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Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden is the Daimyo of Kuri and heir to the Wano Kuni shogunate. He traveled with Whitebeard and Gol D Roger to explore the world and eventually reaching the final island Laugh Tale. Upon his return to Wano, he fought with Kaido and Orochi who stole the shogunate. His defeat caused him his life by boiling like an Oden but his will lived on through his retainers and his children.

Read more on the narration of Kozuki Oden’s life based on the One Piece Manga.


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Life of Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden is a prominent figure in Wano Kuni and the Daimyo of Kuri. He was the heir of the Kozuki Sukiyaki but the shogunate was stolen by Kurozumi Orochi after plotting the demise of the shogun. He escaped Wano by tugging along Whitebeard’s ship. He eventually met his wife Toki Amatsuki and had 2 children – Momonosuke and Hiyori. They then accompanied Gol D Roger to Laugh Tale until they discovered the true history of the world and learning about Joy Boy and the D clan.

On his return to Wano, he found out about the treachery of Orochi and attacked him but failed to regain the throne and eventually fought Kaido. In his attempt to rescue those that were abducted by Orochi as an offering to Kaido, he agreed to the Orochi’s proposal and danced for 5 years and was called “Fool of a Lord.”

However, Orochi took back his word to leave Wano after 5 years causing the battle between the Beast Pirates and Oden with the Akazaya Nine. His defeat has caused him his life by being boiled and the event was called the “Hour of Legend”. Before his death, he ordered Toki and his retainers to open Wano’s borders before the “Return of Joy Boy”

Here is the narration of Kozuki Oden’s life as seen in the One Piece Manga.

Lush Deep Forests as far as the eye can see where flowers and plants grow from the pure coursing river water leading to the crystal blue sea. This is a story of Wano from the time when life was still abundant

Well it seems that Lord Oden has no talent for sailing. He has attempted to break our laws and sail to sea 38 times. To quickly sum up his life thus far…

  • Before the age of one, he threw his wet nurse to the ground
  • At age two, he was quick enough to catch two hares at once
  • At age four, he obliterated a bear by hurling a boulder at it
  • By age six, he was regularly visiting the pleasure halls and spending the Palace’s money
  • At age of eight, in a drunken rage, he enraged in a brawl with other gamblers
  • And by nine, he was on the Yakuza blacklist forbidden from entering the gambling den.
  • In revenge, he set fire to the den and waged war on the Yakuza!!!
  • He was arrested for assault and this was at just ten years of age. For rehabilitatioin as a prisoner, he was sent to the quarry where his talent blossomed. In fact he rose to the rank of chief stonemason. From there, he left prison and reformed his ways
  • When Lord Oden was 14, the capital was in a terrible drought! Unable to bear the sight of people suffering from dried out wells, he curved the river itseld to run through the capital. The resulting flood damages led to another warrant for his arrest. But Lord Oden attempted to ride that river directly out of the country! At which he also failed.
  • Then, when he was 15, he threatened the priest of a secluded mountain temple into sheltering him. He would abduct women from the capital late at night to take back to his own personal harem! Its like something a goblin would do. However, the women were always free to leave if they wanted to.
  • This however provoked the ire of the men in those women’s lives. Fathers, husbands, hardy samurai who joined their cause. Lord Oden gleefully met them in battle!! This is widely known as the HAREM WAR!
  • Even the Hyogoro family was drawn into the fighting when he attempted to restore peace.
  • The total number of casualties caused by Lord Oden Single handedly was over… (Chapter 960)

Mountain God Incident

In his younger years, Kin’emon caused a ruckus in the flower capital when he abducted the child of the mountain god in an attempt to bail himself out from all of his debts. He was chased by the yakuzas and met Oden on his way to the Kurokama family. The mother of the boar attacked the capital in search for it’s child, eventually destroying most of the town and eating Tsuru. Luckily, Kozuki Oden was able to fend off the boar by slicing it’s stomach and saving the capital. This incident was eventually called the “Mountain God Incident”

They said that the people and buildings were swallowed by the beast made up a full sized town on their own. The capital lost an entire or quarter of it’s size but there were miraculously no fatalities. The Mountain God Incident happened when Oden was just 18 years old (Chapter 961)

They say that the one hesitant step of all the men who wished they could go with Oden caused the capital itself to tilt ever so slightly (Chapter 961)

Kozuki Oden’s party then left Hakumai and headed for Kuri causing trouble all over Wano as they traveled. What follows is a series of excerpts from Oden’s travel notes (Chapter 962)

Oden rounded up the lawless ruffians of Kuri and with his considerable strength, he turned that hellish wasteland into a place worthy of being called home. In recognition of the remarkable feat, Shogun Sukiyaki retracted his disownment of Oden and gave his son the title Daimyo of Kuri. (Chapter 962)

Six years after that, a full 33 years before the present day, steadily expanding their claims and infamy, the remnants of the legendary former Rocks Pirates began to gather new comrades. (Chapter 962)

The heroic sight of these bold warriors proud and tall was stunning enough to make the crown forget to breathe. It was said that the wieght of their arrival upon the gathering watchers was so great that it cause the capital itself to sink just a little bit. (Chapter 963)

Oden visited the capital hearing his father was ill but seeing Sukiyaki invigorated was a relief. However, this would be the last day they ever exchanged words. (Chapter 963)

Read Oden’s Journal here

Oden's Journal
Oden’s Journal

Oden’s Return to Wano

As the crowds looked up at the castle, cheering the return of the Kozuki clan, poisoned arrows struck here and there as though from nowhere, two people collapsed spitting up blood, they both fell blind. As the townspeople fled indoors in a state of panic, they witnessed and the clouds rolling in, the sight of an enormous dragon floating over the capital. (Chapter 969)

He grew from wild child to Daimyo of Kuri, then went to sea and traveled among the world’s greatest pirates returning many times stronger than when he’d left. Kozuki Oden returned invincible and triumphant. In him, people saw a savior who would rescue them from a cruel tyrant. (Chapter 969)

But within just a few hours, Kozuki Oden was seen stripped to his loin cloth outside of Shogun Orochi’s palace and dancing like a fool. Orochi and Kaido’s underlings laughed and laughed. He danced and begged for spare change and finally walked away. (Chapter 969)

The return of Kozuki Oden, the rightful heir of Wano had been the country’s final hope in a manner of speaking. But the people’s hopes were betrayed and their great disappointment eventually turned into anger.

Oden appeared in the capital once a week to caper about in front of the castle for scraps. Whether rainy or windy or snowy. Tales of his antics in the capital reached Kuri too.

After a year of this, which was 24 years before today, Oden received a newspaper from abroad, courtesy of Shogun Orochi. He ran up and down the beach, wailing then laughing, then wailing again.

The world was buzzing over the public execution of the king of the pirates, Gold Roger and the allure of the vast fortune he’d left behind, the ONE PIECE, sent all kinds of people out to sea on a treasure. It was the start of the great age of piracy

In the second year since Oden’s return, a battle broke out in Ringo, the Gecko pirates vs Animal Kingdon Pirates. The grave of Ryuma, god of the blade, was ransacked at this time. All throughout, oden danced and all who associated with Kuri’s foolish lord were painted with the same brush.

There was the family of the laughing stock, the vassals, and those few to whom he owed a personal debt.

Three years passed, Four years passed and nothing in Wano changed. In the fifth year, Orochi made his move on Kuri. The man who controlled the underworld from the flower capital, Hyogoro the flower, was taken prisoner. When his followeres fought back, a total of 16 died plus Hyogoro’s wife.

As his family and vassals had largely assumed the great samurai had been shouldering some terrible burden all alone for five long years and this was the last straw of his perseverance.

Great big tears spilled from his eyes as the emotion he’d held back came flooding out all at once. Now, gather round and you shall bear witness to the once in a lifetime uproar caused by Kozuki Oden, the man for whom all of Wano wept!!!

With him, stood nine men, made samurai through his patronage. The hour was sunset, the sun crimson red. Their foe was Kaido – they paid heed to no other. The story of their march is a thing of the past. Sadly, it ends in the public execution of Kozuki Oden.

It shone like flames upon these men heading into battle and the katanas they wore at their waists burned just as brightly with life. Afterward, in reference to these red scabbards, and in the honor of their strength and loyalty, people called them the Akazaya Nine.

And now, dear audience, let not your eyelids blink, lest you miss a single moment of what shall be known as the Hour of Legends. (Chapter 963)

Oden’s Execution

The crowd instantly understood the threat a madman bent on revenge posed to them. They realized that the man undergoing the extended execution they’d been watching was in fact the one shining hope for Wano. The people suddenly noticed they were surrounded by Kaido and Orochi’s men, bristling with weapons. (Chapter 972)

The reason for Oden’s five year stretch of odd behavior spread throughout the crowd like wildfire. It spurred the people into motion. They shot the urgent news of Wano across great distances to send messages. (Chapter 972)

The boiling oil in the pot passed 700 hundred degress and continued to rise. By this point, it was a hell where event the heat haze was lethal. The boiling oil burned Oden’s skin! But Oden did not die. (Chapter 972)

And so ended one legend to be carried on by the players of the next stage.

Note: this is a compilation and I do not own any of these materials and only serve as reference. You can read the full version in Viz Shonen Jump website