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Shaman King 2021 Episode 3

In Shaman King 2021 Episode 3 entitled “Anna and Tao Jun”, Anna Kyoyama shows her power in calling spirits who have already crossed over to the after life. This happens during Yoh’s battle with Jun Tao, who was seeking to take Amidamaru as revenge to her brother’s defeat. Continue reading for the summary and discussion about this episode.

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Shaman King 2021 Episode 3 Summary

Episode 3 continues from Anna Kyoyama’s arrival in the hospital. She tells Yoh that she is going to train him intensively so she can become the Shaman King’s wife. Yoh wonders how she was able to find him with the latter replying that she talked to the spirits in Yonbari hill.

Shaman King 2021 Episode 3
Shaman King 2021 Episode 3

She then orders Manta to get her a juice, but Manta declined thus receiving another slap in the face. She tells him that the orders of the future wife of the king is absolute and Manta must treat her good if he wants to be on her good side. Without any choice, Manta proceeded to the vending machine with Yoh following suit.

How did Anna end up to be Yoh’s fiancee? He tells Manta that their marriage was arranged to continue the bloodline and the long history of Shamans. If one becomes the Shaman King, the spirit king will make the world as the shaman king pleases.

The two returned to Yoh’s room just to find out that Amidamaru is tied as a hostage. Yoh tells Anna that he will not run away and that she also needs to return to where she came from as he doesn’t need the special training. Anna asked Yoh to stop acting tough as Yoh may not be able to use 100% Hyoui Gattai again. His current condition is not even enough to beat the other shamans fighting to take the position as the Shaman King.

Shaman Fight in Tokyo

Anna narrates that as people progressed, they slowly forget about the spiritual world and has been overcome by greed. The time has arrived for the gathering of Shamans all around the world to find the great spirit. The fight will determine who will become the next Shaman King and will take place in Tokyo. Yoh’s current power won’t be able to withstand the test and Anna’s task is to make sure that he trains to the bones and work his lazy ass out.

The following day, Yoh came to school bruised, filled with band aid. Manta asked what happened and he responds that Anna is training him make his body strong to be able to use 100% of the potential of Amidamaru. To accomplish this, he must increase his endurance and stamina. He complained about the torture and is relieved that at least he can finally rest in school.

Thinking he was already safe, Anna enters the room and the homeroom adviser introduced her as a transfer student from Shimokita in Aomori prefecture.

Lee Pyron

After their class, the three went to the movies to watch Lee Pyron. Manta idolizes Lee to the extent that he knows a lot about him. Yoh thought all the while that the scenes were all stunts. Manta detailed how Lee created his own fighting style called Dao Dan Do by incorporating Boxing, Muay Thai and Karate. The Chinese name means “missile” and the attack punches like that of a missile.

But Lee’s early demise has made the technique incomplete with his body disappearing in his funeral. Anna wondered how come they were sent free tickets to watch an old movie like Lee Pyron with no details of the sender. Suddenly, a lady appeared praising how strong Lee Pyron was.

Jun Tao

The lady introduced herself as Jun Tao, a Dao Shi, and has come to request for Amidamaru for her brother Ren. Her purpose in letting them watch the movie was to show how powerful Lee Pyron was and to avoid unnecessary confrontation. She then summoned Lee Pyron from his casket using one of the paper talismans

The three were shocked at the sight of Lee’s corpse being controlled by Jun’s spells. In contrast to an Itako, Dao Shi reunites the corpse with its spirit and use them as a weapon to fight for them. This made Yoh angry to the fact that they are using them as puppets to advance their goals. She then changes the talisman to battle mode and Lee Pyron started attacking and grabbing Yoh in his clothes.

Jun asks Yoh to surrender his ghost or face his death. Yoh declined and Jun bites her fingers to draw blood and used it to make another talisman. Lee Pyron started attacking again this time using a combo attack of Rocket Kick, Continent Verge Missile Leg and a finishing Dive Bomber Bomb kick. Yoh got defeated with Manta defending him telling that Yoh in the first place didnt have a chance to defeat the real Lee Pyron.

Jun Tao narrates that an early age, they are given their personal ghosts to dominate and eventually become powerful shamans. Lee Pyron was given to her as a birthday present.

Manta could not believe that his idol was killed only for the purpose in becoming a puppet to Jun. Yoh stands up and tells her that even ghosts have feelings. Their strong bond with Amidamaru cannot be taken down by half hearted attacks which caused Lee to start crying.

Freeing Lee Pyron

Jun Tao was puzzled as corpse do not have feelings and thinks that Yoh may have unlocked the dormant feelings in him. To subdue him further, Jun orders Lee to attack but Yoh promised that he will free Lee Pyron spirit. Yoh’s effort proved to be futile and falls in the ground. Manta asks Anna to help Yoh but she declined as this is a part of the test if he is worthy to become a Shaman King.

Amidamaru apologized to Yoh as he is unable to help him with only a broken pipe as a weapon. He said that they may have better chances if they attack using a sword. Feeling hopeless, Manta runs away to look for a sword in the stores nearby. However, all the stores were closed when suddenly, he bumps into wooden sword Ryu.

He pleads to lend him his sword but instead got bullied for trying to get his precious sword. But Manta is persistent and fights back by pounding his book on to Ryu’s head then shouted that he needs the sword to save Yoh. Finally, Ryu gave in and Manta arrived with the sword all bruised up.

Amida-Ryu: Shinku Buddha Giri

Manta handed the wooden sword to Yoh and Amidamaru responds that they can now finally use his greatest technique. Jun orders Lee to attack with his missile kick but Yoh parries his kick, launches to the air and attacks with Amidaryu Shockwave Buddhagiri (Amida-Ryu: Shinku Buddha Giri). This technique is a side slash that creates a shockwave in the air and eventually cutting the paper tag in Pyron’s forehead.

The removal of the paper talisman caused Lee to regain his consciousness. He saw his movie poster and remembered that he was a movie actor but cannot remember what happened. Out of frustration, he punched the glass but noticed that he was not even bleeding. He questioned his very existence and Tao Jun tells him that he is now a corps meant to serve her. This triggered lee Pyron’s bad memories of the Tao Family causing him to rampage.

To put Lee into submission, Jun Tao threw another paper talisman but this time, he catches it and attacks her instead. In his last effort to kill her, he swiped his nunchaku but Yoh was able to block his attack, but in the process breaking Ryu’s wooden sword. He tries to pursuade him that his revenge do more harm and they must work to resolve this another way but Pyron did not listen and attacked him instead.

Anna Summons Shamon

Yoh asked Jun if there is any other way to stop his rage. Jun Tao felt helpless and was on the verge of giving up when Anna slapped her in the face to bring her back to her senses. She asks if there is anyone whom she knows can defeat Lee Pyron. Then Jun remembers Pyron’s teacher and Manta excitingly shouts his name is Shamon, Apparently, Shamon has long been dead but Anna can Summon Shamon from the afterlife as an Itako.

She then started her chant to call forth the spirit using her beads

One, I place for my father.
Two, I place for my mother.
Three, I place for my brothers back home
I offer my flesh to aid your soul’s release.
Hear my voice at world’s end and arise.
Hear the sounds of my prayer beads and draw nigh
Ghost of Shamon! Let the dead take flesh!
Itako Style Integration, Soul channeling

Anna Kyoyama Itako Soul channeling

Master Shamon

The ghost of Master Shamon was successfully integrated to Yoh but this time, Yoh acts like an old man with a walking stick. Apparently, the old man was 96 years old when he passed away and ghosts would usually take the form during the person’s death.

Lee Pyron started attacking Yoh but did not realize that his master is in front of him. His master scolded him saying that a person full of anger is easy to read and can be easily defeated . He reminded him that there is still something that they cannot take from him – his dream to perfect Dao Dan Do.

As Lee continued to charge, his master clenched his fists then prepares for his attack to subdue Lee Pyron’s anger. He then attacked with Sharp Gun first secret skill: Double Barrel Shotgun. As soon as his attack connects, Lee’s spirit was exorcised from his corpse.

Lee is finally reunited with Master Shamon in spirit form. His master tells him to thank Yoh and continued advising as a master of Dao Dan Do must use his power to help others and not himself.

As the battle ended, Jun Tao walked slowly from the scene. Anna notices asked and asked where she was going. Jun accepted her defeat and praises Yoh for his impressive feat.

Jun bid farewell to her ghost and Master Shamon tells Lee that they also need to depart to the afterlife. However, Lee chose to stay and pursue his dreams as a puppet and use his own body to perfect Dao Dan Do. He asks Jun if he can retain his body without the talismans this time. Jun was relieved and gladly accepted.

Shaman King 2021 Episode 3 Discussion

Shaman King Episode 3 was a perfect setup chapter to the types of Shamans. Apart from the Shikigami users introduced in the last episode, we also learn about the Itako and Dao Shi. An Itako is a shaman who can call forth the spirits who have crossed afterlife while a Dao Shi can integrate the spirit with their own corpse as a puppet.

Anna Kyoyama, Itako

Anna Kyoyama is a 13 year old Itako who was trained by Yoh’s grandmother Kino Asakura. She is able to summon ghosts and channel those who have crossed to heaven. According to Shaman King Manga chapter 16, An Itako uses the rhythmic sound of the rosary to enter a trance (hypnotism). Then, the Itako can communicate with the after life.

The difference between an ordinary shaman and an itako is that shaman can only use the spirits who have not crossed to the afterlife while an itako can.

In Japan, an itako (also known as ichiko or ogamisama) are blind women who acts as a spirit medium. The women are usually born blind as people equates blindness to spirituality (source). Shamans are usually female but there are some men who are also shamans. They are mostly found in Aomori Prefecture and Mount Osore is a prime destination of those seeking pilgrimage.

However, in the anime, Anna is not blind in contrast to the definition of Itako and may have been used as a reference with her powers to be used as a medium to channel the dead people from another world.

Dao Shi

In Shaman King anime, A Dao Shi can reunite the corpse with its spirit. However, the real world Daoshi (道士 “master of the Tao”), translated as Taoist monk is a priest in Taoism. They usually live a secluded life. The Dao shi can perform exorcism and other rituals and may sometimes use talismans.

Paper Talismans or Ofuda

The paper tags or talisman used by Jun Tao is also known as “ofuda” (お札 or 御札), are used in Shinto and Onmyōdō for purification and exorcisms or as wards.

Choushi Soushi Jutsu

Choushi Soushi Jutsu is a technique developed by Chinese Shamans as a way to control corpses. The talismans were used to program the corpses with various actions.

Shaman King 2021 Episode 3 Manga Chapter

Shaman King 2021 episode 3 covered 8 manga chapters from chapter 10 to 17. There were some panels that were removed on this episode including the explanation of the Choushi Soushi Jutsu and Itako.

Shaman King 2021 Episode List

Shaman King 2021 Episode ListTitleAir Date
Episode 1The Boy Who Dances with GhostsApril 1
Episode 2Another ShamanApril 8
Episode 3Anna and Tao JunApril 15
Episode 4Best PlaceApril 22

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