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9 Shadows in Toki’s Prophecy | One Piece Theory

In this article, I will try to find out about the 9 shadows in Toki’s Prophecy based from clues in the Manga. Is Lady Toki referring to the 9 red scabbards, the strawhats or the new generation?


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1000

Let’s start this on One Piece Chapter 1000 with five of the worst Generation – Luffy, Law, Kid, Killer and Zoro standing on top of the skull dome in Onigashima with Big Mom and Kaido. Hear me out as I make a pretext on who I think the 9 shadows are and how they will eventually form to bring out the Dawn and open Wano’s borders.

9 Shadows in Toki's Prophecy
9 Shadows in Toki’s Prophecy

Toki’s Prophecy

We first learn of Toki’s Prophecy through Kyoshiro in his manor in One Piece Chapter 919.

“You are the moon, unaware of the dawn. May your purpose be fulfilled. And cast 9 shadows on the night woven of 20 years, and you shall know the brilliance of the dawn.”

Kozuki Toki, née Amatsuki

Then on the same chapter and the one that followed, we get introduced with the grave of the 9 red scabbards. So immediately, one will infer that the 9 shadows are the 9 red scabbards.

In chapter 932, in the banquet held by Orochi, we hear about the prohecy again.

The 9 Red Scabbards / Akazaya Nine

We were slowly introduced to the 9 red scabbards or the Akazaya nine namely – Kin’emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and O’kiku. The remaining three scabbards namely Denjiro, Kawamatsu, and Ashura Doji were introduced later in the story.

We first meet Ashura Doji who is now known as Shutenmaru of the Mt. Atama thieves. In Chapter 922, we see Kaido remembering Ashura Doji in Oden’s execution.

Two chapters later, we meet Kawamatsu in Udon Prison which is currently being guarded by Kaido’s beast pirates after Luffy got defeated. They were specifically told not to feed him anything with fish bones. This means that Kaido is already aware of the existence of two scabbards.

In Zou, Jack fought Inuarashi and Nekomamushi and was trying to find a Samurai from Wano named Raizo. We don’t know when Jack joined the beast pirates but certainly, he is not familiar with the 9 red scabbards.

Kaido knows the Nine Red Scabbards all too well on Oden’s flashback as he saw them being carried by Oden for one hour.

Oden’s Retainers

But things get complicated from here on. When we started Oden’s flashback, we learned that there were actually 10 retainers and that include’s Kiku’s brother Izo. Kaido is not aware of Izo as he did not meet him during Oden’s execution.

And shinobu wanted to join them during the fight with Kaido in Oden’s Flashback

Before the raid in Onigashima, there were only 7 samurais in the port namely Kin’emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Inuarashi, Kawamatsu and Kiku. Then as soon as they embark on the boat, Kanjuro introduced himself as Kanjuro Kurozumi, the traitor.

Denjiro, Nekomamushi and Izo finally appeared during the raid in Onigashima.

And then finally in chapter 987, Oda hyped up everyone by introducing the final 9 red scabbards with Kaido on a moonlit night on top of the skull dome.

Thirteen chapters later in chapter 1000, they all fell. What a shame.

But is this really what Oda has planned from the beginning? I think not. The scabbards just like the grave markers are simply placeholders for the real nine shadows to come. And we will come back to this panel with the new generations fighting two yonkos.

The Strawhat Pirates

At first glance, it is easy to assume that the shadows of the prophecy may also pertain to the strawhat pirates. Prior to Jimbei joining, there were only nine strawhat pirates. They are Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Ussop, Nami, Chopper, Robin, Brook and Franky. However, this proved to be impossible as soon as Jimbei joined the raid in Onigashima and announcing himself as the 10th strawhat.

Also Oda has not given any clues that he was pertaining to the Strawhat pirates that will bring the dawn to Wano.

The Eleven Supernovas

Chapter 498 entitled Eleven Supernova gave us the first introduction of the rookie pirates who were in Sabaody Archipelago at the same time. The eleven were Luffy, oro, Eustass Kid, Traflgar Law, Jewelry Bonney, Capone Bege, Killer, Urouge, Basil Hawkins and Scratchman Apoo.

Throughout Luffy’s Journey in the New World, we were always updated by Oda on the whereabouts of the supernovas.

In Oden’s flashback, Oden and Toki discussed several times about people from the new world that will stir up and will cause massive war

Here, Oden tells that the primary figures of this great war will muscle their way to the new world and they are the ones who can strike down Kaido. Oden did not tell Toki that the 9 red scabbards will be the one to strike down Kaido.

Then in chapter 999, Yamato and Ace discussed the figures in the new world.

Note how Oda specifically involves two names here Cavendish and Gang Bege. Cavendish is now part of the Grand Fleet while Bege is a supernova.

After the events of Dressrosa and Whole Cake Island, Six of the supernovas,X Drake, Apoo, Hawkins, Kid, Killer and Law, found their way in Wano Kuni. Is this coincidence just like it happened in Sabaody archipelago?

At this time, we have eight supernovas in Wano if we add Luffy and Zoro. Who is the last one?

Vivre Card

In One Piece Chapter 1000, Oda reintroduced us once again to the Vivre Card. Of all the chapters to introduce the Vivre card, why does it have to be in Chapter 1000? We were also introduced again to the 5 supernovas about to fight Big Mom and Kaido.

Then in Thriller bark, Lola explained the importance of the Vivre card which is also known as the Life Card. Lola gave a piece of the paper to Nami so they can meet her mom to get help in the new world.

In whole cake island, Nami met Lola’s twin sister Chiffon. Chiffon helped the strawhats escape by baking the cake with Pudding and Sanji to pay back the Strawhats for helping Lola.

Gang Bege “Oh My Family”

Gang Bege’s “Oh My Family” is probably one of the longest cover stories in One piece. The cover story ran for 37 chapters. The story include’s Bege’s adventures after they left Whole Cake Island and Chiffon, Pound, and Lola reuniting until Lola got married with Goti.

The 9 Shadows in Toki’s Prophecy

Now to recap. Toki’s prophecy says that there will be nine shadows who will brace their way to the new world and will be the ones to bring down Kaido. We have eight supernovas in Wano. Five on top of Onigashima, Apoo already lost the antidote for the virus and X drake already joined the alliance of Luffy. All that is left is Basil Hawkins to defect from Kaido. In Yamato’s Flashback with Ace, Ace specifically mentioned four names, three of which are now in Wano including his brother, Luffy. Therefore, the 9th shadow could be


Now the question is how will Bege return to the story? Remember Basil Hawkins making a prediction on the chances of a certain man surviving until tomorrow?

What if I tell you that there is a possibility why Oda made the 37 chapters long cover story was to prepare Chiffon and Bege to meet Lola who has Big Mom’s vivre card. And what if there are signs of Big Mom losing tonight thru the vivre card? This will prompt Lola and Chiffon to go to Wano Kuni following the Vivre Card bringing Bege with them.

Do you also remember Katakuri’s last words to Luffy after he accepted defeat? He asked Luffy if he will be back someday to topple Big Mom to which Luffy says he will!!!

Therefore, the Nine Shadows will be complete.

Regarding Jewelry Boney and Urouge as supernovas, Oda has not made any hints yet about them appearing in Wano and what significance they will play but it may be for a later arc.

I hope you enjoyed my theory. Let’s look forward into the future and see if we can guess correctly the 9 shadows of Toki’s Prophecy.

All screenshots on this blog are from the official VIZ website. All the ideas I used are mine based on reading the one piece chapters on a weekly basis.