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Captain Koby is Missing | The Seraphims vs Blackbeard vs Boa Hancock | Shakky’s History | One Piece 1059 Review and Discussion


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

One Piece 1059 Discussion

Coby tries to capture Hancock

In One piece Chapter 1059, Vice Admiral Yamakaji together with Captain Koby charged towards Amazon Lily to capture the former Shichibukai, Boa Hancock. It is unclear if Koby is strong enough to capture Boa Hancock given that he doesn’t have a devil fruit ability and only rely in possibly Armament and Observation Haki. However, they had a secret weapon, the Seraphims.

In Chapter 905, Fujitora spoke with Greenbull about his wishes to abolish the seven warlords with the help of Dr Vegapunk. And in chapter 957, it was finally announced that the world leaders voted to abolish the Shichibukai and Fujitora told Akainu to let the SSG do its job to replace the warlords.

Koby’s Rank

Koby was a Chief Petty Officer when he met Luffy in Marineford and was promoted to Captain after the Rocky Port incident. He was also introduced as a Rear Admiral Member of “Sword” during the Wano arc (ch 956).

The Rocky Port Incident

In chapter 700 / episode 629, Brannew mentioned that Trafalgar Law was the mastermind of the Rocky Port Incident and gained his title as one of the 7 warlords by delivering hundreds of hearts to the world government. And in chapter 903, it was implied that Koby was promted to captain and became the “Hero” who saved civilian lives. It is interesting how Blackbeard mentions ousting Ochocku or Wang Zhi to become the boss of Pirate Island.

For one, Rocky Port is not in Pirate Island as there were civilians involved but the incident certainly caused Wang Zhi or Ochoku to lose his title as Boss of Pirate Island. Was the incident a situation involving Davy Back Fight and the hundreds of hearts delivered by Law to the world government the hearts of the pirate crew of Wangzhi and Koby played a role in the game to save the civilians?

Blackbeard Bounty in Wano Arc

Before the battle in Onigashima, Blackbeard’s bounty was only ฿2,247,600,000 but it was raised to ฿3,996,000,000. Reverie ended a week before the raid in Onigashima after which the Warlord system was abolished and the captains and vice admirals were sent out to capture the Shichibukai. It is not clear if the higher bounty was given before or after the attack in Amazon Lily and what incident caused the increase in the bounty of Blackbeard.

The Lineage Factor and the Pacifistas

The Seraphims

The world government’s new weapon invented by Dr Vegapunk to replace the Shichibukai is called the Seraphims. The Seraphims have a head and “possibly” the abilities of the Warlord mixed with the body of King, the last Lunarian. Sandersonia mentioned that the one looked like Hancock when she was still a child. The other seraphim had a sword similar to Mihawk and slashes a mountain just like Mihawk.

One thing to note is that unlike Kuma’s Pacifistas which are basically robots, the Seraphims are more like Germa’s clone army. It can be recalled that Germa’s clone takes five years to fully mature but Vegapunk may have found a way to speed up the development of the clones. It can also be recalled that Momonosuke’s devil fruit was a successful replica of Kaido’s devil fruit which Vegapunk hid from the WG.

Rayleigh arrives in Amazon Lily

It is very peculiar how Rayleigh first arrived in Amazon Lily looking for Luffy after he was thrown off by Kuma from Sabaody. And now it all makes sense how he was able to find his way as it was revealed in this chapter that Shakki is a former pirate empress.

It can be recalled that Gloriosa mentioned that it is impossible to travel from Sabaody Island to Amazon Lily in just two days.

If the newspaper was published right after the Kings decided to abolish the Shichibukai, why would Shakky be concerned about going to Amazon Lily to protect the Kuja Pirates? What was her motivation and how did they travel that fast to Amazon Lily.

Former Pirate Empress Shakuyaku (Shakky)

Shakuyaku or Shakky was the former empress from two generations ago. Meanwhile, the third former empress Gloriosa mentioned that the two previous empress before Boa Hancock died of “Lovesickness”.

It is quite impossible that Gloriosa is unaware that Shakky is still alive given that Boa Hancock and her sisters owe their lives to Rayleigh, the husband of Shakky.

Based on Shakky’s story, she used to be a pirate 40 years ago. This was before the two years timeskip so it is technically 42 years from the current timeline. That means that the empress before Hancock ruled the Kuja Pirates for roughly 30+ years. Who was the empress before Hancock and could she still be alive to this date?

Meanwhile, there are some theories saying that Shakky used to be part of the Rock’s crew however, the God Valley incident happened 38 years from the current timeline.

Koby was kidnapped by Blackbeard

Rayleigh ordered Hancock to undo the petrification but why was Koby abducted by Blackbeard? It is possible that Blackbeard did not want to leave the island empty handed even though some of his commanders were petrified. Koby did not have anything to give up and he is also not strong enough to rival Blackbeard or the Kuja Pirates. His best offer would be to surrender himself in exchange of the navy soldiers lives.

But what use is Koby to Blackbeard? What information does he have that will be useful to Blackbeard to take him to custody?

Given that Koby is a member of the Sword and the whereabouts of Drake is unknown after Luffy won against Kaido, what will be the fate of Sword from here on?

Flashback: Boa Hancock in Mariejois