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Zeus Reborn as Fluff Otama and Smile Users Kaido vs Yamato

One Piece Chapter 1016

One Piece Chapter 1016 entitled “It’s me Otama” premises on the flipping of the raid with Otama talking to those who ate her Kibi Dango via Bao Huang. Nami also receives a power up and the Kaido versus Yamato fight is looming.


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

One Piece Chapter 1016 Discussion

In One Piece Chapter 1016, Zeus is reborn as Wata or Cotton Fluff allowing Nami to finally defeat Ulti. Ussop learns of Bao Huang’s ability to broadcast and used the chance for Otama to speak to everyone who ate her dango. Meanwhile, CP-0 talks about the changing tide with 4000 beast pirates switching sides. As Onigashima approaches the Flower Capital, Kaido catches up with Yamato and tells her to become Shogun with the latter telling Kaido that Luffy is the person Oden was waiting for.

Otama controls the Pleasures and Gifters

Otama’s role in the raid has been clearly defined the moment she arrived in Onigashima. Her devil fruit is overpowered that allows her kibi dango to control animals and SMILE users. In chapter 943, Shinobu explains the origin of Smile fruits and the basic composition of the Beast Pirates. Ussop also confirms that Otama’s ability does not work on Devil Fruit users.

CP-0 estimates that there are remaining 24,000 (89%) beast pirates and 3,000 (11%) on the Strawhat side. Before Otama’s announcement, 4,000 have already switched mostly from the live performance floor with the pleasures and waiters who were ditched by Queen. This changes the ratio to 20,000 vs 7,000 (74:26).

But after the announcement, most likely, the tables will turn around making the fight 50:50 or even 30:70 in favor of the strawhats. This includes beast pirates who were fed by Horselina and those sniped by Ussop to eat the dango.

This is still not a fool proof strategy as the beast pirates may soon target and capture her. At the moment, only Ussop and Nami are guarding her although Kawamatsu and Izo are heading to the live floor area.

Beast Pirates and Smile Devil Fruit

Shinobu: Several years ago, Kaido and Orochi began a new venture. They began trading weapons built in this country and importing strange artificial fruits in return… SMILE
Shinobu: When one eats the fruit, it invites the sea’s hatred leavin gyou unable to swim but in exchange, the horrible fruit confers the ferocious power of a wild animal..
Shinobu: By doing this, Kaido was able to give his own followers monstrous strength in an attempt to create the mightiest crew in existence.
Shinobu: But everything that sounds too good to be true contains hidden risks. The success rate of this artificial strengthening effect is only 10%. If 10 people eat the fruit, only one of them will actually gain its power. The other nine lose out and receive only the downsides.
Shinobu: Not only are they unable to swim, the side effect of the imperfect chemical mixture wipes out the ability to express sorrow or anger, meaning that the only thing they can do anymore is LAUGH.
Shinobu: The basic fighters of Kaido’s animal Kingdom Pirates are separated into three different categories. Those who haven’t eaten a fruit yet and are still expecting their chance to gain animal powers are the WAITERS. The unlucky one in ten category of those who successfully gained animal strength are the GIFTERS. And those unlucky fighters who ate the fruit and were left with nothing but eternal laughter are the pleasures

Onigashima Will Soon Arrive in the Flower Capital

Otoko and Hitetsu reminisced about Yasuie as they walked at the capital to celebrate the fire festival. The two looked up to the heavens and saw the bright Full Moon. As Onigashima arrives in the flower capital, this celebration will soon turn into despair and terror.

20 years ago, Toki prophesied that on a moonlit night, nine shadows will appear and Wano will soon know the brilliance of the dawn. Oden also tells his retainers that when Joy Boy returns, Wano must be prepared to welcome and work with THEM

Toki: You are the moon, unaware of the dawn. May your purpose be fulfilled. And cast 9 shadows on the night woven of 20 years, and you shall know the brilliance of the dawn.

Oden: Long Long ago… The ones responsible for closing this nation to the resto fo the worl were the Kozuki Clan!! And it was to protect Wano from a great External Power! Wano… No, the Entire world awaits a figure, and when that figure appears after an 800 year span, this country must be prepared to welcome and work with them

Kiku: This one has failed but if the fallen snow is melting, then surely the hour of dawn is close at hand

Oden’s RetainerStatus as of Chapter 1016
1. Ashura DojiTook blast from the fake Oden’s bomb
2. DenjiroMissing
3. InuarashiFighting vs Jack
4. IzoHeading to performance floor
5. Kanjuro KurozumiSliced by Kin’emon, unconfirmed if dead
6. KawamatsuHeading to performance floor
7. KikuSliced by Kanjuro, unconfirmed if dead
8. Kin’emonSliced by Kaido, unconfirmed if dead
9. NekomamushiHeading to performance floor
10. RaizoFighting vs Fukurukuju

Note: There is an ongoing theory that the red scabbards need to die and return as ghost but I don’t think that this is even helpful as that would only mean that the retainers are weak and they should be the strongest as they inherited Oden’s Will

Minks Sulong Transformation

Otoko and Hitetsu looking at the moon may signify that that the Minks will have a second round with their Sulong Transformation. The minks especially, Carrot and Wanda, originally lost because the clouds hid the moon nullifying their first transformation.

In Chapter 1008, Jack tells Inuarashi that he is no longer able to transform into his Sulong form because he can’t see the moon inside Onigashima. However, Onigashima has finally arrived in the flower capital and there is a possibility that everyone will be going outside to continue their fights.

Lastly, Nekomamushi is now targeting Perospero after learning that Pedro’s killer is also in Onigashima. However, it appears there is no apparent need for him to transform just to defeat Perospero as the latter doesn’t have the same combat ability as Katakuri.

Zeus Reborn as Fluff

In chapter 1013, I discussed the possibility that Zeus may be reborn as Hera ate him while Nami’s Clima Tact is inside her mouth. In this chapter, Zeus is reborn as “Wata” or “Cotton Fluff” turning Nami’s Sorcery Clima Tact into a FLAIL (metal ball with spikes connected to a rod).

But this time, Zeus soul fused with Nami’s baton allowing it shape shift. He can also revert back to his cloud form and use his old techniques with additional homing abilities to target the enemy. Zeus is now similar to Napoleon as the latter can change his form from a hat to a sword.

One thing to note is Zeus is technically still part of Big Mom’s soul so it may also appear that Big Mom is now helping the strawhats in the form of Zeus. Will Big Mom still be able to get back her soul which is now residing in Nami’s Clima Tact?

Also, remember that Big Mom also gave some souls to random items before she arrived in the performance floor? Nami still has Big Mom’s Vivre Card. Will she be able to use them too just like how she used them in Whole Cake Island? What was Big Mom’s purpose in giving them souls?

Nami Vs Ulti

Nami and Ussop arrived at the performance stage and saw Bao Huang making an announcement. However, despite taking a hit from Big Mom’s Maser Canon, Ulti still manages to survive and follow the two. I first discussed the need for Nami to have a power up in my Big Mom vs Nami vs Ulti Blog and how she may attain Zeus again. Although Ulti may seem to be down, it is possible that she may still return and get a proper fight with Nami.

One Piece ChapterAttacked byAttack Name
Chapter 983LuffyHeadbutt
Chapter 983YamatoThunder Bagua
Chapter 995UssopGreen Star Devil
Chapter 1004NamiThunder Lance Tempo
Chapter 1012NamiThunder Lance Tempo
Chapter 1013Big MomMaser Cannon
Chapter 1016NamiThunderbolt
Nami Vs Ulti

Tobiroppo Defeated

Bao Huang announced that two of the Tobiroppo or “Flying Six” members, Ulti and Page One have been defeated. Previously, X Drake has also joined the Strawhat alliance after Who’s Who and Queen found out that he was a traitor. Currently, only three members are left fighting.

Here’s the status of the ongoing fights in Onigashima

Page OneBig Momdefeated
UltiNami and Ussopdefeated
X DrakeQueenswitched alliance
Who’s WhoJimbeiongoing
Black MariaRobin and Brookongoing
Tobiroppo Defeated
All StarOpponentStatus
JackInuarashi/ NekomamushiRooftop – Jack loses
Tobiroppo Defeated

Oden is Waiting for Luffy (Joy Boy)

In the last panel of One Piece Chapter 1016, Yamato tells her father, Kaido, to get out of Wano but Kaido responds that Wano Kuni is “SPECIAL”. Kaido tells her that Yamato needs to become the Shogun as Momonosuke and Luffy are already “dead“. And finally, she tells him that she will hold him off until Luffy returns.

In my Luffy, Joy Boy and the Greatest war Blog, I discussed in detail that Oden is possibly waiting for Joy Boy (Luffy) and that all the hints points out that his return from the sea is the key and that Wano must be welcoming before his return.

Watch my Youtube video or read the full text here

You can also watch my 9 Shadows in Toki’s Prophecy video or read my blog here

Luffy is Joy Boy

Here are what we have gathered so far.

  1. Toki mentioned to Oden that she has been jumping several times from 800 years ago.
  2. As Oden Returns to Wano, he tells the Roger Pirates that Wano must open its ports before the day that Joyboy appears.
  3. Oden mentions that Wano or the entire world is waiting for the return of a certain figure.
  4. During Oden’s execution, He orders his retainers to open Wano before the figure returns.
  5. Luffy fell on the sea in chapter 1014. He needs to return to the battle and before that time happens, Wano must be prepared to welcome and work with THEM.
  6. The Poneglyph in the forest sea floor contained the apology of Joy Boy to the mermaid princess.
  7. King Neptune told Robin that Joy Boy was a figure from 800 years in the past and someone will come along to fulfill the promise.
  8. The seakings mentioned that their queen will be born in 10 years and the other supreme will be born on a distant land.
  9. Oden, Gol D Roger and Luffy can hear the seakings.
  10. Momonosuke was already alive when Roger and Oden heard the seakings talking about the other sovereign.
  11. Princess Shirahoshi is Poseidon and can control the seakings or Neptunians while Momonosuke can control Zunisha
  12. Neptunians told Shirahoshi that every few hundred years, a mermaid princess is born to become their sovereign.
  13. The seakings mentioned that they will have to bring Noah to them to repair it but it’s already a different time. They left Noah in the forest sea floor.
  14. Tom the shipwright was a fishman who built Gol D Roger’s ship.
  15. Tom’s apprentice Franky has the blue print to the ancient weapon Pluton. It is possible that the Noah is Pluton and that Franky will be the one to repair Noah.
  16. Whitebeard told Blackbeard that the person Roger was waiting for is not him and he did not inherit Roger’s will.

Source: Luffy, Joy Boy and the Greatest War in One Piece Blog

Kaido Vs Yamato

Kaido announced his New Onigashima Project in Chapter 985. He told the beast pirates that he will be moving Onigashima to the Flower Capital and make his daughter Yamato as Shogun. In Chapter 1016, Onigashima arrives in the flower capital and may soon descend near Fujiyama. Kaido transforms to his hybrid form to fight Yamato in the rooftop and tells her that she must become the Shogun of Wano.

Also notice that Kaido transformed to his HYBRID form immediately before fighting Yamato. He only changed to his hybrid form after tanking several attacks from the worst generation. Does that tell that Yamato may only be a tad weaker than Kaido’s hybrid form?

“Meanwhile, in much of Asia, the TIGER is seen as the greatest enemy of the DRAGON. The tiger was said to represent Yin energies, while the dragon represented Yang energies, thus they were constant foes – Enemies of the Dragon | Brian Lazarow

Does this tell us that Yamato is the Tiger in Asian Mythology? Now, why is Kaido pushing to make Yamato to become Shogun of Wano and Why is Wano special to him?

Here are my thoughts.

  1. Kaido and Kurozumi Higurashi were working together in Rock’s crew. They arrived at the same time
  2. Higurashi has prophesied that Kurozumi Orochi will become Shogun which eventually happened.
  3. What if Higurashi has also prophesied that Kaido’s daughter will become Shogun and Kaido is fulfilling it as it is essential to opening of Wano’s borders?
  4. Eventually, Yamato will hand over the Shogunate to the rightful heir Momonosuke.
  5. The opening of Wano’s borders is also necessary for the greatest war to push through

Now, there are only several things that needs to be straightened out.

  1. According to Whitebeard, the greatest war will happen once the One Piece is found.
  2. Oden tells the Roger Pirates Wano’s borders must be opened before Joy Boy returns and Wano must be welcoming to THEM. Is he referring to the Strawhat Grand Fleet’s arrival in Wano?

Final Thoughts

One Piece 1016 is one of the most interesting chapter to date as it sets up all the pieces together with the arrival of Onigashima in the flower capital just like how the CP-0 are looking at the battle in the form of Go

  1. It tells us how the story of Wano may become the means to an end and the flashy return of Joy Boy in Luffy.
  2. Now, there are more characters to possible come to Wano as the borders are opened including Blackbeard, Shanks, The World Government, The Revolutionaries and the remaining Worst Generation.
  3. The revelation of Green Bull and Vegapunks identity