Hiking Mt Gulugod Baboy, Mabini, Batangas | Budget Itinerary

Ever wonder if you can experience Hiking, Diving and Camping all in one town? Fret not as this is possible three hours away from Manila in Mabini Batangas. Standing at 470 meters above sea level, with a difficulty of 2/10, Mount Gulugod Baboy / Mount Pinagbanderahan is one of the sought after mountains lying next to the dive spots in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas.

Gulugod Baboy
Gulugod Baboy

Mount Gulugod Baboy

Mount Gulugod Baboy (470 masl), located in Mabini, Batangas is one of the three peaks together with, Gitna (485 masl) and Mt Pinagbanderahan (525 masl). The term “Gulugod Baboy” is a transliteration for “pig’s spine” as the peak of the mountain looks like the back of a pig when viewed from the top.

Trekkers and hikers can experience up to 2 hours of strenuous and literally breath taking assault towards the camp site of Mount Gulugod Baboy from Barangay Ligaya jump off point. Campers with their own car can drive their way straight to the campsite through paved road on the other side. Those who wish to also experience diving or snorkeling in Mabini may do so by hiking in the morning and diving/snorkeling in the afternoon.

Pinagbanderahan’s name comes from the root word “bandera” or flag. There are already several versions of the story but the most famous is where locals believed that the Japanese aircraft crashed in this area and hoisted their flag on top of the hill.

Hike Mt Gulugod Baboy

We started our Mt Gulugod Baboy hike after registering in Barangay Ligaya Tourist Assistance Center. Our van did not bring our luggage to the campsite so we carried full pack instead. From the registration, we started the assault trail through a cemented pathway. The hike was only 2km which can be completed in 1 hour without luggage. However, the assault was a bit difficult and we started to run out of breath after just walking 200 meters. and had to stop every 50-100 meters to catch our breath.

Tip: If you are hiking Mt Gulugod Baboy with some luggages for overnight trip on a tour group, ask if your van can bring your luggage to the campsite to minimize the difficulty of your ascent. The total distance from the jump off point to the parking area is 1.8km.

From the registration, you’ll be starting your hike along a concrete road which will continue for the next 1 km. Note that the hike to the top is mostly assault so take time to pause when needed. Do not rush the mountain as the 2 hours ascent includes all the possible stops you will have. If you are a regular hiker, you can easily finish the ascent in 1 hour.

There are some huts along the way where you can take shelter. Once you reach the dirt road, your pace may speed up a bit and you will pass by some cows and goats along the way. When you get to the houses with an overlooking hut, then you are merely 30 mins away from the parking area. Take your time to get some photos here.

You will see the ocean at this altitude with a view of Sombrero Island at a distance. There is also a scenic tree perfect for that instagrammable shot. From here on, you’ll mostly be passing grassland area with a few trees so make sure you are also well covered if you dont want to get sun burnt.

Gulugod Baboy Summit / Campsite

When you see parked cars, you would know that you are already at the camp site. There are two stores and both of them have shade where you can take a rest while getting some refreshments.

There are also clean restrooms / toilets for those who wish to take a quick pee (₱10) or poo (₱15). When staying overnight to camp, you can also freshen up with a quick bath for ₱40 for 1 pail of water. If you want unlimited water, you can choose to go down a bit the concrete road and there is another place where you can get more than enough water supply.

If you are on a day tour only, you can choose to go to the peak after resting for a few minutes taking more photos along the grassland and overlooking the sea.

For those taking an overnight camping / glamping, There are two areas where you can pitch some tent. One is the open area on the left and the other near the shade on the right side. If you are looking for a good 360 view, take the one on the left side. A 5 min hike is required from the store. If you want more protection and trees, go for the right one.

Batong Buhangin Resort, Bauan, Batangas

The next morning was a foggy morning and we did not see the sun rise. However, this is still good for an early morning photoops with all the haze in the background similar to that of Sagada mornings. The weather was very cold and it is highly suggested that you bring warmers or heat tech uniqlo sweaters. If you are staying alone in your tent, a warm gloves may also help.

After taking our breakfast, we rolled out our tents and prepared for our beach adventure. This time in Batong Buhanging Beach Resort in Bauan Batangas. The travel time from the camp site to the beach area took more than 1 hour travel but it could have been shortened out if we no longer passed by the jump off point.

Upon arrival at the beach, our van parked at the designated area and we walked for a few hundred meters along the shoreline to get to the beach resort. The beach was well maintained will very little trash along the coast or floating in the water. It was a gray sand will pebbles laid over the shore hence the name batong buhangin.

Our tour coordinator took our ₱200 payment for the resort. There are also huts and rooms available but since we are only doing a day trip, we only rented a hut for ₱500. The beach resort also caters to divers and snorklers. During our stay, there was a group who were doing free diving lessons. They also rent out mask and snorkel for ₱150 for 2 hours.

There’s also swimming pool at the back of the resort for kids who prefer to swim in the pool than in the beach.

Mt Gulugod Baboy Budget Itinerary

Here’s the budget you may be spending for your itinerary when hiking Mt Gulugod Baboy. Note that the guide is not required but is good to have.

₱50 per head environmental fee
₱30 per head daytrip
₱60 per head overnight
₱50 per head land owner fee
₱500 per group (4 pax below) guide fee (v.v)
₱700 per group (5 pax above max of 8) (v.v)
₱800 per group for overnight (one way)

BOOKING IS REQUIRED. Please contact this page or the president of the association – Globerth Sapunto, 09215739964.

Anilao Beach Resorts

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How to go to Gulugod Baboy?

If you are commuting from Manila to Gulugod Baboy in Mabini Batangas, your best option is to go to PITX and ride a bus to Batangas City.

  1. From PITX, ride a Bus to Batangas City. You can check the schedules here.
  2. Once in Batangas City, take a jeep bound to Mabini and ask the driver to drop you off the crossing of Gulugod Baboy.
  3. Take a tricycle from the crossing to the jump off point.

How to go to Gulugod Baboy by Car

Gulugod Baboy via Batangas City

Gulugod Baboy via Tagaytay

Gulugod Baboy Tour

Our trip to Gulugod Baboy was a tour group of 12 pax and the damage for the overnight not including food was ₱1400.

  • RT Van Transportation
  • Guide Fee
  • Registration Fee
  • Environmental Fee
  • Spring
  • Coordinator act as your photographer
  • Souvenir Bagtag
  • EXCLUSIONS: *All meals *Wash Up Fee *Beaches Entrance *Beaches Cottage

Mt Gulugod Baboy Itinerary

  • Day 1
  • 1:00AM Call Time
  • 2:00AM Rolling
  • 5:00AM – Brgy Ligaya Mabini Batangas courtesy call to local officials
  • 5:30AM – Start Trekking
  • 7:30AM – Mt Gulogod trekking/Photo Off
  • Day 2
  • 4:00AM – Wake-up call coffee break
  • 5:00AM – assult sea of clouds
  • 7:00AM – breakfast
  • 8:00AM – Preparation To Batong Buhangin Beaches

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  3. Taal crater lake
  4. Masasa Beach Tingloy Batangas
  5. Sombrero Island