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Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 3

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 3 entitled “Two Brothers” was a callback to season 4 part 1 episode 15 entitled “Yaeger Brothers”. The episode continues from the eventual meeting of Zeke and Eren in Paradis after they last met in Liberio. Will the Survey corps be able to help Eren unite with Zeke and start the Rumbling?

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If you haven’t watched the anime and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 3 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 3 entitled Two brothers starts off with Zeke falling off the wall after General Magath shot him using the anti titan weapon. With his desire to finally reunite with his brother, Eren continued walking towards the fallen beast titan to proceed with their Euthanization plan and free the Eldians from the curse of Ymir. Meanwhile, Porco Galliard on his Jaws titan form bit Eren’s leg to stop him from proceeding further but Eren retaliated by punching his nape.

Magath took this chance to also hit Eren in his arms rendering him immobile. The Yaegerists were in position to stop the cart titan and distract the it from further hitting Eren. The rest of the survey corps also started making their way to the walls to stop the cart titan but the Marleyan soldiers in the rooftop made it impossible for them to advance further. The stationary police were on their horses while the military police were on the ground firing their rifles with rounds on the enemy troops to assist the survey corps sneak in from the back.

The Two Brothers

As Eren was recovering from the damage, Reiner took this chance to help Porco as his titan laid lifeless on the ground. Reiner reached towards Galliard when suddenly a beam of light appeared showing Porco a bit of Marcel’s memories. Porco was finally able to understand why Reiner was chosen to inherit the armored titan as Marcel badmouthed to save him from the unfortunate fate that may shorten his life span.

Zeke stood up to signal Eren that it’s about time to summon the titans from the wall and start the rumbling. To save Eren from Reiner, Zeke tried to scream to turn the soldiers who drank his spinal fluid. But Colt shouted and requested that he defer this until he is able to take Falco to safety. He explained that unfortunately, Falco drank some of his spinal fluid. Once Falco changes to a mindless titan, there is no way to bring him back to normal unless he devours another titan and it was Colt who was supposed to inherit the armored titan from Reiner.

To make up from her mistakes, Gabi called out Falco as she rode a horse to bring him to safety. But everything fell into deaf ears as it is more important for Zeke to sake his brother and start the rumbling as planned. He started screaming and turned everyone into mindless titans. Colt hugged his brother to try to save him but Falco’s transformation caused him to burn to the bones. Titans started popping out of nowhere eating Marleyans and Eldians alike.

Falco eats Porco Galliard

Zeke then instructed the mindless titan Falco to eat Reiner so that his brother would be freed from his grasp. Falco immediately ran towards Reiner but was also pinned to the ground just like Eren. Reiner now faces a dilemma whether to release Eren and kill Falco or just let Falco eat him and inherit the Armored Titan.

Magath fired another round towards Zeke’s beast titan to finally incapacitate him then aimed towards Eren to put an end to everything. But Armin was already able to make his way to the walls and blasted the anti titan weapon using the lightning spear while Mikasa protects Armin from the soldiers.

As Reiner looked at the disentigrating beast titan, he reflects that it may finally be the time to give up and let Falco inherit the Armored titan. This is just like how he promised when they were riding the midnight train and to protect Gabi from becoming a titan.

But just as Reiner lost his will to fight, Porco showed up in his human form to gain Falco’s attention. He tells Reiner he now finally understands how his brother protected him by recommending Reiner to inherit the Armored Titan. His competitive self could not accept loss from Reiner and live from shame so he willingly sacrificed himself. Falco charged towards Porco and eats him gaining the Jaw’s titan power instead.

Gabi blasts off Eren’s head

Reiner was shocked to see Galliard being chewed on by Falco but then turns towards Eren to stop him from fulfilling his goal. But it was too late. As he punched Eren, the latter used his hardening to hold on to the armored titan and escaped, then ran towards Zeke who was immitating Pieck in playing dead. As he was running, he noticed Gabi on the side holding a rifle. Alas, it was too late. Gabi pulled off the trigger and shot Eren blasting off his head which flung high and landed on Zeke’s head.

A flashback to the time Eren met Zeke in the hospital in Liberio. That time, Eren agreed that the only way to save the Eldians were to follow Zeke’s Plan. That time he gave the baseball he used with Mr Ksaver as a token that they will be meeting again in the right time as this is not the right time to activate the founding titan’s power.

The scene returns to present time with everyone shocked at the sight of the beheaded Eren as it appears that all their effort were put in vain. Slowly, images from the past started showing up including Faye, a young Armin running with his book, The Reiss family, Levi, Connie and Sasha, Falco, The Owl, The Attack Titan, Reiner, Grisha, and the founder Ymir.

The Coordinate

Eren wakes up in an unfamiliar place with a tree like structure illuminated from the ground and branches extending to all directions. Chained to the ground, Zeke greeted Eren and explained that the place is the Coordinate where all the paths converge. This is the same place Ymir fixed him when he caused the explosion to escape Levi. The time in the coordinate is different from the real world and that years may pass and for a single moment. Zeke explains that he has been waiting for years for Eren to wake up and recover from the time his head was severed from his body.

Apparently, they were successful in obtaining the founding titan’s power which was locked up on Eren’s body as he couldn’t use it due to the fact that he was not of Royal Blood. Then, a small child was approaching them making Eren wander who that person could be. Zeke elaborated that this is where they regain their bodies whenever they use the titans powers and that Ymir lives in this place alone.

As Ymir approached them slowly, he asked Eren to command Ymir so they can fulfill their Euthanization plan and activate the Rumbling to defer all enemies of Eldians.

Eren noticed the chains binding Zeke, which unlike him is able to move freely in the coordinate. The chains were apparently made to restrict all Eldians with Royal Blood as the vow to renounce war by Karl Fritz. He humbly requests Eren to fulfill Mr Ksaver and his dream to save the world.

Eren betrays Zeke

As Zeke was asking Eren to command Ymir to prevent all Eldians from bearing a child until the end of time and activating the Rumbling at a later time, Eren declined and disapproved of Zeke’s plan. Eren eventually betrayed Zeke saying he will never go along with the messed up plan and he was only using Zeke to get to the coordinate.

Zeke was displeased and asked Eren to explain further but Eren commanded Ymir to lend him his power. But Ymir went past him and ignored his wishes and proceeded to Zeke. Eren was shocked that he could not command the founder and Zeke stood up to remove his shackles telling him that the long time it took for him to wake up made him learn that he was not bounded by the first king’s ideals and he was able to nullify the vow renouncing the war.

He tells Eren that despite Ymir possessing a great power, she is a mere slave and by no means have any will of her own and the mere possession of the royal blood is enough for him to gain the power of the founding titan. Eren simply was the key to unlock the power and the chains have moved to Eren binding him in this world.

Apparently, Zeke was only waiting to hear Eren’s true feelings before revealing his ace and that he is a mere victim of their father. He tells Eren he will save him and that they will both save the world

Episode 3 Discussion

The title Two brothers may signify the other brothers Colt and Falco, Marcel and Porco

Episode 3 Manga Chapters

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 3 covers chapters 118-120

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