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Shaman King 2021 Episode 1

Shaman King 2021 Episode 1 started airing this spring, April 1, 2021. The episode shows the birth of the twins Yoh and Hao Asakura. 13 years later, Yoh meets his bestfriend Manta Oyamada and spirit guardian Amidamaru and the concept of oversoul or “Hyoui Gattai” was introduced.

Shaman King Trailer

Watch the 2021 Shaman King trailer featuring the birth of the twins Yoh and Hao Asakura. It also introduces the concept of shaman and the main characters including Amidamaru, Ren and Jun Tao, Ryu, Manta, Horohoro and Faust. The Anime will be following the true ending of the original manga.

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Be warned if you have not watched the episode as this will contain spoiler

Shaman King 2021 Episode 1 Summary

Shaman King 2021 Episode 1 starts off with the birth of twins from the Asakura Clan. The elder woman comments that if the offsprings were identical twins then they wont be able to tell who will possess the evil reincarnation. The only way is to kill them both when they are born. As soon as the first child was born, the grandfather apologizes and then attacks the newborn to kill him. But the child’s guardian spirit was reincarnated and starts attacking them.

The grandmother introduces the child as the great Onmyouji and the reincarnation of Hao Asakura who disappeared 1,000 years ago. The child tells them that his other half will eventually find his way to become the Shaman King and Hao will try to regain it.

Yoh Asakura

13 years later in a night full of stars, Yoh Asakura was sitting in a graveyard full of souls. Manta Oyamada was on his way to his cram school when he decided to take a shortcut passing through the graveyard. Yoh welcomes him and asks him to join with everyone the view of the night sky.

Puzzled with Yoh’s words, Manta asks why he referred to everyone when there were only two of them in the area. Yoh introduces everyone, the spirit of the dead people in the graveyard unable to pass through after life. The sight of the spirits startled Manta and started running away as fast as he could from the graveyard. Yoh turns around and sees a resting samurai under the tree with his wooden sword stuck on his gravemarker.

Manta Oyamada

The following day, a hysterical Manta Oyamada was narrating his encounter with the ghosts in the graveyard to his classmates. His friends doesn’t seem to believe him and laughs hard at his joke. A few moment later, their homeroom teacher arrives with a boy wearing a headphone. He introduces the transfer student as Yoh Asakura and will be staying in the school due to his family situation.

Manta was shocked in disbelief and says that the boy in front of them was the same one he saw with the ghosts. Yoh busted out the bubble and says that ghosts are not real and pretends he doesn’t know Manta to avoid unnecessary attention. After their class, Manta decided to follow Yoh to find out what he was up to. Yoh stood in the bridge for 3 hours while staring blankly to the scenery. Manta lost patience and showed himself and finally Yoh notices him.


Yoh explained that he denied that they know each other to keep his secret and the reason he’s in the area was for his Shaman training. He explained to Manta that Shamans are people who connects the world of the living with the dead.

Yoh then asks Manta if he knows anything about Amidamaru and the latter said that he is a famous samurai in the city with his relics displayed in the museum. The next day while browsing the dictionary, Manta came up with the article about Shamans.

Shamans. People who put themselves into a trance-like state. They directly interact with such beings as gods, spirits and ghosts. Shamans borrow their powers in order to treat various diseases and for political purposes. They use their spiritual abilities to summon such beings into our world and convey the words of the dead. They were the core of human society in ancient times and exists all over the world to this day.

Episode 1 Shaman King 2021


Meanwhile, Yoh was in the museum to check out on the history of Amidamaru. There, he saw a sword and its sheath of Amidamaru displayed in a glass box. Above the glass sitted a ghost and Yoh asked what it was that he was mourning about. The ghost replied that he was mourning for killing his best friend and introduced himself as a swordsmith named Mosuke. Yoh then asks Mosuke to tell hi more about his friend.

Ryu of the Wooden Sword

While waiting for his ride home, Manta mumbles how happy go lucky Yoh was and wished he were like him. He wonders if Yoh was on the graveyard again. Meanwhile, a group of thugs has found the place and made it as their secret hideout and were discussing about a kid going there recently. Then, A long haired guy named Ryu of the wooden sword showed up and kicking one of the gravemarkers and asks who the person who they were referring to going to their best place.

Ball Boy calls Ryu’s attention with a frightened look on his face saying that he is stepping over Amidamaru’s grave. Ryu asks who this Amidamaru guy is and e answered saying that Ryu was a legendary samurai from 600 years ago who killed countless people then got executed. He also fears that they may get executed just by stomping on the marker. Ryu disregarded this, instead slashed the stone cutting it into two saying that if ghosts really existed then they should come at him.

Manta appears to be hiding himself behind the other grave markers and tried to flee upon the sight of an angry Ryu. Unfortunately, he bumped into a tin can causing some noise enough to get the attention of the thugs. Ryu saw Manta and accused him as the boy who was hanging out in the graveyard but Manta denies it was him.


The following day, a bruised Manta showed up in school with his friends humiliating him with his appearance. A moody Yoh approached them and told them that ghosts do exists. He told everyone that he asks the graveyard ghosts on what happened and they detailed to him the incident of last night. He then grabs Manta and told him that they will be taking revenge on what happened. Manta tells Yoh that he doesnt need his help but the latter rebutted saying that friends help each other adding that only good guys can see ghosts.

As Yoh was dragging Manta, the latter told him that he doesn’t stand a chance against Ryu and his gang. Yoh admitted that he is indeed weak but they might be able to work things out and he has a strong Ally to help him out.

That night, Yoh and Manta met with Ryu and his gang. He asks them to get out and never return as the ghosts from the graveyard do not want them there. The gang laughs and mocks them saying that Ryu does not believe in ghosts at all. Furthermore, Yoh tells them that a guy wants to fight and beat them badly.

Hyoui Gattai

A furious Amidamaru suddenly appeared at the back of Yoh and thanks him for allowing him to bring back his honor. Manta sees the ghost and asserts that this maybe the legendary samurai from the desecrated tomb stone. The unbelieving Ryu orders his gang to attack Yoh. Yoh asks Amidamaru to join skils and then turns him into a spirit ball. He then shouted “Hyoui Gattai” (spirit fusion) while pushing the spirit ball to fuse with his body.

As Yoh gained the ability of Amidamaru as they fused and slashed the attackers with the wooden sword. Manta checked the meaning of Hyoui from his book and learned that the linking of the other world means being possessed by a spirit.

Ryu was stunned by the sudden change in the attitude of Yoh. Amidamaru then taunts Ryu saying he must be trembling in fear. His swordsmanship is but a child’s play compared to the life taking sword skill he possess. Wanting to prove Amidamaru wrong, Ryu attacks Yoh but the excellent foot work and sword style of Amidamaru was enough to stop him and cut his hair.

Manta finally understands the concept of the shaman and that spacing out means giving space for his body to carry the spirit thus linking the two worlds. Yoh then tells Manta that he wants to be friends with the spirit so that he can become the Shaman King. He then asks Amidamaru to become his friend as he was amazed by his swordsmanship.


Amidamaru declined the offer of Yoh Asakura to become his spirit. He told Yoh that he’s been waiting for 600 years for his friend. Yoh asks if he was waiting for Mosuke and Amidamaru was puzzled how the former knows about this. Yoh answered that Mosuke told everything to him and how they were tricked by the Lord to kill each other so that there will only be one powerful sword made by Mosuke.

Upon hearing the Lord’s order, Amidamaru tells Mosuke their situation. Mosuke was shocked hearing those words and asks Amidamaru to hand him his sword. He promised that he will make Harusame stronger than the one he gave the Lord. That night, a group of bandits attacked Amidamaru telling him that the person he’s waiting for will never come. He then defended himself and killed the men making him the person of the legend killing a thousand person.

Mosuke has been waiting in the museum for Amidamaru to hand him his sword just like Amidamaru waited for 600 years. Back in the museum, Yoh asks Mosuke to use his body to be able to hold and go to the blacksmith to finish Harusame. Yoh approached Amidamaru to hand him his sword. Amidamaru accepted the sword and gazes at the masterpiece of his friend. After finishing the sword, Mosuke passed on to the other world as he didnt have the courage to show his face to Amidamaru.

Amidamaru showed his sentiments for his friend calling him a fool for letting him wait for 600 years and then passing to the other world. Finally Amidamaru accepted Yoh’s request to become his spirit and accompany him to become the Shaman King.

Episode 1 Review

The remake of Shaman King brings more color to the original Shaman King in 2001. The pacing of Episode 1 was excellent as it was able to cover two chapters and add the birth of Yoh and Hao Asakura without compromising the pacing of the story. This scene was added as it was not in the manga but fits perfectly well in bringing context in the rivalry between the twins.

It sticks to the general concept of the manga and brings more depth to the story rather than just a 1:1 story telling. Characters were given more feelings as the viewer ventures to every thought and feelings of the characters and immerses them to the world of Shaman King.

Overall, I can see promise with the story line and animation. The minor deviations to the story like Manta no longer getting tied to the tree is negligible compared to the major additions to the story. Overall, whether you are a viewer who have seen the original Shaman King or a newcomer to the world of Yoh and Hao Asakura, you will be able to enjoy the story and the pacing Shaman King 2021 has to offer

Episode 1 Manga Chapter

Shaman King 2021 episode 1 covers manga chapters 1 and 2. Next episode will introduce Ren Tao and Bason.

Shaman King 2021 Episode List

Shaman King 2021 Episode ListTitleAir Date
Episode 1The Boy Who Dances with GhostsApril 1
Episode 2Another ShamanApril 8
Episode 3Anna and Tao JunApril 15
Episode 4Best PlaceApril 22

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