Mount Romelo | Buruwisan, Lanzones, Sampaloc Falls | Laguna

Mount Romelo Falls

Back in March 2019, I joined a group of budget travelers for a quick day tour to Mount Romelo in Siniloan, Laguna. The itinerary included a hike to the summit of Mount Romelo and visit 4 waterfalls including Buruwisan Falls, Lanzones Falls, Batya Batya Falls and Sampaloc Falls. Apart from the falls in our itinerary, there are other falls including Diwata Falls, Binaytuan, Sapang Labo, Sebakon Falls, and Twin Falls, that can be hiked for those camping overnight. After the hike, we proceeded to the the famous Windfarm in Pililla Rizal.

Mount Romelo

Mount Romelo (Mt Famy) is a 2/9 difficulty mountain with height of 300 meter that lies in the eastern Laguna town of Siniloan. The mountain itself is part of Siniloan but most locals would call the mountain as Famy, which is the town adjacent to Siniloan and where the trekkers would usually drop off from the bus going to the jump off point in Barangay Macatad.

Siniloan just like other Laguna towns such as Cavinti and Luisiana are blessed with several waterfalls originating from Sierra Madre Mountain range.

Mount Romelo Map

Mount Romelo Trail

The trail to Mount Romelo is fairly easy but the return trip from Sampaloc falls is a bit long which makes it somewhat tiring. From the summit of Mount Romelo, you can see parts of Laguna Bay and Pililla Windmills.

The whole trip can be finished in 6-8 hours including swimming in the falls and lunch. Some people say that the trail can become more difficult when it rains as the trail becomes muddy and slippery.

Our trip started in Gateway Cubao at 1am. The travel time from Cubao to Siniloan was around 2.5 hours via Rizal passing by Teresa and Pililla before arriving in Siniloan in Laguna.

It was around 4:00 AM when we arrived and the sky was very clear with a lot of dazzling stars. So what else to do than to take Milky way shot while waiting

Hike Mount Romelo

We took a quick breakfast in the store near the registration area in Barangay Macatad, Siniloan, Laguna. By 5:00 AM, we started our briefing and proceeded to start the hike to Mount Romelo using our phone’s flash light or headlamp. We had to hike early to get a good sunrise at the summit. After 40 minutes of hike, we reached the summit just in time for the sunrise.

After the sunrise we continued our hike towards our first two water falls namely Buruwisan Falls and Lanzones Falls

Buruwisan Falls, Mt Romelo

Buruwisan falls is the most famous water falls in Mount Romelo. Standing at a height of 55 meters, this falls forms part of the Siniloan River. The water drops at 90 degrees with a slight cave underneath which forms an almost shower like appearance. Littered around the falls are boulders of rocks mostly coming from upstream. Most people doing overnight here would pitch their tent in this area.

There are also dangling vines close to the water falls perfect the adventurous types who wants to swing their way to the falls.

Lanzones Falls

Northwest of Buruwisan falls lies the next falls named Lanzones Falls. Unlike Buruwisan falls where the water falls freely, the water of Lanzones Falls hugs the wall while falling. This 30 meter high falls joins Buruwisan falls downstream. There are also boulders of rocks covered with moss below the falls so be careful when going up.

Batya Batya Falls

Batya Falls or Batya-Batya Falls in Mount Romelo takes form of batya or a laundry tub. The falls is located south east of Buruwisan falls. This two layered falls is pretty easy to climb but is somehow slippery. Compared to the other two falls, the rocks here are relatively smaller and are more of a pebble type with smoother surface.

Sampaloc Falls

Sampaloc falls is the farthest falls amongst the 4 falls we visited. This falls is very similar to Buruwisan falls in form and style. Sampaloc falls is a 40ft falls with an almost 90 degree descent with a small cave close to the bottom. There are also huge boulders at the at the basin mostly like from upstream that fell from water current.

Returning back to the jump off will require another 2 hours of trek along the mountains and hills. There are some stores that you will pass by to buy refreshments so don’t worry if ever you run out of water.

Side Trip Pililla Windfarm

Part of our itinerary is the Windfarm in Pililla Rizal. This Windfarm is similar to those found in Bangui and Burgos in Ilocos Norte as it was developed by the same company – Alternergy Wind One Corporation. There are also food stalls, souvenir shops and fruit stands in the park where visitors can buy their items and eat to their hearts content.

The windmills are located up the mountain ranges to catch the wind and generate up to 54 Megawatt of electricity for Rizal and nearby provinces. The wind mills can be seen as far as Alabang in Muntinlupa City.

Mount Romelo Itinerary

01:00 am – Meet up Gateway Cubao
01:30 am – Departure
04:00 am – Arrival Brgy. Macatad
05:00 am – Start trek to Mt. Romelo Summit
05:45 am – Mt. Romelo Summit
06:30 am – Wait for Sunrise, Photoops
07:30 am – Buruwisan Falls
08:00 am – Lanzones Falls
08:30 am – Breakfast near Buruwisan Falls
10:30 am – Trek to Batya – Batya Falls, swimming
11:30 am – Trek to Sampaloc Falls, Lunch
01:00 pm – Trek back to jump-off
03:00 pm – Arrival to jump off, washup
03:30 pm – Depart to Pililia Windmill Rizal
05:00 pm – Sunset at Pililla
08:00 pm – ETA Cubao

How to go to Mount Romelo from Cubao?

If you want to commute to Mount Romelo from Cubao, Take a van / FX going to Tanay Market. Once in Tanay, ride a jeep going to Siniloan, Then ride a tricycle to Brgy Macatad.

Alabang to Mount Romelo

Hikers from the south including Las Piñas, Cavite and Laguna may go to Mount Romelo from Alabang. First Ride a modern jeep to from Starmall Alabang to Calamba. Once in Calamba Public Terminal, ride a jeep going to Sta Cruz, then another jeep to Siniloan then ride a tricycle to Brgy Macatad.

PITX to Mount Romelo

The best way to go from Manila, Pasay and Makati to Mt Romelo is by going to PITX, and riding bus to Sta Cruz Laguna. From Sta Cruz, ride a jeep to Siniloan, then a tricycle to Brgy Macatad.

Tourist Spots near Famy / Siniloan Laguna

The tourist spots near Famy or Siniloan Laguna are Panguil River Eco-Tourism Park, Pagsanjan / Cavinti Falls, Nuestra Señora de Candelaria Church, and Tanauan View Deck

Hotels in Laguna

There are no nearby hotels in Siniloan Laguna but Here are some hotels in other parts of Laguna you can consider when travelling.