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Big Mom vs Ulti vs Nami | Sanji carries Zoro | Momo Reads Oden’s Journal

One Piece 1012

One Piece 1012 entitled “Itch” continues after Big Mom punched Page One. Ulti is in rage and a three-way battle between Ulti, Nami and Big Mom is imminent. Meanwhile, The remaining scabbards disperse to help Momo and the others while Sanji is now carrying Zoro after Law left him to his care.


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

One Piece Chapter 1012 Summary

One Piece chapter 1012 starts off at the third floor with five of the scabbards heading to save Momonosuke. Izo asked Kiku about her severed arm with the latter replying the feeling of losing her arm was less compared when Izo left. Then out of the blue, Kawamatsu asked what will happen once Wano is able to open its borders.

As the Scabbards moved forward, they met Shishilian and Bariete who informed Neko about Pedro’s killer in the island. Kin’emon and Kiku proceeded to save Momonosuke and stop Kanjuro. Kawamatsu and Izo proceeded to the live floor and Nekomamushi jumped ahead to deal with Perospero.

Meanwhile, Kin’emon was able to get in contact with Shinobu so Yamato decided to make a dummy of Momonosuke to play the bait against the Marys. Yamato then asked how was Luffy doing in the rooftop. Momo replied that he can only hear two voices and the battle has turned to a 1v1 fight. After Yamato left, Momo started reading his father’s journal.

Sanji was also on his way to Momonosuke when Law and Zoro appeared above him. He asked Zeus why he was not with Nami but the cloud hurried towards Big Mom. Seeing the sorry state of Zoro, he asked Law what happened but the latter refused to talk about Luffy. He then ordered Sanji to put splinters on Zoro and tend to his wound and then left.

He carried Zoro like a cross and some beast pirates saw and attacked them. They ran across Kawamatsu and Izo who told them that Kin’emon was already on his way to Momo and then Zoro woke to tell they need to head to the Live Floor.

Cut scene to Big Mom who was still raging about Page One after they burned Okobore. Ulti saw Big Mom punching her Paypay to the ground. Nami saw the chance to team up with Big Mom but the latter said she will take care of the Strawhats later. She went on instead to side with Ulti but the latter reacted the same way.

Komachiyo tried to run as fast as he could but Ulti ricocheted in the room to hit and stop the dog. Otama cried after what happened to her best friend but Ulti slapped her in the face to stop her from crying. Big Mom and Nami was enraged at the sight of Ulti hiting a child and with Nami attacking Ulti with her lightining for the second time.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1012 Discussion

One Piece Manga Chapter 1012 introduces several plot points for discussion including the brotherhood of Izo and Kiku; the fate of the scabbards and the opening of Wano’s borders; Momonosuke reading Oden’s journal; Sanji carrying Zoro and the battle between Big Mom, Ulti and Nami.

Will Otama still be able to reach the Live Floor now that Komachiyo can no longer run to carry them?

Who among the Red Scabbards will die?

The whole theme of the Wano arc premises around opening Wano’s borders. However, there have been several times when the red scabbards asked to die. In chapter 1000, the scabbards lost to Kaido but somehow survived and was later on cured by the silhouette in 1008.

The question now is, are they really eager to offer their life to the cause? And who amongst the scabbards will die at the end of the story. So far, only Ashura Doji has been decommissioned after he jumped and took the blast to save the others from the fake Oden. But just like Pedro’s death, both corpses has not been shown.

976Kin’emonPerhaps I will die in the battle ahead. It feels like I have used up an entire lifetime’s worth of good luck
976KikuThat’s right master Kin!! We won’t let you die alone
976Ashura DojiWe Mighta been born and raised apart but we’ll die together
978Kin’emonWe sink them before we go!! On this mission, we need no return ships
986Kin’emonSo this is where you’ve chosen to make your last stand?
986IzoI’ve missed too many chances for a glorious and meaningful death
991AllJust let us die!!! As Lord Oden’s Samurai!!
1008KanjuroBut I will die having pierced the very heart of the Kozuki Clan
1012IzoWe can discuss the minutiae if we survive until the morning,
1012KawamatsuKa-Pa-Pa! That’s a big if!

Nekomamushi vs Perospero

Shishilian informed Neko that Carrot and Wanda were chasing after the person responsible for Pedro’s death in Whole Cake Island. Apparently, Shishilian doesn’t know who it was but there’s only one other Big Mom pirate on the Island and Perospero was last seen defeating Carrot and Wanda. How will Nekomamushi react when he finds out his friends were defeated by Perospero?

One must take in consideration the circle of vengeance that may happen if Neko will kill or defeat Perospero. As Perospero explained, it was not him who killed Pedro but it was his willingness to sacrifice himself to allow the strawhats to escape and proceed to Wano.

In whole cake island, Pedro sacrificed himself so that the Strawhats and Carrot can escape and go to Wano. Then, as soon as Carrot and Wanda saw Perospero in Wano, they attacked him telling him he killed Pedro. Perospero explained that if it weren’t for them trespassing, he wouldn’t have died

The Altar where Yamato Left Momonosuke

Notice also the place where Yamato left Momonosuke. It has an altar similar to a Kamidana which are miniature household altars provided to enshrine a Shinto kami (wiki). Why was there an altar in the attic and who was that for?

Momonosuke reads Oden’s Journal

Oden’s journal was written by Kozuki Oden after he left Flower Capital to document his escapades. It starts from formation of the Red Scabbards, the development of Kuri region, his escape from Wano and adventures with the Whitebeard and Gold Roger Pirates until they reached Laugh Tale and eventually his return to Wano.

After the Momonosuke, Kin’emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, O’kiku and were sent to the future, the journal found its way to Yamato who kept the diary and made it her bible. It eventually gave some hints about the new generation who will eventually find their way to the new world and end up in Wano. It also has the details about the D Clan and the ancient weapons.

When Yamato saved Luffy, he mentioned to him about Oden’s journal and how he was waiting for Luffy’s arrival after meeting Ace. In Chapter 999, Yamato detailed some of the contents of Oden’s Journal to Momonosuke and later on gave him the journal.

What will Momonosuke read and will it give a clue about him being an ancient weapon? For several chapters, we have been hinted at Momo’s power to hear voices. It appears that he has not unlocked observation haki yet as they jumped in time when he was 8 years old.

The power to hear the voice of all things have only been seen with the D clan (Gol D Roger) and Kozuki clan (Momonosuke and Oden) but only Momonosuke has the power to control and talk to Zunisha.

Ulti Vs Nami

Ulti and Nami’s first encounter was on Chapter 991 with Ussop using his Skull Blast Grass to attack Page One. Ulti angrily asked who attacked her Paypay but Ussop hid behind Nami and shouted “I’m Nami” instead.

Four chapters later in 995 entitled Kunoichi’s oath, Ussop finally trapped Ulti using his Green Star Devil but Page One chomped on the stalk and freed Ulti. In her rage, she headbutt Usopp and part of his skull broke while Nami lied on the floor holding her sorcery clima tact.

Ulti grabbed and ordered Nami to say Luffy will never become “King of Pirates”. Despite being scared to the bones, Nami still found the courage to say that Luffy will never stop until he becomes king of the Pirates. Then Otama arrived riding Komachiyo and the dog bit Ulti finally freeing Nami.

Nami and Ussop was able to escape thanks to Otama and Komachiyo. They continued running and feeding the smile users with Otama’s kibi Dango and converting Kaido’s crew to their ally. In Chapter 1004, Ulti finally caught up with them but this time, Nami had to stop her and finally attacked with Thunder Lance Tempo. Nami knew the attack is not enough to stop her and that she needs a stronger “Lightning”

Big Mom vs Nami

Big Mom and Nami’s encounter goes all the way back to Whole cake island after she and Luffy were caught in Big Mom’s castle. There have been several instances where Nami fought Big Mom until she was finally able to acquire Zeus by seducing her to eating her weather ball. They were able to escape whole cake island thanks to Zeus attacking Big Mom unintentionally.

Nami tells Big Mom that Lola was Alive

In One Piece episode 813, while Luffy and Nami were locked in Montdor’s prison book, they spoke to Big Mom. Lola wanted Nami to tell Big Mom that she is doing fine and she gave the Vivre card thinking Big Mom will help them.

Zeus Follows Nami

After Whole Cake Chateau fell, Big Mom went after the strawhats while riding Zeus. As she was about to attack using Ikoku Sovereignty, Nami fed Zeus black balls causing Big Mom to lose balance and fall. Zeus followed Nami to eat more thunder and become her servant

Zeus attacks Big Mom

As the strawhats pirates continued their escape, Nami continued feeding Zeus thunder clouds which caused him to grow larger. Nami took this chance to attack Big Mom using Zeus Breeze Tempo. He was then tossed down eventually hitting Big Mom

Zeus Becomes Nami’s Servant

Big Mom Finally caught up with the strawhats. As she attacked again, Brook cut Zeus causing Big Mom to lose balance and then Nami attacks using positive charge electrifying Big Mom causing her to fall while Prometheus catches her.

In Chapter 988, Big Mom recovered Zeus after they met again inside Onigashima. Nami asked Zeus to choose between her and Big Mom but the latter tells her she can’t disobey Mama and broke Nami’s heart. As Big Mom was about to attack Nami using Zeus, Brook arrived with Franky and cutting Zeus again.

To separate Big Mom from Kaido, the supernovas locked Zeus in a metal Box and tossed a boulder to Big Mom and knock her off the rooftop. Prometheus flew to save Big Mom and Big Mom decided to replace Zeus with Hera.

Now, the question is who will become Nami’s lightning? Will it be Zeus or Hera? In Greek Mythology, Zeus and Hera were siblings but were also married to each other. Would Hera fall in love with Zeus in One Piece and follow Nami too?

Sanji carries Zoro

Zoro’s fight with Kaido has been one of the toughest one yet since the timeskip sustaining him multiple broken bones. As Law teleported Zoro and Zeus with him, they eventually landed where Sanji was. Law detailed what happened before leaving for Big Mom and Sanji went on to carry Zoro towards the Live Floor bandaged like a cross.

Despite the bickering between the Zoro and Sanji, the two always find themselves helping each other in time of need.

Zoro and Sanji in Long Ring Long Land

Zoro and Sanji bickering almost caused them to lose the Pirate Dodgeball game with the referee making unfair calls against the strawhats. They were finally able to work together to shoot the ball from the giant’s head to the ring

Sanji saves Sogeking in Enies Lobby

In Enies Lobby, Ussop proved to be no match against Jabra. Zorro was busy dealing with Kaku and couldn’t find the chance to save Sogeking. Finally, Sanji arrives and saves Ussop giving Zorro a sigh of relief

Zoro and Sanji vs Kuma

The defeat of Moria was not the end of the battle of the strawhats when Kuma arrived to capture Luffy. Sanji stood in front of Kuma and offered his life instead of Zoro though he was already shivering from exhaustion.

Sanji learns about Zoro’s Sacrifice

Despite Sanji offering his life for Zoro, the latter still chose to face Kuma and sacrifice himself by taking all of Luffy’s pain. Upon learning this, Sanji requested the two not to tell the others what happened as respect to Zoro

Zoro and Sanji Saves Otoko

Orochi raged after seeing Otoko which was the cause for Komurasaki’s death. He pointed his gun towards the helpless child rearing for her dead father. As Orochi pulled the trigger, Zoro and Sanji arrives to save Otoko

Ulti vs Big Mom

The interesting thing about the match up between Ulti and Big Mom is that Ulti mostly uses physical attack while Big Mom has one of the toughest armament. Power scaling wise, Ulti will not stand a chance against Big Mom and her homies.

One Piece 1012 Review

One Piece 1012 is an insightful setup chapter mixing comedy (Sanji carrying Zoro), suspense (Momo reads Oden’s journal) and action (the looming battle of Ulti, Nami and Big Mom). Nami may soon get a power up either by Zeus or Hera and Momonosuke could unlock his true potential after reading his father’s journal. Will also Kiku find the courage to kill Kanjuro and Nekomamushi avenge Pedro’s death?

One last thing to note is Law’s attitude towards Luffy eversince the battle in the rooftop. When Sanji asked what happened, Law replied I don’t want to talk about HIM. Is this the start of the falling off the alliance and Oda hinting at a possible betrayal?