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Monkey D Dragon, Baltigo and the Secret of the 3D 2Y Timeskip Rayleigh, Kuma and Vegapunk | One Piece Theory

Monkey D Dragon saves Luffy and Bets the future in his Son

In Loguetown before the Strawhats set for their adventure in the Grand Line, Monkey D Dragon saved Luffy from Smoker then disappeared after a sudden gush of wind. He then reappeared and asked the Marines what reasons are there to interfere with a man’s departure.

In this Blog, let’s find out the secret behind the 2 year (3D 2Y) timeskip and how Monkey D Dragon and Rayleigh played an important role to shaping Luffy’s Future.

Roger and Oden travels the Grand Line

Lets start this One Piece Theory in Chapter 966 with Roger requesting Oden to travel with him across the Grand Line to decipher the poneglyphs and reach the Final Island. Roger explained to Whitebeard and Oden that they reached Lodestar island 13 years ago but they come to realize that there is still one more island as the log pose kept spinning upon reaching the island.

The places Gol D Roger visited with Kozuki Oden were as follows: (in chronological order)

  1. Jaya
  2. Skypiea – 2 poneglyphs
  3. Water 7
  4. Rusukaina (Calm Belt)
  5. Tequila Wolf (East Blue)
  6. Sabaody Archipelago
  7. Fishman Island – 2 poneglyphs
  8. Raijin Island
  9. Unknown island with hot spring – 1 poneglyph
  10. Wano – 1 Red Poneglyph
  11. Zou – 1 Red Poneglyph
  12. Unknown Town – left Buggy and Shanks
  13. Laugh Tale
  14. Unknown Town – pick up Buggy and Shanks
  15. Unknown Town – Roger left his crew
  16. Wano – drop off Oden

Upon reaching Laugh Tale, Oden told Rayleigh that they were too early and 5 years after Roger’s execution, Oden told Toki that the answer she is looking for can be found 20 years into the future.

Note also that the Roger pirates were able to travel to the Calm belt (Rusukaina) and East Blue (Tequila Wolf) from the grand line between Water 7 and Sabaody Archipelago. Oden also recalled the time the Whitebeard Pirates crossed Fishman Island which means that Whitebeard and Oden met Roger in Paradise (1st Half of the Grand Line).

Rayleigh Meets the Strawhats in Sabaody Archipelago

In Chapter 505, Rayleigh finally met the strawhats in Sabaody Archipelago as he narrated their adventures with Gol D Roger and how they found the One Piece. He mentioned Shanks and Buggy traveled with them and that 10 years ago, Shanks told him that he gave Roger’s Strawhat to the boy who said the same words as Roger.

The Red Line and Grand Line

In Chapter 22, Nami discussed that the world has two oceans which are divided by a strip of Land called the Red Line. On the other hand, the Grand Line is a sea route that cuts through the center of the Red Line that goes around the world.

The conventional way to travel the grand line from the four blues is an upstream current going up the Reverse mountain and a downstream current towards Paradise. To safely navigate the Grand Line, a log pose is needed to guide the ship to the next island, or an eternal pose that constantly points to a certain location.

The ships will eventually arrive in Sabaody Archipelago and in order to cross the 2nd half of the grand line, the people would need to go up towards Marijoa or coat their ship and dive 10,000 meters below sea level passing Fishman Island.

But there are also non conventional ways to cross the Grand Line. One was used by Germa 66 using their Snails to go up the red line. There are also flying ships including Big News Morgan that uses a balloon.

Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma was first introduced in Thriller Bark where he was following the course of the Strawhats after they defeated CP-9 in Enies Lobby. He warned Gecko Moria that the Strawhats may soon find their way to Thriller Bark and after Moria was defeated, Kuma tested their resolve with Zoro sacrificing himself by taking Luffy’s pain.

The Strawhats met Kuma again in Sabaody, this time the Pacifistas and Kizaru were targeting them after Luffy punched a Celestial Dragon to save Camie. While Kizaru and Rayleigh were fighting, Kuma interrupted and whispered to Rayleigh that he is a revolutionary and that he is there to help the strawhats escape.

Later on, Kuma met with Rayleigh again and explained the directions he sent the Strawhats and that he doesnt have much time left as himself.

Franky later revealed that the person who protected the Thousand Sunny was Kuma. Apparently, before Vegapunk erased his memories, Kuma requested to give one last program to protect the Sunny until one of the Strawhats returned.

3D 2Y

It is easy to assume that Kuma sent the Strawhats to random locations in the world but a careful examination would suggest otherwise. The 3D 2Y came from the fact that it takes 3 days to coat the ship and the strawhats agreed to meet again after 3 days. But since Kuma separated them and the battle of Marineford happened, Rayleigh suggested to Luffy that they meet again after 2 years, hence 3D2Y.

But why 2 years? It can be recalled that Rayleigh traveled with Roger and Oden to Laugh Tale 26 years ago and found out the true history of the world, the void century and the D Clan. On their return, they exclaimed that they were too early and someone will reach Laugh tale. 5 years after reaching Laugh Tale and before his execution, Oden also told Toki that what she was searching for can be found 20 years into the future.

Rayleigh met Luffy 23 years after Roger was executed and there were still 2 years before the return of Joy Boy. If Rayleigh and Shanks could have known that Roger’s Son was alive, why did they not attempt to save him? Shanks even met with Ace and attempted to tell Whitebeard to stop Ace. Why did Shanks arrive in Marineford a few moments after Ace and Whitebeard’s death?

The Separated Strawhats Location

Kuma’s gamble is to let the Strawhats survive without any timeline on how long they will be able to get back together. He was already aware of the identity of each of the strawhats and may be moving by the orders of Monkey D Dragon. They went as far as asking Vegapunk to program himself to protect the Thousand Sunny until one of them Strawhats returns.

I will show you how this was intricately planned and the success of this lies on the determination of each strawhats.

Luffy was sent to Amazon Lily and Gloriosa appears to be affiliated with Rayleigh while Zoro was sent to Kurugaina Island of Dracule Mihawk both of which are Shichibukai. Sanji was sent to Kamabakka Kingdom, Momoiro Island which is a territory of Emporio Ivankov while Robin was sent to Tequila Wolf, a known area of the Revolutionaries. Chopper was sent to Torino Kingdom which is inhabited by humans with a huge collection of books, Ussop was sent to a botanically rich island while Nami was sent to Weatheria which could be related to Dr Vegapunk. The only one with questionable location was Brook’s destination in Namakura Island but this may signify some sort of ritual performed to summon the devil.

Kuma sent toRevolutionaryTravel to Sabaody
LuffyAmazon Lily – Calm Belt (1st half)WarlordBoa Hancock Ship
ZoroKuraigana Island – Paradise (1st half)WarlordPerona
SanjiMomoiro Island – New World (2nd half)IvankovOkama ship
UssopBoin Archipelago – (Grand Line)Possibly VegapunkFlying with Heracles
NamiWeatheria – Sky IslandPossibly VegapunkSky Island
RobinTequila Wolf (East Blue) –
Baltigo – New World (2nd half)
DragonWith Revolutionaries
ChopperTorino Kingdom – South BluePossibly VegapunkFlying with Birds
FrankyBaldimore (Karakuri) – Paradise (1st half)VegapunkUnknown
BrookNamakura Island – (Grand Line)Caravan

If you study the chart above, most of the locations are presumed connected to the revolutionaries. This is before the fact that Kuma sent Sanji to Momoiro Island while Ivankov was imprisoned in Impel Down.

It is also puzzling why Kuma sent Robin to East Blue instead of Baltigo. It can be recalled that before the timeskip, Dragon was in Loguetown with Luffy but was already in Baltigo when the strawhats defeated CP-9 in Enies Lobby.

Chopper and Nami were sent to Library of Knowledge

One special thing to note about where Chopper was transported to is Torino Kingdom. At first glance, it is presumed that the island is inhabited by a savage tribe in constant war with the birds. It was later on revealed that the island is also a huge library with an advanced technology. Who could provide such rich knowledge to them without leaving the island?

Nami was also sent to Weatheria who had great advances in the weather systems and is able to use a flying cloud to navigate the world.

Tequila Wolf, Baltigo and Kamabakka Kingdom

Robin was sent flying from Sabaody to Tequila wolf in East Blue. The Revolutionary Army rescued her and told her she is the “light of the revolution” before requesting her to travel with them and meet Monkey D Dragon in Baltigo. Robin hesitated at first but after Luffy changed the meeting time, she agreed to meet Dragon.

Sanji on the other hand was flung to the Kamabakka Kingdom in Momoiro Island. In Ace Cover story, he arrived to Lulucia Kingdom in his effort to find Blackbeard. And before the Levely, the four generals of the revolutionary Army met in Lulucia Kingdom before proceeding to Kamabakka Kingdom where the Revolutionary Army relocated after their hideout was discovered. Koala notes that the Generals should be somewhere near.

Also, While Rebecca and the Dressrosa / Prodence Kingdom were heading to the Reverie, the princess of Lulucia Kingdom was abducted by a submarine. Luckily, Koby and Helmeppo were close by and they were able to rescue the princess and Koby was able to stop the torpedo aimed toward’s the ship.

Where is Baltigo?

Baltigo is the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army but the exact location has been hidden until it was exposed after the events of Dressrosa. It was given a general impression that Baltigo is somewhere located in Paradise (1st half of the Grand Line) but looking on the proximity of Lulucia Kingdom to Momoiro Island, it appears that the Baltigo is in fact in the New World (2nd Half of the Grand Line).

Here are some clues that may prove that Momoiro Island and Baltigo are in the New World.

The first one is Jesus Burgess after he sneaked into the Revolutionary Army ship after the events in Dressrosa which is in the New World. The Blackbeard pirates were already in the New World and Jesus Burgess asked them to follow his Vivre card.

When Jesus Burgess contacted Shiryu and Lafitte, the two complained that they were waiting for him in Dressrosa. During this time, Luffy arrived in Zou and stayed only for one day before heading to Whole cake island. As soon as they set sail, a news coup delivered a newspaper saying that the Revolutionary Army’s HQ was ransacked.

It appears that someone reported the location of the Headquarters but by the time the navy and Cipher Pol arrived, the Blackbeard Pirates already leveled off the place.

That means it only took the Navy, Cipher Pol and Blackbeard Pirates only one day to reach Baltigo from their location in Dressrosa.

This also implies

  1. The Blackbeard headquarters in Beehive Island is a few hours away from Dressrosa
  2. Baltigo is a place that can be reached within 1 day from Dressrosa.
  3. The location is away from Wano and Whole Cake Island as it took several days for the strawhats to arrive from Zou to Whole Cake Island and Whole Cake Island to Wano.

And in chapter 904, The Revolutionaries moved their base of operation to Momoiro Island 2 days before the Levely.

DayLocation of the StrawhatsEventChapter
0Luffy Defeats Doflamingo, Sabo fought with Jesus Burgess.Sabo visits Luffy and returns to port to leave791
3The Grand Fleet is formed and Luffy sets out to Zou800
10Luffy Arrives in Zou after a week with the Barto ClubJesus Burgess contacts Lafitte and Shiryu803
11World Nobles prepare to sail for the Levely, Luffy sails to Whole Cake IslandPedro reads news that the Revolutionaries HQ in Baltigo was finally discovered.824 – 825

Second, There are no clues that Blackbeard Pirates traveled back to Paradise as Shiryu was already in Beehive Island when Gecko Moria attacked. This event took place as Kaido defeated Luffy and was sent to Udon prison. And according to Rayleigh, it takes 3 days to coat a ship to travel underwater via the Fishman Island.

The third clue is the relocation of the Revolutionary army to Momoiro Island after their base were attacked by the Blackbeard Pirates. If Momoiro Island was on the first half of the Grand Line, then that would mean that the Revolutionaries would have to cross the Red Line which is not an ideal situation due to the heightened security in the Red Line and Fishman Island for the upcoming Levely.

Return to Sabaody Archipelago

Since Both Sanji and Robin were sent to a Revolutionary Army territories, their mode of transport back to Sabaody Archipelago would most likely be the same.

If Robin followed the same route that Luffy traveled from East Blue, she needs to cross Reverse Mountain, meet Laboon, travel all the way to the other side of the red line, have their ships coated and travel down to fishman island. However, when Robin arrived after the timeskip, it appears that it was her first time to experience the coating.

If you also recall, Roger traveled from Water 7 to Rusukaina Island to Tequila Wolf without traversing Reverse Mountain en route to Sabaody Archipelago but still traveled to Fishman Island to enter the New World.

So one would ask how the revolutionary army was able to travel from East Blue? The answer to this is by going over the Red Line. One important clue is the ship the revolutionaries used in Tequila Wolf. Notice the wings on the ship. Is this purely decoration or does this serve a purpose?

The same is true with how the strawhats arrived in Sabaody with Ussop flying with Heracles, Nami in Weatheria and Chopper riding the birds from Torino Kingdom. Meanwhile, Luffy, Brook, Franky and Zoro were still in Paradise so they traveled using conventional methods by sailing the sea.

Franky and Vegapunk

Franky was the most fortunate to be sent to Dr. Vegapunk’s hometown Baldimore in grand line. Of all the strawhats, why did Kuma send a cyborg to a place where cyborgs were originally manufactured. Were the Revolutionaries aware that Franky holds the secret to Pluton? Baldimore had two laboratories but only one of which was known by the world government.

If one was to assume that Vegapunk was not a revolutionary, why would he undertake experiments that are hidden from the world government and even going to the length of programming Kuma for a mission to protect the Strawhats’ ship? Why did he also declare that the Devil Fruit he produced in Punk Hazard was a failure but it was indeed a successful replica of Kaido’s Devil Fruit

It only took 8 days days from the time Kuma sent the strawhats flying to different areas, to the time his memory was finally wiped out by Dr Vegapunk and the events at Marineford.

After the battle of Marineford, Kuma returns to Sabaody and encountered Shakky and Duval and stayed there for 2 years to protect the Sunny until Franky returned.

0Kuma separated the strawhats, Luffy arrives in Amazon Lily
2Boa Hancock arrives, Luffy battles with the Amazon sisters then partied the same night
3Luffy and Hancock leaves for Impel Down.
7Luffy arrives in Impel Down. Suffers greatly before reaching Level 6
8Luffy recovers, break prison and battle of Marineford, Kuma already lost his memories

A few weeks after the battle of Marineford, the strawhats were given a message to meet again in 2 years. Prior to this, Franky already destroyed the first laboratory but eventually returned to the second laboratory where he found out about Vegapunk’s experiments including weapons and the modification of artificial devil fruits.

It was later on revealed that before Sanji and his brothers were born, Vegapunk, Vinsmoke Judge and Queen worked together to develop the bloodline elements.

Now, the question is, why would Kuma send a strawhat to Dr Vegapunk’s laboratory without his knowledge and permission? Was he sending a message to Franky from Dr Vegapunk to find out the secret of the Devil Fruits and the ancient weapons? Does Vegapunk know that Franky has the blueprint to Pluton? There are no clues yet that Vegapunk is a revolutionary but logic would tell that there is somehow a relation to the timing that Kuma sent Franky to Baldimore to the time his memory was about to be erased by Vegapunk.

Vegapunk, Franky and the Automatas

It is also interesting to note that Franky’s appearance after Dr Vegapunk’s Laboratory exploded was very similar to the face of the Automatas repaired by Dr Tsukimi.

It is unknown when Dr Tsukimi used this laboratory or if he was the first to use it but it appears that the island may have changed climate as the doctor died while looking at the moon and there were no signs of snow in the area.

In Enel’s cover story, the Automatas were robots in the moon that serve as an army.

Rayleigh and Monkey D Dragon’s Gamble

For one, I can safely assume that Rayleigh is not part of the revolutionaries but he is aware of their goal. Monkey D Dragon has gambled the future of the world to his son by asking Kuma to send all of the strawhats to places that are related to their territories and protecting their ship at the same time. In doing so, the Strawhats, especially Franky, was able to get most of the secrets of Dr Vegapunk and develop technologies that are related to it.

Rayleigh also used this opportunity to make sure that Joy Boy’s future comes true. Just like how Oden told Toki to send his son and retainers 20 years into the future, Rayleigh also sent the strawhats 2 years forward. He can simply train Luffy for 6 months to 1 year but the secrets of Laugh Tale revealed to them the exact time on when this should happen and Rayleigh changed the meeting time from 3 days to 2 years completing the 25 years from the time they arrived in Laugh Tale. This is also why Kuma and Vegapunk designed a program to protect the ship until one of the strawhats returned.


To Recap, here’s what we got so far

  1. The world of One Piece is divided by a long congregation of islands called the red line dividing the seas into two and the grand line intersects at the center of the Red Line.
  2. The Strawhats were separated by Kuma without any definite time frame on when they will reunite and sending them to locations that are somewhat connected to the revolutionaries.
  3. Rayleigh suggested to Luffy that he meet with his crew again after 2 years from the original 3 days it will take to coat the ship.
  4. Sanji was sent to the New World island Kamabakka Kingdom of Ivankov while Robin was sent to Tequila Wolf in East blue.
  5. Jesus Burgess found out the location of Baltigo after he was defeated by Sabo in Dressrosa and it took only one day for the Blackbeard Pirates to locate and ransack the area. After this, the revolutionaries relocated to Kamabakka Kingdom before launching their attack in Marijoa.
  6. Kuma’s memory was erased by Doctor Vegapunk a few days after separating the Strawhats in Sabaody and before the battle of Marineford.
  7. Franky was sent to Baldimore to find out the secrets in the laboratory of Doctor Vegapunk and some of the technologies were incorporated to himself and the Thousand Sunny.
  8. Dr Vegapunk’s Laboratory is also related to the Automatas found by Eneru in the moon.
  9. There are other ways to cross the red line apart from sailing reverse mountain and going down to Fishman Island.