Top Saving and Shopping Tips this Christmas Season

Top Saving and Shopping Tips this Christmas season

2021 has been a very significant year and setback for a lot of people. Many are still trying to recover from the pandemic last 2020. Despite this, many are still optimistic and trying to push forward and survive for themselves, their family and their company. Money is a bit scarce at this time so I would like to share my Top Christmas Saving and Shopping Tips

Christmas as they say is a season of giving, sharing and hope. It is the time when our Lord Jesus Christ was born and people around the world celebrate this festivity. The holiday allows people to reconnect with their family and share memories together. This is especially true this trying times when everyone needs support from family and friends alike.

How can I save during Christmas?

A lot of people who retained their work will be receiving 13th month pay and bonus. You can use these 3 tips on how to wisely spend the money.

  1. Allocate a portion to budget for your gifts, food and other expenses.
  2. Check if you can put your money in long term investments, including but not limited to time deposit, mutual funds, insurance, stocks, bitcoin etc.
  3. Do buy and sell and use the profit for spending on your gifts and foods. You can also make your own products like bake goods and sell them online or with your neighbors.

Top 10 Christmas Shopping and Saving Tips

  1. Make a list of significant people who you will be giving gifts.
  2. Compare prices from different platforms like Lazada, Shopee or even the website of the manufacturer or supplier. You may click on these links below.
  1. You can also use price compare websites like or
  2. Check the quality of product through reviews to avoid double spending.
  3. Shop online with the same seller to save on the delivery fee or find deals with free shipping fees.
  1. Watch out for flash sale or those items that rarely give discounts.
  2. Use vouchers to buy online for discount compared to regular prices for walk in
  1. Save on bazaars or night market but make sure to follow health protocols for your safety.
  2. Buy from local sellers in your area to support business owners
  3. Shop in bulk if you are giving to several people as some sellers give discounts for wholesale items

Celebrate your Christmas Out of town

If you are planning an out of town getaway, you can book through online booking like Agoda to find great deals. You can type the location and it will give you a list of areas to book that offers ammenities and discounts.

Remember that Christmas is gift giving season but you dont need to spend so much just to please the people around. It’s all about the spirit of Christmas and that you are able to spend the time and memories with your loved ones.

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