New Year 2022 Philippines | Traditions and Celebration

New Year 2022 Philippines

Every 31st of December, 6 days after Christmas, Filipinos around the country prepare for the New Year’s eve countdown. It has become a tradition that people celebrate the New Year in the Philippines with a BANG and a positive outlook. With the Covid 19 pandemic still around this upcoming 2022, how will Filipinos celebrate the new year?

In this article, I will discuss how we can celebrate the new year while following the guidelines of the government.

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Philippines New Year Policy on Fireworks and Firecrackers in 2022

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) said there is no total ban on fireworks and firecrackers, but authorities will continue the implementation of Executive Order No. 28 series of 2017 which regulates the use of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices in the country.


New Year Tradition in the Philippines

Filipinos always have a positive outlook despite the challenges they are facing. Here are the top 10 New Year Tradition of the Philippines that most families still practice and may still practice this upcoming year.

  1. 12 round fruit varieties – The 12 fruits signify prosperity for the 12 months of the year.
  2. No Chicken – Chickens usually signify what Filipinos call as “Isang Kahig, Isang Tuka” or Hand to Mouth way to earn a living.
  3. Jumping high – This superstition is for small people in the hopes that they will grow a few inches more
  4. Wearing Polka Dots – The small circles signify coins which are the equivalent of money and wealth for the upcoming year
  5. Pansit – Pansit is a chinese version of noodles. The long strings means long life for everyone
  6. Rice cake – Rice cake versions such as bibingka, suman and puto all signifies family bonding just as how the rice are bonded together.
  7. Firecrackers – This is a superstition that the firecrackers and the noise it makes will drive away bad spirits. This one is slowly being changed to safer methods such as banging of drums and trumpets (Torotot)
  8. General Cleaning – Cleaning the house helps get rid of the bad experiences in the past and a way to look forward for a better year to come.
  9. Coins in the pocket and giving away of coins – The coins like polka dots signify money and prosperity for the whole year. Giving is equivalent to receiving also.
  10. Paying off debts – Many believe that paying off debts will make the upcoming year will bring them more financial stability.

Chinese New Year 2022

Apart from the New Year celebrated in January, The Philippines enjoy a second new year in the form of Chinese New Year. We are moving from the year of the rat to year of the Ox on February 12. Most of the Filipino traditions are inspired by chinese superstitions which is why the celebration is almost similar.

2022 List of Holidays

If you are planning for your next holiday trip in 2022, I have listed the holidays for 2022. Use this chance to book for your out of town trip with your loved ones and enjoy what you may have missed in 2021.

Regular Holidays

January 1 – New Year’s Day
April 1- Maundy Thursday
April 2- Good Friday
April 9 – Araw ng Kagitingan
May 1 – Labor Day
June 12 – Independence Day
August 30 – National Heroes Day
November 30 – Bonifacio Day
December 25 – Christmas Day
December 30 – Rizal Day

Special Non-Working Days

February 25 – EDSA People Power
April 3 – Black Saturday
August 21 – Ninoy Aquino Day
November 1 – All Saints’ Day
November 2 – All Souls’ Day
December 8 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
December 24 – Christmas Eve
December 31 – Last Day of the Year

Celebrate your New Year Out of Town

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Regardless of the hardships and difficulties everyone faced this 2021, Filipinos remain hopeful for the new year. Many will still celebrate with their family and friends with the hope that 2022 will be better year.