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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 10 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 10

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 10 focuses on Eren’s thought processes and his decisions why the attack on Marley came to be. At first, he was all against Zeke’s plan but what made Eren suddenly change his decisions? Why can’t his friends understand him anymore?


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 10 Summary

The Episode starts of with Eren locked up in his cell after their arrival from Marley. He is wet all over with his hair tied up and uttering the words FIGHT! FIGHT! Hange suddenly showed up amused with Eren, and she was wondering why he had to say those words and why he was speaking to himself.

We get another flash back 1 year from the arrival of Yelena. The port in Paradis was finally completed and ready to accept their first visitor – The Asian nation Hizuru led by Kiyomi Azumabito.

Inside the receiving area, Kiyomi was holding a flag and asking if anyone notices the symbol on it. Eren recognized that it was the same symbol as Mikasa’s and told her to show it to them. Mikasa was adamant to show it saying that her mom told her to keep it secret.

Mikasa Hizuru Tattoo

Convinced with Eren’s words, Mikasa showed the tattoo with the Hizuru symbol on her wrist to Kiyomi. She then started telling Mikasa the history of their nation. One hundred years ago, before the great titan war, the Shogun of the Hizuru family and King Fritz were in friendly terms. After the titan war, the Hizuru were defeated and the child was left behind in Paradis. Apparently, Mikasa is a descendent of the ruler and hope for the Hizurus.

Despite learning the fact, the generals of Paradis were untrusting of the Hizuru. Some proposed that they consult with Yelena but the others opposed saying this might be part of ther plan. Commander Pixis told them that despite being able to learn about the outside world, they are still like young kids. He suggested that they listen to what they will bring to the table and decide from there.

Inside the hall, Historia was talking with Mikasa and teasing her why she only told Eren about the secret. They both share heavy burdens of being an heir to the thrones of their nations.

Zeke and Kiyomi

The meeting convened again with Kiyomi. She told eveyone that this meeing was possible because they were able to meet Zeke Yaeger in secret. She also mentioned that they agreed with the meeting under the condition that they will meet with Mikasa.

During their secret meeting, Zeke presented to Kiyomi the 3d Maneuver gear that were being used by the survey corps. The gear was operated using a special fuel called “Iceburst Stone” which was only present in Paradis.

Zeke promised the Hizuru that by cooperating with him, the Hizurus will be able to mine the stones and they can get back to their former glory. Kiyomi already had her eyes set on the mineral and its value similar to precious gems.

In exchange with the precious minerals, Zeke laid out his three point plan to protect Paradis from the Rumbling. First is to make a test run of the rumbling. Second is Hizuru’s cooperation and srengthen the military of Pardis until the Rumbling is no longer necessary. Lastly, the royal blood and the founding titan must be passed down to an heir.

Zeke will then have to pass down his titan to someone of royal blood and they must make make kids until their 13 year term ends. Historia agreed to Zeke’s proposal saying that the rumbling is essential to Paradis’ survival. Eren strongly denounced this saying Zeke can keep his plan and they will find other options.

Eren Prison

We return to the present inside Eren’s prison cell. Hange asked Eren why he had to put Paradis in danger and if he really cared about the welfare of Historia. Eren threatened that after eating the War Hammer Titan, he now has the ability to escape whenever he wants. The survey corps can also try to threaten Zeke but they will not be able to harm him even if they want to.

Eren’s madness brought him to grab Hange and asked her directly if they have any plans to get them out of this situation. Hange tried to get her way out shouting Eren’s an idiot then blaming Erwin for making her a commander.

In an isolated farm, we see a pregnant Historia with an unknown man standing near the door. He was asking her to get inside and that she needs to take care of her body. It appears that this person may be the father of the child Historia was bearing but there was no confirmation yet.

That night, the generals of the Paradis were drinking wine and talking about their plans. They mentioned that they could have just let Historia eat Zeke upon his arrival but apparently, because Historia was pregnant, it will be dangerous for her and her child to do it.

They also talked about the man who was with Historia and said that they already investigated about him. It was also the queen who approached him after he was seen working himself in the orphanage out of guilt.

Survey Corps makes Railroad

We get another flashback from the time when the survey corps were building the railroad. They basically volunteered to be able to build up on their physique at the same time working to develop the island. This scene may have happened after the visit of Kiyomi as Jean and Connie were talking about other ways to save Historia without using the rumbling.

Hange arrived where the survey corps were working with an unfortunate news on Hizuru’s reply. Apparently, they only wanted to monopolize Paradis’ resources and not trade with other nations. By making Paradis the root of all evil, the nations can unite and bring the stability they needed. Thus, Eren had no other choice again but to follow Zeke’s plan and sacrifice Historia.

It will be hard for nations to trust people that they have not been able to meet yet. So Hange proposed that they meet their enemies to be able to come up to an understanding.

While riding the carriage back home, the survey corps were planning what they will be bringing to Marley. Then Eren told everyone that he only has five years left to live and who will be the ones to inherit his titan. The friends started arguing with each other with Sasha telling them that an idiot cannot inherit the titan and presenting herself. Connie looked at her with disgust saying that Sasha is contradicting herself being an idiot too.

Eren declined to all their proposal saying that they are too precious for him and he doesn’t want to lose any of them and he wants them to live a long life. Eren blushed because of this and Jean asked why his face is turning red. Then Armin told them it must be sun that’s making them red.

Friends vs Eren

Back to the present, Jean and the others were inside a room talking about Eren. They were talking about Commander Pixis detaining the volunteers and all of a sudden, Eren was aboard Zeke’s plan.

Connie then brought up the idea that Eren has changed and he is no longer the same person they know. Mikasa disapproved of Connie’s plan to cut off Eren when necessary and that Eren cared for them the most. Jean believed that Eren has changed for dragging in Mikasa to the fight and asking Armin to destroy the port.

Connie then asked Mikasa why Eren had his reaction when Sasha died if he really cared for them. Why did he laugh instead of crying at the sight of Sasha dying? Armin offered to talk to Eren with Mikasa to try to understand him and find out his goal. They will use the titan serum to make someone they trust into a titan who will inherit Eren’s titan.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 10 Manga Chapter

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 10 covers chapters 107 and 108 of the manga.

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