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What is Luffy’s Dream? | Im’s Shocking Power Revealed | One Piece 1060 Summary and Analysis

One Piece 1060

In One Piece Chapter 1060 entitled “Luffy’s Dream”, the Strawhats hears of Luffy’s dream for the first time and reacts in a very comical manner. What is Luffy’s Dream? Let us try to find out what could be Luffy’s Dream and if his dreams are that of Joyboy’s or Gol D Roger.


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

One Piece 1060 Summary

In Chapter 1060, Luffy learns about the news that Sabo killed King Cobra. He tells the Strawhats that he doesn’t believe that Sabo could do it and Robin agrees that the revolutionaries is after the Celestial Dragons but not the regular kings. He suggests that they need to find Vivi immediately who is currently missing after the Reverie. Zorro stops Luffy and saying that the princess was last seen in Mary Geoise and there is no sense in going back to Alabasta.

But keep in mind that King Cobra is a descendant of one of the 20 kingdoms who formed the World Government and rebelled against the Ancient Kingdom causing its demise.

Recall in chapter 908 that Imu was holding a Portrait of Vivi while the photos of Luffy, Blackbeard and Shirahoshi were cut lying on the ground. Could it mean that Im is already expecting the return of Joyboy and Poseidon? The existence of Pluton was also found in the Poneglyph in Alabasta and King Cobra was a descendant of the kings that stayed on the ground and not in Mary Geoise.

Vivi’s Adventures

As the strawhats were very anxious about the status of Vivi, Zoro compares Vivi with Ace and asked Luffy to Trust Vivi unless she specifically asks for help. This is a throwback in Chapter 216 entitled “Vivi’s Adventures” where Vivi wanted to find out who was behind the Rebellion.

Who was behind the overthrow of the kingdom? It could be possible that the revolutionaries may have had a hand on this which is similar to what happened in Lulucia Kingdom. In Ace Cover Story chapter 273, he was also introduced in the kingdom of Lulusia. And Finally, In chapter 904, the revolutionary generals were introduced. Coincidence how Zoro connects Ace with Vivi’s Adventures or is Oda playing us a gag?

Caribou as Nakama?

Is Luffy’s Dream Joyboy’s Dream

One thing to note is that the will of D is passed down for several generations. And now we know that Luffy is Joyboy, does that mean that he also inherited his will of D? And is Joyboy’s dream the same as his promise to the mermaid princess?

Luffy and Gol D Roger’s Dream

Is Luffy’s dream the same as Gol D roger’s dream? In Chapter 506, Shanks Tells Rayleigh he met a kid saying the same thing as Roger. Do you think that Roger’s dream was fulfilled while he was alive even though he reached Laugh Tale and become King of the Pirates? It appears that Gold Roger’s dream is not yet fulfilled as Shanks and Rayleigh is still holding on to the dream of their captain.

What is Luffy’s Dream?

Luffy’s dream remains a mystery but Chapter 1060 gives us a hint that this is only possible if he becomes King of the Pirates. Certainly, Luffy’s dream is not reaching Laugh Tale and getting the treasure left by God D Roger. It is only a means to getting his dream to come true. It appears that Luffy’s dream is to have everyone join his crew willingly and free everyone. These are the things we know so far about Luffy’s dream

  1. In Chapter 1: Luffy specifically tells Shanks that he will have a better crew thank Shanks
  2. in Chapter 585: Luffy invites Sabo and Ace to be part of his crew
  3. In Chapter 800: Luffy declined to become boss of the Grand Fleet and order everyone around. Instead, everyone still joined his crew willingly.
  4. In Chapter 1049, Kaido asked Luffy what kind of world he can create? He said he will create a world where everyone can eat as much as they can.
  5. In Chapter 1060: Jimbei tells luffy he joined the crew willingly.
  6. And finally, this was further emphasized in Chapter 1059 when Marco reminded Jimbei that they all jumped into action for Luffy and mentioned by Mihawk in Chapter 561

Im’s Power Revealed

Im has an insane Observation Haki. Even though he/she/it is far from the Gorosei asking the marines to cutoff the conversation of Sabo with the Revolutionaries to reveal the existence of the one who sits on the Empty Throne.

Lulucia Kingdom Destroyed

Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney will be significant in connecting the Strawhats with the Revolutionary army. Aparently, Kuma was saved from the Celestial Dragons and he is now with the Revolutionaries. Dragon commands Kuma to show them what happened. This means that Vegapunk did not erase his memories with regard to the revolutionaries.

For one, Jewelry Bonney was named as Queen Dowager and Kuma was the former king of Sorbet Kingdom before he became a shichibukai.

You can watch here my theory about the Revolutionaries and Vegapunk below

Strawhat’s Next Island

Vegapunk’s Country where Franky was thrown by Kuma was a winter island. It is possible that Vegapunk’s laboratory may be near by.