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Otama and Big Mom | Hera | Killer vs Hawkins

One Piece Chapter 1011 Discussion

One Piece Manga Chapter 1011 entitled “The Code of Sweet Beans” introduces a new homie created by Big Mom after she fell from the rooftop. Kid and Killer were trailing after her to keep her from reuiniting with Kaido in the rooftop. Will they be able to defeat her and who will they meet when they reenter Onigashima?


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1011 Summary

One Piece Manga Chapter 1011 starts off with Kid and Killer outside Onigashima and chasing after Big Mom. As the two were running, they noticed bolts of lightning come out from Big Mom. They asked how was this possible as Zeus is still trapped in Kid’s metal box. Apparently Big Mom made a new homie named “Hera” from her soul soul fruit and attacked them with lightning bolts.

This caused the two to be hurled to the third floor of the skull dome eventually freeing Zeus from the metal box. Zeus was concerned about Big Mom and caused him to stroll away from Law and Zoro. Law noticed Big Mom enter the castle and tells Luffy that it will be difficult if Big Mom reunites with Zeus. He then teleported himself with Zeus and Zoro inside the castle.

Meanwhile, the conqueror’s Haki fight between Luffy and Kaido continues. Kaido exclaims that Luffy appears to be enjoying the fight and his smile is greater with the risk. Then the two attacked again with their conqueror’s haki.

Inside the castle, Kid and Killer realized that Big Mom is no longer chasing them. They immediately ran towards the lower floor fearing that Big Mom might regroup with Kaido. As they were running, Hawkins attacks them using his straw sword. This brought out the grudge they had after Apoo misled them as he was Kaido’s underling and Hawkins changing sides to save himself. Kid left to chase Big Mom while Killer confronted Hawkins. Hawkins then tells Killer that he was at a disadvantage if he fights the two of them but Killler’s probability of dying is 92% in a 1v1 fight.

O’Lin and O’Tama

In the meantime, Otama, Ussop and Nami were heading to the live floor while riding Komachiyo. She needs to reach the area to meet Speed (Horselina) and turn the smile users who ate her kibi dango to allies. However, Page One was clinging on Komachiyo’s tails giving Ussop and Nami a hard time in getting rid of him. Ussop attacks with his flower fireworks and flower pine cones eventually causing Page One to fall. Ussop then complained that Otama’s Kibi Dango only works with smile users.

As Komachiyo ran away from Page One, they met Big Mom causing Ussop and Nami to freeze in fear. Big Mom noticed them and calls them Cat Burglar and Long Nose. However, Otama was delighted to see her and calls her Olin Chan. Big Mom then entered her mother mode. Prometheus explains that this only happens with children. Nami and Ussop couldn’t believe that Otama and Big Mom are friends.

Big Mom was thankful to Otama and Otsuru for feeding her the delicious Oshiruko (red bean paste) in Okobure town. But this made Otama sad since the town was burned to the ground by the beast pirates. The townsfolk lied to protect the samurais and told the beast pirates they ate all the stolen foods. Big Mom was enraged after hearing the story.

Page One finally caught up with them and saw Big Mom on the side. Thinking he was at an advantage, he tells Big Mom to stop them and proceeded to bite the Komainu. The raging Olin punched Page One and shouting that even if the pirate world is cruel, there are still standards or morals to follow. Kid and Zeus felt the impact from the attack with Zeus thankful that Mama is alive. Ulti was left speechless after seeing PayPay (Page One) pounded by Big Mom to the ground.

One Piece Chapter 1011 Discussion

One Piece Manga Chapter 1011, introduces the new homie of Big Mom, the continuation of Kaido vs Luffy conqueror’s Haki clash, the upcoming battle between Killer and Hawkins and the reunion of Otama and Olin in her mothering mode. The Japanese title “Anko no Jingi” is a conjugation of the words “Anko” which is the red bean paste produced from Azuki and is used to make Oshiruko and “Jingi” which translates to “morals” or “standards”.

Big Mom’s New Homie: Hera

Big Mom’s new homie is named Hera. In greek Methodolgy, Hera is the sister and wife of Zeus, the god of thunder lightning. Hera’s attack is called “Fulgora” or in Kanji 震御雷 (seismic thunder) which is read as earthquake 震 and 御雷 thunder. Fulgora in Roman Mythology is the female personification of lightning and the counterpart of Astrape. Astrape and Bronte are the twin goddesses of lightning and thunder.

Mother Carmel’s Devil Fruit

Linlin’s fasting caused her to have hunger pangs. Because of this she unconsciously set Elbaf (Elbaph) on fire and killed the Jorul and Jarul. As the village burned, Mother Carmel used her devil fruit power to give form to “Pandora”. However, she said that it was the sun god that brought everything under control

Big Mom’s Devil Fruit

Big Mom first showed her devil fruit “Soru Soru no Mi” power after unknowingly eating Mother Caramel on her birthday party. It was implied that by eating Mother Caramel, she was able to gain access to the ability just like eating the devil fruit itself.

Zeus’s reaction to Mama’s attack will eventually cause him to head towards the direction and finding out that Nami is also there. In the panels. we don’t see Hera on the side so there may arise a conflict between the homies if Zeus takes Nami’s side.

In Chapter 1004, Nami fought with Ulti using her thunder lance tempo. However, she said that this is not enough to defeat her. This may point out that Nami will eventually gain a powerup again with Zeus.

The question now is how will Otama be able to get past them and head to the live floor? Will Olin help her or stay in a fight with Kid.

Big Mom’s Mother Mode and Amnesia

We first see Big Mom’s Mother mode in whole cake island chapter 845 and episode 809. Zeus and Prometheus tells that Mama is in an angry mood. Then she passed by her children and suddenly her attitude changed. In Chapter 1011, Prometheus explains that this mode comes when Mama is near children under the age of 10.

Now you may wonder why Big Mom did not react upon seeing Momonosuke tied in a cross with Kaido. For one, she did not make a direct interaction with Momo to activate her mothering mode. And second, Momonosuke did not talk to her just like Otama or Big Mom’s children did.

Also note that Big Mom was able to retain her memory of Otama after regaining her original memories. This is apparent as she remembers the Oshiruko from her battle with Queen.

Killer vs Hawkins

Kid, Killer and Hawkins met after the two were blasted by Hera’s attack Fulgora. Kid went ahead to stop Big Mom, leaving Killer and Hawkins to deal with each other. Killer notes that Hawkins did his part well in becoming Orochi’s guard dog. Hawkins then responded that the likelihood of Killer to die is at 92%. Does this mean that Killer will die in their fight and what does he mean by the tragedy of Hitokiri Kamazo?

The grudge between Kid, Killer, Hawkins and Apoo dates back all the way from the time they first met Kaido after his fall from the sky. After the alliance fell apart, Kid and Killer were sent to Udon Prison while Hawkins led some of the beast pirates and worked under Kaido.

Kid, Killer, Hawkins and Apoo Alliance

Kid and Killer watched Luffy and Law as they were captured in Punk Hazard. This was broadcasted by Ceasar clown to demonstrate his new mass destruction weapon. After this, they left the room and met with Apoo and Hawkins saying they invited Apoo to form an alliance.

Worst Generation learns about Doflamingo’s defeat

The news of Luffy defeating Doflamingo in Dressrosa reached the worst generation including the alliance formed by Kid. They were relieved that Law and Luffy were aiming for Kaido as they were planning to take down Shanks.

Kaido Falls from the sky

After the four supernovas formed an alliance, Kaido fell from the sky in an attempt to kill himself eventually falling in the location of alliance.

Disbanding of Kid’s alliance

Hawkins explained to Law about his alliance with Kid, Killer and Apoo. From the start, Apoo had already sold the alliance to Kaido and there were nothing they can do. He had zero chance of survival whether he confronts or tries to escape. Kid and Killer fought with Kaido but eventually got defeated.

Kid remembers Hawkins and Apoo betrayal

And in Udon Prison, Kid remembers how Hawkins and Apoo betrayed their alliance and punched the metal gate to release his anger against them.

In Japanese, the word Hitokiri 人斬り means killer or manslaughter. Hawkins tells Killer that the latter’s chances of dying is 92% and refers to himself as the bringer of the tragedy of Hitokiri Kamazo.

However, contrary to his zero percent chance of defeat when they encountered Kaido, Killer’s chances of defeat is not zero which means he may survive. Killer also tells Hawkins that they bring the matters to their own hands rather than relying in luck. What is Hawkin’s purpose in killing him and who was the other person he described to have a 1% chances of survival at the end of the day?

Supernova Bounty

Here’s a table of the supernova bounty before and after the timeskip.

SupernovaBounty before TimeskipBounty after Timeskip
Monkey D. Luffy300 million berries1.5 billion berries
Eustass Kid315 million berries470 million berries
Trafalgar Law200 million berries500 million berries
Urouge108 million berries
Roronoa Zoro320 million berries
X-Drake108 million berries
Capone Bege300 million berries
Basil Hawkins320 million berries
Scratchmen Apoo350 million berries
Jewelry Bonney140 million berries
Killer162 million berries200 million berries
Supernova Bounties

Supernova fights in Wano

In Wano Kuni, there have been several match ups between the supernovas. Zoro had the most number of wins while Hawkins and Apoo are tied with the number of losses. If we look at the bounties it appears that Hawkins has a higher bounty than Killer and has a greater chance of winning if they fight. Add the voodoo dolls which gives Hawkins extra lives from getting attacked and his Tarot cards which increases his attacks. Meanwhile, Killer is using his sound attacks and was able to attack Kaido and Big Mom at the rooftop.

Supernova MatchupOutcome
Trafalgar Law vs Basil HawkinsInside Rasetsu prison, Law won the fight against Basil Hawkins.
Roronoa Zoro vs Hitokiri Kamazo aka KillerIn Bandit’s bridge, Zoro won the fight against the bounty hunter Kamazo which we will learn later on to be Killer.
Roronoa Zoro vs Scratchmen ApooInside the skull dome, Zoro was able to injure Apoo and got hold of the antidote against Queen’s virus.
X-Drake vs Scratchmen ApooX Drake was able to hold the line against Scratchmen Apoo while guarding Chopper.
Roronoa Zoro vs Basil HawkinsOn their way to Okobure town to heal Otama, Roronoa defended Luffy vs Hawkins.
Scratchmen Apoo vs Monkey D. LuffyLuffy was caught by surprise with the attack of Apoo and was injured taking damage from his attack. But this is not a win for Apoo.

One Piece 1011 Final Thoughts

One last thing to note is Kaido’s fight against Luffy. Kaido tells luffy that his smiles are bigger the greater the risk. Though I have not seen personally the clips that luffy smiled in his previous fights, It seems that Luffy do enjoy fighting stronger opponents.

Is this connected with the WILL of D? What does Kaido know about the D clan?