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Vegapunk finally Revealed | Egghead Island | One Piece 1061 Summary and Analysis

One Piece 1061

One Piece 1061 entitled “Egghead – The Island of the Future” is finally out and reveals one of the longest mysteries in One Piece. The strawhats meets a lady character who introduces herself as Dr Vegapunk. Is she the real deal or is she a robot made by Dr Vegapunk just like the Pacifistas? Read more on my One Piece Chapter 1061 Summary and Analysis.


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

One Piece 1061 Summary

One Piece 1061 starts off with the Strawhats finally saving Jewelry Bonney but Luffy and chopper are still flying away from the Sunny. Apparently, Bonney was being chased by a huge mechanical shark and the Sunny was sailing right above it where it was ready to eat the whole ship. The sunny barely escaped but Luffy and Chopper fell into the sea and Jimbei jumped immediately to save them. Franky activated the propeller to run away from the shark but it shot torpedoes finally capsizing the sunny and throwing off the strawhats from the ship.

A bigger version of Megalo?

The introduction of the shark in this chapter is reminiscent of Shirahoshi’s pet Megalo and the size is almost similar. The mechanical shark also has the same number as franky’s shark submerge. The shark submerge was introduced early in the chapter around 444 before the strawhat crew arrived in Thriller Bark. This means that Franky already designed this even before he was thrown off to Vegapunk’s island in Karakuri or future land Baldimore.

G-14 Naval Base

We finally get updated with the whereabouts of Tashigi and the kids that were saved in Punk Hazard. They are currently in G 14 Naval Base which is somehow near the area where the strawhats were separated. Smoker is apparently absent on this chapter but we get introduced to the rest ot the members of the sword

One thing to also take note off is that Prince specifically mentions that X Drake is missing. This means that X drake will be coming back sometime soon and may meet one of the Strawhats in the process. It could also be possible that X drake is already aboard the Sunny. Remember that Xdrake formed an alliance with Luffy back in Wano.

The members of the Sword

Prince GrusNavy HQ rear admiral
KobyNavy HQ rear admiral
X DrakeCaptain
HibariNavy HQ commander
HelmeppoNavy HQ Lt commander
The members of the Sword

Bonney and Vegapunk

Bonney mentioned that she went to Egghead to request something from Vegapunk. We know for one that Vegapunk was responsible for Kuma’s memories to be wiped out and she could well be asking for him to return Kuma’s memories. We also do not know if Bonney is aware that Kuma has been freed from the Celestial Dragons and is currently with the revolutionaries.


In chapter 523, Franky was thrown off by Kuma in Future island of Baldimore which is known for it’s winter island. Meanwhile, the future island of Egghead has a sunny weather but the surrounding sea has rough seas and snow. This could well be the realization of Vegapunk’s childhood dream in making a geothermal system for heating the island.

Vega Force

Franky Shogun first appeared in Fishman Island after Franky unlocked the secrets of Vegapunk in Baldimore

Punk 02

It is also interesting to note that the word PUNK 02 is written on the shirt of person claiming to be Vegapunk. This is similar to the numbering scheme of the Pacifistas of Kuma where the original is called PX-0 and the number of Judge’s Sons Ichiji, NIji, Sanji, Yonji and Reiju. There also appears to be a communication device on her left ear which signifies that this person is in contact with another person / group within the vicinity.

I can only assume but the person looks very similar to Victoria Cindry.

In chapter 448, Nami reads on the Journal the Victoria Cindry died 10 years ago. This was pre timeskip so its currently 12 years on the current timeline. Doctor Hogback was able to make Cindry her servant thanks to Gecko Moria’s powers.

The connection of Hogback and Vegapunk has not yet been established in the story but it may be possible that the other also worked with Ceasar on his early years.

Dr Vegapunk’s Identity

Vegapunk has been referenced several times as a “GUY”, “HE”, “HIM” by Franky, Ceasar, and Koby. Vegapunk’s age is pretty similar to Judge and Queen as they worked in MADS 24 years ago.

If we are going to infer how Luffy would most likely meet Vegapunk in egghead based on history, he would most likely find him in a dumpster just like Momonosuke, or trapped somewhere because of an accident. Luffy will not recognize him as Vegapunk but will be introduced as another person just like Sukiyaki hid his identity in Wano, or Kyros as a toy soldier.

One Piece 1061 Discussion

Here’s a recap of the One Piece Formula based on previous Arcs. I can only assume but it appears the protagonist in distress here is Bonney and this will connect us with the revolutionaries as both her and Kuma are related.

AlabastaFishman IslandPunk HazardDressrosaWanoLatest Arc
Luffy is separated with the crew
Luffy meets a distressed protagonistViviShirahoshiMomonosukeRebeccaOtamaBonney
The main villain is introducedCrocodileHody JonesCeasarDoflamingoOrochi?
The distressed protagonist appears to be an important person?
Marines appear in the storySmokerxSmokerFujitoraX DrakeTashigi
The Strawhats find clues?
The Strawhats gets reunited?
Luffy Rallies everyoneFinal Battle in the Kingdom of AlabastaLuffy vs Hody JonesLuffy vs Ceasar and the escape from Punk HazardFinal Battle vs DoffyBattle in Onigashima?
An important clue is revealedPoneglyphPoseidonSad and SmileKing Riku is alive and Dofy was a previous Celestial DragonPoneglyph and Sukiyaki?