEEK…
Beast Pirate: Come my dear!! That’s it! Nweh Nweh heh heh!
Beast Pirate: But my lord, you mustn’t! It would be so naughty!
Sanji: !!!

Chapter 997

Narrator: Third floor of the castle
Sanji: Huff Huff.. I can hear it!! There’s a woman calling for help!!
Beast Pirates: But it’s so naughty! Come my dear! You musn’t! Come my dear!
Beast Pirates: Please stop, my lord!
Beast Pirates: It’s so naughtyyy!
Sanji: That’s the famous sexual harassment technique of the land of Samurai!! The powerful man tugs the sash of the helpless woman and with each spin, she is not just losing part of her cloth that covers her body!! She’s losing herself!!
Hang on!! I’m coming to save you now!!
Beast Pirates: Come my!!
Sanji: Don’t you dare!!! Get away from her!!! What is this spider web? Hey!! Stop that!!
Beast Pirates: Heh. Naughty Trap!!!
Beast Pirates: Another would-be hero with impure motives!!
Sanji: Dammit: It was a trap!!
Beast Pirates: Black-Leg Sanji from the Straw Hat crew!! Ooh, a bounty of 330 Million Berries!! You’re a big time!
Sanji: Untie me right now, and I’ll let you got!! I’m in a hurry!!
Beast Pirates: Oh, How scary! He’s threatening us.
Black Maria: What a boor.. You want to turn our banquet hall into a battlefield? Well, I happen to have a soft spot for boys with rough edges. What do you say? Do you like me too?
Sanji: Boy?! Don’t insult me! Untie me!! You want the truth? The truth is… I Love You!!!
Narrator: Elsewhere on the third floor.
Luffy: Where did Sanji go?
Jimbei: I don’t know. He rushed off with a ferrocious look in his eyes…

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Chapter 998

Narrator: Banquet hall Third floor
Beast Pirates: He’s getting away!!
Beast Pirates: He’s not.. There’s no escape!
Beast Pirates: Hey, wait for us! Don’t run away…
Sanji: Ahhh
Beast Pirates: Not so fast. Why are you running?
Sanji: Huh?!
Black Maria: I thought you said you loved me. Hee Hee! Stay here forever darling. I’ll keep you as a pet.
Sanji: But I’ve got to get out of here!!
Sanji: No matter which way I look… Women! Women! What is this place… Heaven?
Beast Pirates: There’s something wrong with this guy!!

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Chapter 1004

Narrator: Banquet Hall 3rd floor
Black Maria: At last, you’re behaving yourself black-leg Sanji.
Sanji: ooh..
Black Maria: Did you get it all out of your system? You sweet little man… So strong but so sad… You really did a number on all of the other men here… But without being able to hurt any women, you never stood a chance of winning.
Black Maria: And now I hold your life in the palm of my hand. Go on… call for Nico Robin!! Speak to this girl here and your voice will carry all throughout the castle. Then I’ll set you free. Those were the orders from Kaido.
Sanji: What are you going to do with Robin?
Black Maria: Well I suppose we’ll gang up on her, capture her then mutilate her limbs to incapacitate her and only when we’re done with her, however many years that takes will we finally kill her. So don’t worry, she’s got time.
Sanji: Underestimate Nico Robin at your own peril

Bao Huang: Akazaya Samurai detected!! They have eee-scaped the roof!! Bruised and bloodied!! But still breathing!! Location! beneath the roof in the treasure repository, castle exterior! second floor!!
King: So they escaped from Kaido. I’m occupied at the moment!! Is there anyone else? Head to the treasure room at once.. And kill all the samurai for good!!
Beast Pirates: Did you hear that, Black Maria?
Black Maria: Yes. I’ll go King. The floor is connected to the second floor of the treasury. You need me to finish off the Akazaya?
King: Yes, That’s it!!
Sanji: Kin’emon?!! No, stop!! Don’t go!!!

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Chapter 1005

Narrator: Grand Banquet hall third floor
Black Maria: And now I must be off. I’ve got some samurai whose lives need to be ended..
Black Maria: Well Caiman Lady? Are you ready to broadcast his voice across the island?
Beast Pirates: All Ready!
Black Maria: Now, Black-leg.. Will you call Nico Robin for me? I’ve trapped the entrance with many many layers of my adhesive thread. Touch them once and you’ll never get loose… Same with the floor! One step inside and you’re stuck. And in the back, my girls are waiting with transquilizer guns! After that…
Black Maria: I just need you to call her here!! Call Nico Robin!!! Hurry up and call for help!! I’ve got an errand to run after this!!!

Beast Pirates: Oh no… I’m gonna cry…
Beast Pirates: I see what he’s doing! He refuses to expose his companion to danger… And he’ll die without letting a single sound pass his lips.
Beast Pirates: If he weren’t the enemy, I might just fall in love.
Sanji: Wa-!! Wait!! At least give me time to say one little thing…
Beast Pirates: He’s going to say something defiant like “eat crap” just before he dies..
Beast Pirates: Oh no… I can’t watch…
Beast Pirates: Dont’t make her mad..
Sanji: Help me!!! Robin!!!
Beast Pirates: Whaaat?! He called for her after all!!
Sanji: I’m on the third floor!! In the great banquet hall!! I’ve been taken prisoner!! I’m Sorry!!!
Chopper: Sanji…
Kid Pirates: Is he begging for help? That’s pathetic…
Heart Pirates: That’s one of the strawhats?!
Sanji: If you don’t come here right away, They’re going to kill me!! Save Mee!!
Jimber: His voice is carrying across the entire island!!
Who’s Who: Nico Robin is a world famous figure. They must be after her forbidden knowledge!!
Sasaki: Ga ha ha!! Listen to that guy Whinin’ and wailin”!!
Franky: It’s obviously a just a trap to capture Nico Robin!!

Marco: Ha Ha.. These guys are fun!!
Nami: Well, I can assume he was caught by a woman… No surprise..
Ussop: Nami, I can hear his voice is coming from that! I saw one before this too! What are those eyes for
Black Maria: Ha Ha Ha… unbelievable!
Sanji: Huff Huff.. Go on and undo this thread. I called her for you!!
Beast Pirates: Miss, Someone’s coming this way!!
Black Maria: That was quick! But you…? You’re not going anywhere.
Sanji: Huh?!
Black Maria: You said you loved me didn’t you? It’s not for business anymore. Now it’s personal. You’ll join them as one of my pets…
Samurai: We love only Black Maria, Nothing else…
Black Maria: See? They can’t survive without me.
Sanji: But I want to love all the ladies!!!
Black Maria: Don’t you dare cheat on me like that!! I see you need more discipline!!
Sanji: Wait, No!! I wouldn’t want to hurt a lady’s fist so my color of armament haki’s going soft!!!
Robin: Gigantesco Mano!!! Spank!

Brook: Begging your pardon!! I’ve cut your threads with the icy chill of hell!! You ho ho!!
Beast Pirates: Black Maria, He’s frozen and cracked all of your spider thread traps!!
Brook: Yo Ho Ho! That worked out well!
Brook: Huh? Aaah!! Spooky Monsters!!
Beast Pirates: You don’t get to say that!!!
Sanji: Thank you!! I’ve gotta hurry and get to Kin’emon’s group! Huff, Huff.. For some strange reason… I can’t see myself winning here!!
Brook: yes we know.
Black Maria: Stop, Black-Leg!! I won’t let you leave!!
Robin: Is that going to be your last will?
Robin: Sanji! Thanks for relying on me for help. I really appreciate that.
Brook: Oh, Watch our, I froze the floor there.

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Chapter 1006

Bao Huang: Momonosuke is together with young master Yamato!! He is!! Yamato is with a Kunoichi!!
Narrator: Third floor of the castle
Sanji: Another broadcast… They’re going after Momo and Shinobu!! And Who’s “young master Yamato?”
Sanji: Hey you!! Which way is the sealed storeroom?!
Beast Pirates: Near de entwance to de skull dwome…
Sanji: So that would be the opposite direction of Kin’emon’s group!
Sanji: Which side needs me more right now?! This way or that way?! This way!!!

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Chapter 1012

Narrator: Second Floor
Beast Pirates: That’s Black-Leg Sanji!! Take him out!! He’s worth 330 Million Berries!!
Beast Pirates: Look what he is carrying!! That might be pirate hunter Zoro in there!!
Beast Pirates: What? So he’s a jackpot carrying another jackpot!!
Zoro: Hey, Watch what you call me!! Huff, Huff…
Sanji: You’re making this much worse mosshead!!

Narrator: A few dozen minutes earlier
Law: Aah!! Shoot! We switched with something flying through the air!
Sanji: Watch Out!!
Zeus: Aaah!! Where’s Mama?! I’m coming to help!!
Sanji: Zeus!! What about Nami?!
Sanji: Why couldn’t it be girls?! Where did you two come from anyway?!
Law: Good timing, Black Leg. Take him.
Sanji: Hey! At least explain first!!
Law: He’s got 20 or 30 broken bones, give him splints, keep his head facing up, and make sure he’s conscious and breathing.
Sanji: I wasn’t asking about him!!
Law: What’s the commotion over there? Big Mom? Huff Huff!
Sanji: I’m not a doctor, Man!! I don’t have time to fix him up!!!
Sanji: Who were you fighting to get this messed up?!
Zoro: Kaido. Big Mom.
Sanji: Makes sense. Surprised you found the rooftop. I trust Luffy’s okay up there.
Zoro: It seemed like he figured something out… He’s gonna win!!
Sanji: I already knew he would!!
Sanji: Anyway, where should I go to set you down?!
Kawamatsu: Sangoro!
Sanji: Oh! Kappa! You’re all righht? I’m glad!!
Sanji: Huh? But I was just going to help Momonosuke!
Kawamatsu: Kin’emon is already on his way there! He’ll take care of it!!
Zoro: If you wanna help, go to the performance floor.. Zzzz…
Sanji: Don’t give orders and fall asleep!!
Kawamatsu: Let’s go!!
Izo: We’re losing caluable man power left and right…

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Chapter 1014

Bao Huang: The Kozuki samurai and the pirate captain have both falled!!! Who will be next?! Can anyone else win?! Master Kaido will now descend and begin to clean up the stragglers!!
Kaido: Look at the mess you’ve made Linlin.
Bao Huang: But heed closely! For master Kaido will allow you to surrender!!
Big Mom: Maaa Ma Ma Ma, Did you hear that?
Kid: Like I care what happens to that idiot…
Otama: Waaah! Big bro Luffy!!
Bao Huang: Only those who raise their arms in surrender and compliance will be spared their lived and allowed to live as our followers!!
Sanji: Screw that!!

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Chapter 1015

Izo: That news is certainly going to hurt morale.
Kawamatsu: But there’s no way for us to know if it’s true or not!!
Sanji: Listen to those idiots, acting like the battle is lost

Queen: Mwah Ha Ha Ha! You’re done too!! You cowardly excuse for a monster!! That meat of yours looks nice and tender!!
Sanji: Diable Jambe!! Rotiserie Strike
Samurai: He’s deflecting the arrows for us.
Perrospero: Aahh! No stop!! Peroriin!!
Samurai: Ahhh!! We’re saved!!
Sanji: You held out strong. Well done chopper.
Chopper: S… Sanji! But Luffy–!!
Sanji: Don’t cry you idiot. After all this time we’ve been together.. How many miracles have you seen? Take care of him!! He’s got the strength of ten when he’s healthy.
Zoro: Two thousand!!
Chopper: What.. What is that… Zoro?
Sanji: Leave that dinosaur to me!!
Queen: It’s you… You’re judge’s son!!
Samurai: But why does he keep fighting…? His captain is already dead!!
Marco: This is why I like you guys.

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Chapter 1017

Narrator: Leftbrain tower pleasure hall by the pond speaking…
Nami: You did it, Otama!! The plan was a smashing success!!
Queen: Did that little kid do this?
Usspo: Uh-oh!! Look out!!
Sanji: Collier Strike!!! Dwued!!
Queen: Dammit!! Judge’s son again!!
Sanji: Don’t ever say that name to me!! Are you part of his insane research team or something?
Queen: You mean MADS? That was ages ago!! Just look at my body! I’ll come straight with ya — I’m a cyborg!!
Sanji: Was that supposed to be a secret?!!!
Beast Pirates: Aah, Look out!! It’s queen’s Man-beast form!! Keep your distance!!
Queen: So you figured it out huh? Not that it’ll help you win!!
Sanji: Can you manage things over there Chopper?Aye… I’ll be fine.. Y-you just focus on yerself sonny…
Sanji: Uh Okay… But I can’t help but worry…

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Chapter 1020

Black Maria: Don’t you get it Nico Robin?! It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that you’ve been sold out by your friends!! Black Leg knew I was hunting for you, and he helped lure you right into my trap!!
Brooke: Soul Parade Ice Burn!!
Black Maria: You’re just the baggage of your crew!! The target of the figures bigger and more powerful than you!! That’s why he was so eager to guide you to me!!
Sanji: Help me Robin!!
Robin: …
Black Maria: Now black leg is the laughing stock of all of Onigashima!! And he’s supposed to have the number two bounty?!
Brooke: Yo Ho Ho Ho Ho!! Oh, that Sanji… I nearly split a seam laughing!! Robin, Do you quite mind if I leave her to you?
Robin: I was hoping you’d ask!!
Black Maria: Did I hurt your feelings?
Robin: No… He’s a very kind man.
Black Maria: ?!
Robin: You don’t need to know what it means that Sanji relied upon me for help!! He is truly worthy of being the wings of the king of the pirates.

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Chapter 1022

Queen: Listen up, all you miserable former animal kingdom pirates!!! The price for treason is very steep.
Samurai: Sangoro!! Are you all right?! They’re looking for Zorjuro!!
Sanji: Dammit… Two of them at the same time is too much!! Who can possibly stop them?! They’ll wipe out the entire floor!!!
Samurai: Where’s Marco? Help us outta this man!!
Samurai: He’s reached the limit of his stamina!! We gotta fight our own battle now!!
Sanji: Chopper, Miyagi!! If the medicine isn’t working, just drga that mummy to safety!!
Chopper: Will it still take longer?
Miyagi: We gave him the medicine but He is in grave condition to begin with!
Chopper: Keep your chin up Zoro!
Sanji: You want me?!
Queen: AAhhh!
Samurai: Sangoro
King: Find Roronoa Zoro and put an end to him!! They were giving him some kind of strange treatment!! Don’t let them heal him!!

Perrospero: Stupid Beasts… They kicked up so much dust, I can’t see my target!! I’ll be the one to eliminate vinsmoke Sanji Perorin! If you’d simply married Pudding like you were told tom We’d never have to team up with these cretins!! Now Die!! Germa’s biggest failure!!
Samurai: Aah! It’s King!!
Chopper: Nooo!! Leave’m alone!!
Sanji: Dammit!! Do I have to do everything for you mosshead?!
King: Imperial Flame!!
Marco: Undying thistle!! I’ve heard tales from long, long ago about the race of people atop the red wall who could burst into flames and here we have King the wildfire… Now, would that mean…
Queen: You’re still alive Marco?! The whitebeard pirates are suppsed to be dead already!!
Marco: All right, I’m giving up!! I’m satisfied.. That’s it from me today!! It’s time for the stars to take the stage!!
Samurai: Hey, Look at that!!
Samurai: Yeah he’s back!!
Zoro: Three sword style… Purgatory Onigiri
Sanji: Diable Mouton Mallet
Zoro: Hey Twirly. Once we conquer this battle…
Sanji: Yeah. We’re going to catch a glimpse of Luffy as the King of the Pirates!!

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Chapter 1023

Samurai: Zorojuro’s back!!!
Samurai: Get ’em Sangoro!!!
Marco: What do you mean? Atop the red line is Marijoa.
Whitebeard: I’m talking long before that,,, From what I hear, there used to be a land of Gods up there!!
Queen: Yo Yo, Boys! Hope you didn’t think you stand a chance against us. We didn’t even feel that
King: Drought! Plague! Wildfire! We’re the three calamities that protect Kaido!!!
Queen: And we’re called lead performers because nobody gets the better of us!!!

Zoro: What’s up with you?
Sanji: I dunno. Ever since the second time I put on the raid suit my body’s felt a little off…
Zoro: You better not drag me down on this one.
Sanji: I didn’t say it felt bad. Just weird.
Zoro: What, your eyebrow?
Sanji: My body, you idiot!!
King: …
Zoro: There’s one you owe me!!
Queen: Bridal grabber!!
Sanji: Now we’re even!!
Queen: Mwah Ha Ha!! Hey, Judge’s son!! I hear all of you kids are cyborgs!! He’s a certified madman!! Is that burning leg of yours a machine part?!!
Sanji: Sorry, pal, I’m all human!!
Queen: Does a human burn like that? I know you ain’t a Lunarian!!
King: …
Sanji: I do!! The heat of my passion surpasses the temperature of flame!! And I’m good at cooking up sea beasts, dinosaur!!
Queen: Lemme show you the power of a cyborg even Vegapunk can’t create kid!!!

Chapter 1028

Narrator: Performance Floor Inside the dome
Queen: Mwah Ha Ha Ha!! I’m not stopping!! Flying Pan!!!
Sanji: He’s so heavy!! Whoa!!
Queen: So come on already!! Show it to me!! I wanna see that Germa 66 battle suit!!
Chopper: Sanji!!
Queen: I know you used that battle suit against King earlier!! It made you disappear!! That was judge’s science at work, wasn’t it?
Sanji: Hmmm..? Yeah, something’s definitely off with my body…
Queen: Now put on that suit Vinsmoke!
Sanji: I told you not to call me that!! You don’t know the first thing about my family situation!! Scratch that, they’re noe my family at all!! I’m not wearing it!!
Queen: Black Coffee Beam!!!
Sanji: Diable Jambe Bien Cuit!! Grill Shot!!

Queen: Mwa Ha Ha Ha! That organic kick of yours packs a pretty good punch!
Sanji: There’s gotta be a better way to break through his dino toughness
Queen: In that case, let me stash the mechanisms and show you pure Dino terror!!
Queen: Dinosaurs ruled the world for hundred of Millions of years!! Witness… The raw power of the King!!! Brachiosnakeus!!!
Samurai: What?!! Is that how it works?
Sanji: What?!! Aah!! Shoot!! Gaaah!!
Queen: Mwha Ha Ha Ha! Caught ya napping!! This is what the brachiosaurus can do!! Not a single person has ever escaped from the clutches of the brachiocoilus!!
Queen: Even masters of the Color of Armament Haki cannot prevent broken bones and ruptured organs from this pressure! They all get taken out of commission!!
Samurai: Oh No!! Sangoro’s going to be crushed to death!
Queen: You’re not putting up much of a fight, Judge’s son!! But if you promise to show me the power of Germa I could give you a little breather!
Sanji: Never… Aaah!!

Queen: Still, my chokehold did the job. You’re already dead.
Chopper: Hey what happened to you Sanji? Are you alright?
Sanji: I dunno… It hurts.. But I can still move fine!!
Chopper: Sanji, you look freaky!! Did you turn into a zombie?
Samurai: All of your bones are broken Sangoro!!
Sanji: What’s wrong with my body? Oh no.. I hope I didn’t awaken latent powers like theirs…
Queen: Stupid brat!!!
Sanji: There. I’m back!!
Chopper: Pay attention Sanji!! Behind you!!
Sanji: This sucks! I don’t wanna be a monster like them!!
Queen: What?!

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