One Piece Manga Chapter 1000 Release date and Predictions

One Piece Chapter 1000

One Piece Manga Chapter 1000 is almost here and we now have a screen shot of the page as released on Twitter. One piece fans are rejoicing and ecstatic for months on end and has been scraping for a lot of clues on what the chapter will bring. Based on the newly released image, chapter 1000 will be released on Jan 4, 2021. We are only 3 chapters away from reaching the momentous event.

Spoiler Alert!!!

What do we know so far Chapter 999?

The photo shows us Luffy and Zoro on their beast army outfit made by Kinemon when they started to invade Onigashima. It also gives us a panel of Kaido, Orochi, Jack, Queen and King. Are these clues on what chapter 1000 may give us?

  • Kaido raised Onigashima and is heading to the flower capital.
  • Yamato explained that this is the power of the DRAGONS to create Flame Clouds.
  • Yamato is trying to escape with Momonosuke and Shinobu saying that Momo needs to live.
  • Apoo has been defeated by Zoro and he is now heading to the rooftop to fight Kaido.
  • Sanji was captured by Black Maria by pretending a girl is in need of help.
  • Luffy and Jinbei is now on the 3rd floor and takes a short cut to the 4th floor escaping from the gifters waiting for them.
  • Kid and Killer is ahead of Luffy and may probably already be heading to the 5th floor.
  • Law discovered a poneglyph but said that this is not what he was looking for to find out about the D clan.
  • Big Mom has reached the rooftop by flying through Zeus.
  • The Akazaya Nine has been defeated by Kaido and it looks like the other minks are down as well.
  • The people of Wano Kuni is celebrating the fire festival without any idea that the samurais are fighting in Onigashima.
  • Nami and Ussop are escaping with Otama while riding Komainu.
  • Orochi has been beheaded by Kaido and his body (and head) are nowhere to be found. Fukurukuju is also missing in action and may have taken Orochi away.
  • Perospero was last seen fighting Wanda and Carrot in their mink form.
  • Hiyori has been missing in action since the war started.
  • Tengu is also nowhere to be found.
  • Some numbers have not yet been introduced and we know they were failed experiments from Punk Hazard.
  • Vegapunk developed a smile devil fruit that Momo ate while he was in Punk Hazard.

Manga with more than 1000 chapters

Like any previous chapters ending in -00, Chapter 1000 is very significant for all the One Piece fans out there. Previous Shonen titles like Dragon Ball, Naruto and Bleach have not reached this milestone. Here are some of the well known manga breaching the 1000th mark.

  1. Baki the Grappler
  2. Hajime no Ippo
  3. Detective Conan (Case Closed)
  4. Doraemon
  5. Crayon Shin Chan

One Piece Chapter 1000 predictions

Here are some YouTube videos with predictions

Here are my thoughts

  1. Hiyori might be reintroduced in the story and she could be waiting in the flower capital. We all know that Hiyori has been preparing for this for a long time with Denjiro. Hiyori will introduce herself as Komurasaki and will encourage the people of Wano to fight.
  2. We might also get flashback of the fight between Oden and Kaido.
  3. Otoko may play a significant role moving forward since she cannot just be introduced as the child of Yasuie. If she were the daughter of Yasuie, then who could her mother be and why was she not introduced in the story.
  4. Luffy and Zoro will arrive at the rooftop and find out that they are no longer on the sea but in the Flower Capital or probably in Oden’s Castle in Kuri.
  5. Orochi will come back. We don’t know how yet but his devil fruit Yamata no Orochi may play a significant role in this
  6. The Marines may already be headed to Wano or are in the vicinity of wano kuni as seen in X-Drake’s line while escaping Queen and Who’s Who
  7. Kanjuro may rejoin the scabbards.
  8. Big Mom pirates appear in Wano. They could be the ship falling when Kaido lifted Onigashima.

Lady Toki’s Prophecy

You are the moon unaware of the dawn. May your purpose be fulfilled and cast nine shadows on the night woven of 20 years and you shall know the brilliance of the dawn!

Toki Kozuki

Who could the NINE SHADOWS be? Are they the Akazaya nine or other figures? I have made an intensive review based on hints from the manga.

You can go and check it out on this page 9 Shadows in Toki’s Prophecy Theory

9 shadows in toki's prophecy
9 shadows in toki’s prophecy

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