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Shaman King 2021 Episode 2

Shaman King 2021 Episode 2 entitled Another Shaman, introduces Yoh’s rival, Ren Tao with a goal to steal Amidamaru. To achieve this, Ren attacks using Bason with 100% spirit fusion. How will Yoh overcome this obstacle and who will Manta and Amidamaru meet at the end of the episode?

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Shaman King 2021 Episode 2 Summary

Episode 2 starts off with Manta heading to his cram school through the graveyard. This time, he meets another boy and asks if he ever wonder why there are no stars in Tokyo. The boy introduces himself as Ren Tao and his spirit Bason. He tells Manta to warn his headphone friend, Yoh, that they will be taking his samurai ghost from him.

The following day, Manta meets Yoh and reported what happened. At first, Yoh appears uninterested and informs Manta that he is not the only shaman in the world. Out of panic and concern, Manta yelled at Yoh warning him that they are planning to take Amidamaru from him finally catching Yoh’s attention.

Ren Tao

On their way home, The two continued their discussion about Ren Tao. Yoh tells Manta that does not have any idea about Ren but assured him that there are no evil person who can see ghosts. He explained that a possible reason why they want to take Amidamaru was because a Shaman’s rank depends on the quality of his ghost.

Suddenly, they noticed a commotion on the sidewalk. Four teenage guys were ganging up on someone which Manta later identified as Ren. It appears that Ren kicked and damaged the headlight of the car. However, Ren was unapologetic and blamed the car for getting in his way. Soon, the guys started attacking but Ren did not budge and used Kung Fu to defeat them.

The driver cannot accept his loss so he entered his car and stepped on the gas to hit Ren. To protect himself, Ren pulled out his talisman and weapon, fused with Bason and slashed the speeding car into two. The guy survived the crash and Ren was about to stab him when Yoh pulled Ren’s weapon to stop him.

Yoh vs Ren

Ren let go of the hoodlums and introduced himself to Yoh as the man who will purify the world. He ordered Yoh to hand over Amidamaru, but the latter said he is not giving away his friend. Ren laughed hard at the fact that Yoh was being friendly to spirits. To Ren, spirits are merely tools to achieve his goals and a strong spirit like Amidamaru only belongs to him. Ren then tells Bason that they will destroy the shaman first so they can get Amidamaru.

Yoh was pissed with Ren’s words and tells Amidamaru to fuse. The two shamans shouted Hyoui Gattai and fused with their ghosts then started fighting. Ren attacks with his Chinese Slash Dance and Amidamaru realizing they cannot dodged took over Yoh’s body and parried the attack. Ren was amazed by the skills of Amidamaru and was more eager to take him.

100% Spirit Fusion

Ren talks to Amidamaru and tells him that he is indeed stronger than Bason. However, the spirit is not able to wield the full potential of his attacks because of his shaman. He then shows his 100% spirit fusion and attacks again eventually injuring Yoh and breaking his weapon.

Manta couldn’t believe that Yoh lost. Ren explained that a Shaman must be able to subdue his spirit to tap its full potential and befriending it does not help. When a shaman fuses with a spirit, there are two souls technically residing one body. If they are not in sync, then it will cause conflict and the reaction is delayed. It also takes in consideration the quality of Shaman the soul possess and thus, Ren believes that he is better fit to use Amidamaru and use him as a machine.

Yoh stood up and tells Ren that Amidamaru is not a machine to be used. He thanks Amidamaru for dodging at the last moment and reducing the impact. Amidamaru apologized for being a weakling but Yoh insisted that it was him who is weak and not Amidamaru. Instead of handing over Amidamaru, Yoh suggested Amidamaru to cross to the afterlife than being used as a tool by Ren.

In his disbelief, Ren started attacking but Amidamaru used himself as a shield and stressed that a samurai cannot abandon his master.

Amidaryu: Halo Blade

Ren continued his attack but this time, Yoh was able to stop him with ease. He couldn’t believe that Yoh was able to use 100% integration. Thanks to Ren, Yoh was able to understand how to use 100% soul fusion by syncing their thoughts. He then picked up the broken pipe and used it just like second sword similar to Amidamaru from 600 years ago. Yoh then made a Buddha-like stance called Nyorai and then attacked Ren with Amidaryu: Halo Blade with his two swords.

Ren was catapulted to the air and couldn’t believe he was defeated. He then asked if Yoh could possibly contend with him to become the “Shaman King”. Yoh fell face flat to the ground and lost consciousness.


When Yoh was still a child, his grandfather trained him to become a Shaman. However, despite their four years of training, Yoh was still unable to summon an earth spirit and was easy to give up. His grandfather scolded him and summoned leaf sprites and attacked Yoh. He then tells Yoh that as a descendant of the Asakura clan, the Onmyoji Shamans should be able to use Shikigami spirits.

Shaman King

That night, the old man narrated to Yoh how the people are continuously building cities without regard to the the spirits in the nature. The actions of humans in destroying the forests and rivers will have dire effects and that’s why they must be guided by the ultimate omniscient being called god. Yoh then asked what kind of people can meet the King of Spirits? The old man explained that in order to meet the god, the shaman must become the Shaman King by possessing the power of all shamans.

Yoh then became excited to become the Shaman King. The old man told that Yoh has beer slim chance to become the Shaman King and asked what has gotten into him? Yoh then jokingly replied that if he is friends with the king of spirits, he no longer have to work. His grandfather was shocked with his reasons and hit him with his knuckles causing Yoh to wake up from his dreams.

Yoh woke up and found himself in an hospital and his friends were relieved that he is ok. Then Yoh finally realized the reason why he started training as a Shaman was to become the Shaman king and meet the god. The two were perplexed on what Yoh meant. Suddenly, a mysterious lady entered the room and Manta accused her of getting into the wrong room. The girl slapped Manta then introduced herself as Anna, an Itako, and the future wife of the Shaman King.

Shaman King 2021 Episode 2 Discussion

Shaman King 2021 Episode 2 was all about the introduction of prominent figures in Yoh’s journey to becoming the Shaman King. He met Ren Tao, a boy of the same age as him and Anna (Anna Kyōyama) which will soon train him to unlock his potential. The episode also introduces Amidamaru’s signature move called Amida-Ryū: Gokōjin.

Hyōigattai 憑依合体 in Japanese comes from the word 体 (Tai or Karada meaning body) which means to fuse or possess another body. 100% fusion would mean that one of the souls in the body would be able to control the body and use it just like the soul used it’s original form. This gives the Shaman the power to use the techniques of the soul he possess to it’s full extent.


The Japanese word Nyorai (如来, translated as Tathagata meaning thus come) is the term the Buddha used most often to refer to himself. This is the reason why a Buddha appears on Amidamaru’s back before his attack as a symbol that he has reached a trance state.

Amida-Ryū: Gokōjin

Amida Ryu: Gokojin (阿弥陀流: 後光刃 or translated as Amida-Style: Halo Blade is the signature two sword style attack of Amidamaru. This attack uses a crossing slash that catapults his enemy at a distance. However, due to Yoh’s weak body, he was unable to withstand the immense energy causing him to faint after the attack.


Onmyoji is a practitioner of the art of Onmyōdō or Japanese-style spell-casting. The spell casting methods include Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, Shikigami, and alchemy. Yoh’s grandfather tells him that the Asakura clan specializes on Shikigami or spirit summoning and shows it by summoning a leaf sprite to attack Yoh.

Shaman King 2021 Episode 2 Manga Chapters

Shaman King 2021 anime episode 2 skips manga chapters 3-5 and covers chapters 6 – 9 until the arrival of Anna. The anime is a faithful reproduction of the manga with only a few alterations such as the restaurant scene.

Shaman King 2021 Episode List

Shaman King 2021 Episode ListTitleAir Date
Episode 1The Boy Who Dances with GhostsApril 1
Episode 2Another ShamanApril 8
Episode 3Anna and Tao JunApril 15
Episode 4Best PlaceApril 22

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