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Matabungkay Beach

Around 2-3 hrs from the capital Manila, Matabungkay Beach in Lian, Batangas is one of the most popular beaches due to its accessibility and proximity. The beach is close to Metro Manila and nearby provinces of Cavite and Laguna and makes it ideal for day tour or overnight trips. It is known for it’s white sand, friendly locals and good food and offers a wide variety of activities such as floating cottages and water sports.


Matabungkay is the name of the barangay where the beach is located. It is a three kilometer long stretch of white sand beach perfect to find the best resorts who offers several ammenities and recreation facilities to visitors.

The shoreline of Matabungkay Beach is also gradually descending unlike other beaches where there is a steep descent. The waves are also silent and not that strong which is ideal for family outing. However, there is an abundance of sea grass and sea weeds in some areas which is not conducive for swimming.

Along the coast, several floating huts are laid out for those who wish to enjoy the serene landscape and quickly jump to the sea for a refreshing swim.

Day Tour Matabungkay Beach Photos

Here are some photos I took during my day tour to Matabungkay Beach Batangas last Nov 23, 2020

How to go to Matabungkay Beach?

If you need to commute from Manila, the best way to go to Matabungkay Beach is through PITX. Get a bus from PITX to Nasugbu Batangas via Aguinaldo Highway and get down in Lian. Once in Lian, Batangas, ask for directions to the Public Market then take a jeepney going to Matabungkay.

You can also do a cutting trip from PITX to Tagaytay and then make a transfer to Nasugbu via bus or jeepney. If coming from any parts of Cavite, get a ride going to Aguinaldo Highway and then another bus going to Nasugbu or Tagaytay.

The bus fare from Tagaytay going to Lian costs ₱72.00 while the jeepney fare from Lian to Matabungkay is ₱40.00 and will bring you directly to the beach. The jeepney follows social distancing protocol.

Note that if you are not staying overnight, the jeepneys are limited and may be scarce by 4:00 – 6:00 pm so it is best to get the contact number of the jeepney you will be riding going to Matabungkay. Also, ask the bus conductor from Nasugbu what is their last trip going back to Manila to avoid getting stuck.

Photo of PITX courtesy of

If you are coming from Manila, click here for routes, and schedules from PITX

PITX BusDestination
PITX to CaviteDasmariñas
PITX to BatangasNasugbu via Kaybiang
Nasugbu via Aguinaldo Highway

Google Maps to Matabungkay Beach

There are 4 ways to go to Matabungkay Beach if you are travelling by car if from Makati, Manila, QC, etc. The newest and fastest way to go to Matabungkay is via the newly developed CALAX road but will require you to pay several toll, Other routes include Nuvali, Aguinaldo Highway and Ternate.

Fastest way to go to Matabungkay beach via CALAX ~2hrs 30mins

Matabungkay beach via Sta Rosa Nuvali ~3hrs 30mins

How to go to Matabungkay beach via Aguinaldo Highway ~3 hrs

Matabungkay beach via Ternate Nasugbu Road ~3hrs 30mins

Note that the travel time indicated here are approximations and would depend on the time of day and the traffic. You can use google maps to find Matabungkay beach resort directions

Batangas City to Lian

Batangas City Grand Terminal has a bus heading to Nasugbu passing through Lian. If you are commuting, the fare is ₱154 and the travel time is 2 hours and will pass through Lian. Once in Lian, head to Lian Public Market and take the jeepney to Matabungkay beach

Matabungkay Budget Itinerary

If you are preparing for your itinerary to Matabungkay, The first thing to consider is how long you will be staying. If you are doing a day tour only, you can follow my sample itinerary and budget below. You can also find Matabungkay discounted hotel rates below

Commute Day Tour to Matabungkay Sample Itinerary

  • 6:00 AM – Take First Bus to Nasugbu Batangas
  • 9:00 AM – Arrive in Lian Batangas, Take jeep to Matabungkay
  • 9:30 AM – Checkin to a resort or rent a floating restaurant
  • 5:00 PM – Wash, and prepare to go home
  • 5:30 PM – Arrive in Lian, Batangas
  • 6:00 PM – Take Bus to PITX

Here’s my expenses commuting from Bacoor, Cavite

₱10 jeep to SM Molino
₱20 multicab to District Mall Imus (Aguinaldo Highway)
₱50 bus to Tagaytay Rotonda
₱10 jeep to Mendez Crossing
₱72 bus to Lian
₱40 jeep to Matabungkay
₱40 return jeep to Lian from Matabungkay
₱114 bus Lian to Robinsons, Dasmariñas
₱20 multicab to Paliparan, Dasmariñas
₱13 jeep to Molino

Apart from the ones listed above, consider these to add on your budget

  1. Environmental fee
  2. Cottage rentals for day tour and room rentals for overnight
  3. Food
  4. Activities

Things to do in Matabungkay Beach

  1. Jet Ski
  2. Aqua Bike and Paddle board
  3. Rent a Floating Cottage

Matabungkay Hotels and Beach Resorts

Check the cheapest rates for Hotels and Beach Resorts in Agoda. Book in advance and find the best deals

Planning for your next Day Tour or Overnight

Check out Matabungkay Beach FB Page

IATF Guidelines on travel

(as of Nov 2020)

Before packing up your bags and planning for your next trip it is best to check the guidelines of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) on whether you will be allowed entry to the area and any requirements including but not limited to travel pass, travel authority or rapid test / RT-PCR test. It is also advisable if you will be staying overnight to book your stay in advance and coordinate with the barangay / LGU and the hotel you will be staying in case they need you to register the names of the travellers.

What’s next?

So if you have missed your summer getaway due to the lockdown, now may be the best time to plan for your next trip. Always remember to observe social distancing and follow protocols when travelling. Drop in the comments section below where your next trip is.

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