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Shaman King 2021 Episode 4

Shaman King 2021 Episode 4 entitled “Best Place” takes the struggles of wooden sword Ryu in finding his best place with his gang. For some reason, the place that they are really looking for is not an actual place but the presence of each other. This weakness was exploited by Tokageroh. How will Yoh and Amidamaru help Ryunosuke Umemiya? Read more on the summary, discussion and review.

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Shaman King 2021 Episode 4 Summary

Shaman King 2021 Episode 4 was aired on April 22, 2021. The story starts off with Ren Tao taking over the best place hideout of wooden sword Ryu and cutting off his pompadour with his spear. The gang were apparently evicted and forced to move to an old, haunted bowling bowl alley. At first, Muscle punch thought that he finally found the best place for them but Ryu punches him and tells him that the best place is where their hearts can be at peace.

As they were talking, Anna Kyoyama passed by and caught Ryu’s attention. He was love at first sight and thought he found his best place. But Anna’s snobby attitude rejected him then comments on his weird hair style.

Meanwhile, Yoh and Manta were shopping for a wooden sword to replace the one broken by Lee Pyron. He asked Manta to lend him some money then invited Manta to his house so he can pay him. Upon arrival, Manta was shocked to see that he is living alone in such a huge house. Yoh tells him that the rent is fairly cheap at 1000 yen (equivalent to $9-10) and he is not living alone.

As they entered the house, Anna also arrives home. Manta was shocked that Anna and Yoh were staying together. But what was more shocking was that Ryu also followed Anna on her way home only to see Yoh and learning that the two are engaged causing him to run away in despair.

Inside the living room, Anna tells Manta the reason why the rent is cheap was because the house was haunted. Upon learning this, Manta got so scared and ran away without eating dinner.


Broken hearted, Ryu returned to the bowling alley and blames Yoh for ruining his life and love desire. Suddenly, a voice appeared out of nowhere and tells Ryu to just kill the boy saying that he can kill him on his on behalf. The boney figure suddenly appeared and took shape. He introduced himself as Tokageroh and finally possessing Ryu’s.

On his way home, Manta passed by the bowling alley and saw there were lights inside. Out of curiosity, he peeked in the window and found Ryu’s gang. Ryu was acting weird and asked muscle punch if he knew a sword named Harusame.

Tokageroh tells them to steal the sword but they refused as it appears like they were talking to a different person. Without showing himself, Tokageroh informs them that he is a bandit and it’s his job to steal. He then stabs Muscle Punch on his legs and orders them to bring him Harusame.

Manta felt he needed to escape but as he crawled silently, Ryu stops him and calls him Manta Oyamada. It appears that Tokageroh knows them well and being a ghost is handy as he was able to spy on them. He took Manta as his bait would come to him then kicks Manta causing him to scream in pain.

Manta Captured

While peeing, Yoh felt something unusual and thought he may have heard Manta scream. Amidamaru entered the toilet saying that the scream was real while Anna also entered and tells him there were omen from the stars. Yoh, Anna and Amidamaru then prepared to look for Manta but Ryu’s gang arrived carrying the captured Manta.

He threatened Yoh to stop otherwise he will burn down their house. He then states that he needs to get his revenge from Amidamaru. Feeling puzzled, Amidamaru appears and thinks he must be looking for revenge because he cut Ryu’s pompadour. But Anna contradicted and deduced that Ryu is being possessed by a spirit.

Finally, Tokageroh showed his form and introduced himself as the Lord of Bandits killed by Amidamaru 600 years ago. Amidamaru cannot remember him further infuriating Tokageroh and threatened to kill Manta.

Tokageroh entered Ryu’s body again to taunt Amidamaru. The two fell for it giving him a chance to slash them using his Harusame in an attack called Lizard style: Quick Draw. Manta shouted to warn them about the real sword giving Amidamaru a chance to dodge the attack midair.

Yoh bleeds from the cut but Amidamaru cannot attack since Harusame is a symbol of his friendship with Mosuke. Anna tells them the only way to save Manta is to incapacitate Ryu or destroy Harusame.

Amidamaru and Mosuke

Flashback 600 years ago, Amidamaru was always chasing bandits with his broken sword. Mosuke nags telling him that he always breaks a sword while the other complains it was a low quality sword. He tells Amidamaru that a good sword needs good steel and that he can try to just steal from the sword sticking out as gravemarkers.

Mosuke recounts that they met each other after the bandits killed his parents using the stolen swords from the corpse. Amidamaru apologizes for making Mosuke remember his cruel past but the latter promises to make the best sword ever. Later on, he made a a new sword using his father’s sword. Amidamaru felt indebted and promises to become the best swordsman.

Amidamaru vs Tokageroh

The history they shared with Mosuke and the sword is enough to make Amidamaru decide to take destroy the sword. He pointed his wooden sword to Ryu and attacked using Amidaryu Shockwave Buddhagiri finally breaking Harusame.

Tokageroh was confused as he thought that Harusame important to him. Amidamaru explains that Mosuke also taught him to sacrifice anything for a friend and in this case to save Manta just like him sacrificing his father’s blade.

Yoh soul released Amidamaru but Tokageroh was still unsatisfied with his defeat so he took Manta again to stab him. However, this time, Ryu’s friends fought back and punched Ryu to take back Manta. Muscle punch arrives and reminds Ryu’s words that the their best place by being together.

The thoughts of friendship made Tokageroh disgusted and said he will never trust anyone. He pointed his knife and threatened to kill Ryu. Anna also warned him she will send him to hell as soon as he gets forced out of Ryu because of death.

Tokageroh’s past

Amidamaru asked why Tokageroh is looking for revenge when in fact he killed many people in the past. Tokageroh remembered how his mother sacrificed herself and became his food only to survive. But then Amidamaru came and killed him. His mother named him Tokageroh after the lizard, so he would survive at all cost just like a lizard cuts its tails to survive.

He grabbed Yoh and threatened to kill him to take revenge against Amidamaru but Anna stepped in and beat him with her beads. She planned to send his soul to hell as he is beyond redeeming but Yoh stopped her asking who would save his soul? To Yoh, Tokageroh was acting that way because unlike Amidamaru, he did not have any friends to help him.

To satisfy his revenge, Yoh offered Tokageroh to take over his body and do whatever he wants with it. Amidamaru stopped Yoh from sacrificing himself but Yoh insisted and asked Tokageroh to integrate with him.

Tokageroh left Ryu’s body to see what sort of Salvation Yoh can offer. He took over Yoh’s body and thought to proceed with his plan. However, things turned differently and felt warmth from Yoh’s sacrifice and couldn’t make himself to kill the person.

It appears Yoh was trying to fill the connection that Tokageroh was longing for a long time. He was not seeking revenge but instead wants to find someone to trust and find inner peace. His tenacity to continue living came from her mother’s sacrifice. Without Mosuke, Amidamaru may have not survived for long unlike Tokageroh.

The moment Tokageroh entered Yoh’s body, his defeat is inevitable as Yoh was able to awaken his ability to trust. With that, he left Yoh’s body and looked at everyone trying to revitalize Ryu. Finally, he is now at peace with himself and everyone.

Shaman King 2021 Episode 4 Discussion

Shaman king episode 5 is about the revenge and redemption of Tokageroh from his miserable past. He was a victim of poverty and famine and his mother’s sacrifice to let him live was enough for him to continue. Unlike Amidamaru who had Mosuke to help him go through the difficulties, he had no one to rely on which caused him to act based on survival.

Shaman King 2021 Episode 4 Manga Chapter

Shaman King 2021 episode 4 covers 7 manga chapters from chapter 18 to 24.

Shaman King 2021 Episode List

Shaman King 2021 Episode ListTitleAir Date
Episode 1The Boy Who Dances with GhostsApril 1
Episode 2Another ShamanApril 8
Episode 3Anna and Tao JunApril 15
Episode 4Best PlaceApril 22

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