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Caribou is Blackbeard’s Spy and 10th Commander Caribou’s Goal in Wano One Piece Theory

Blackbeard Spy in Wano

Let’s start this One Piece theory in Chapter 1025 with Luffy pursuading Dragon Momonosuke to fly to Onigashima. We see Law’s crew and Shinobu but Caribou appears to be absent on the scene.

Let’s find out Caribou’s purpose and if he is Blackbeard’s spy and 10th’s Titanic Captain in Wano.


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Where is Caribou?

In Chapter 1025, Shinobu was able to successfully age Momo to a full Dragon and they watch as Momonosuke and Luffy fly off to Onigashima. But a lingering question now is, where is Caribou?

It can be recalled that Luffy was able to regain his strength after Caribou gave him his ration to ensure the success of the alliance so he can leave Wano.

But one may ask why did he not escape while the beast pirates were busy in Onigashima and most likely there is very little threat in his escape from Wano.

Caribou’s Cunning Goal

Caribou’s goal to kill the strawhats from the inside was irst revealed in Chapter 603 and has not changed eversince. 400 chapters later, Caribou remains to date as one of the most active villains of the story. But what makes him pursue this goal?

At the start of the Strawhat’s journey in the grand line in Jaya, we also see a similar situation with Blackbeard trying to capture the Luffy to become his bounty to gain a title as a Shichibukai. His operation only ended when Ace clashed with Blackbeard and eventually lost which in turn was used by Blackbeard to bargain with the world government.

After the fake Strawhat was exposed by PX 5, Caribou took charge and reprimanded the remaining members of the crew. He told them that he expected the real strawhat look different after two years and has seen the REAL strawhat Luffy.

Caribou was only introduced in Sabaody after the 2 year timeskip and it appears that there are no signs that the two have met each other in person unless…

And in Chapter 940, Caribou was able to design the perfect plan to be able to board Straw hat’s ship again.

To prove that he changed, he helped Raizo get the keys to Kawamatsu’s jail cell and by blocking the the transmission from Udon to Onigashima. This proved to be useful as Queen thought that Kid and Luffy were still imprisoned and the plans of the alliance have not leaked.

But one thing is very peculiar here. Caribou now has access to call outside Wano via the Den Den Mushi. Isn’t it strange why he knows about the boss snail? Who was he contacting or planning to contact?

You may say that he can contact his crew but a measly small gang going to Wano is an unlikely answer only to get him out of Wano.

And we cannot discount the fact that he has knowledge to one of the most valuable information – the existence of one of the ancient weapons POSEIDON.

Spies in Wano Kuni

Wano Arc has been filled with spies from all directions. Here are the known spies so far

  1. Kanjuro – Kanjuro played well in acting as a retainer of Oden Kozuki until he unveiled that he is a Kurozumi. His main goal is to foil the plan of the Scabbards and to stop the raid in Onigashima from happening.
  2. X Drake – Spy of the world government top secret special forces “SWORD”. His undercover was blown off by Basil Hawkins, Who’s Who and Queen.
  3. Denjiro – After Oden’s death, Denjiro’s face deformed to a point that he is no longer recognizable even by his bestfriend Kin’emon. He changed his name to Kyoshiro and served as a lap dog of Orochi and the Boss of the Yakuza.
  4. Scratchmen Apoo – Apoo formed alliance with two of the Supernovas Basil Hawkins and Eustass Kid but did not disclose that he was already an underling of Kaido. To avert being on the losing side, Hawkins sided with Kaido while Kid was imprisoned in Udon
  5. Unknown Blackbeard Spy – Despite Wano being a closed country, Blackbeard was updated with the recent happening in Wano and that the supernovas are there and that Big Mom is chasing after Luffy and that a big battle is about to happen.

Luffy’s Encounter with Blackbeard Pirates Post timeskip

In Dressrosa, Jesus Burgess realized that the fighter Lucy was Luffy. After Luffy’s win in the Arena against Don Chinjao, he bumped into Burgess who was at that time talking to Blackbeard. Blackbeard told Luffy his intention in Dressrosa to gain Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi to have his own Ace in his crew as the original declined his offer.

Blackbeard’s 10 Titanic Commanders

It was revealed in the introduction of Jesus Burgess in the Corrida Colosseum that Blackbeard is supported by 10 titanic captains. So far, only 9 is known including – 1. Jesus Burgess, 2. Shiryu, 3. Van Augur, 4. Avalo Pizarro, 5. Laffitte, 6. Catarina Devon, 7. Sanjuan Wolf, 8. Vasco Shot, 9. Doc Q

In the Battle of Marineford, there were only also nine crewmates showing up and one is curious as to who the 10th commander is.

Who is Blackbeard’s Spy in Wano?

There have been several speculations that Blackbeard has a Spy in Wano. The reason for that is the speed at which Blackbeard is able to get insider information from Wano despite the country being a secluded country.

Communication within Wano is also limited but not impossible. Ussop told the strawhats that the denden mushi in Wano is called “Smails” or short for “Smart Snails”. Communication outside Wano is possible as Big Mom was able to call Kaido warning him that she is chasing Luffy after he stained her reputation and that Kaido must keep her hands off her prey. (Chapter 907)

There are also other speculations that Blackbeard’s Spy is one of the Tobiroppo. The best candidate in the theory is Who’s Who and Black Maria. Here are the reasoning behind the speculations.

  1. Who’s Who told Jimbei that he already saw him before when he was still a shichibukai and that he escaped from Prison. There is a correlation as Jimbei was jailed in impel down and Who’s who also escaped from prison. It is also being established that Who’s Who has grudge against Monkey D Luffy for having eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi which Shanks stole from his ship.
  2. Black Maria has been very keen in capturing Robin ever since the start of the battle in Onigashima. She showed no interest when Kaido told the Flying Six that they need to find his son Yamato.

However, in Chapter 1022, All the Tobiroppo including Black Maria and Who’s who were all defeated by the Strawhats.

Blackbeard’s goal could possibly be to capture Robin to lead him to Laugh Tale and this can be possible if Robin gets abducted with no one noticing.

Caribou is Blackbeard’s 10th Commander and Spy in Wano

Blackbeard is well known to move in a very strategic move and strikes when people less expect him to be. Despite Caribou’s clear lack of battle prowess, he acts and thinks much like Blackbeard in planning and choosing the best move making him very suitable to become Blackbeard’s 10th Commander and Spy in Wano. It is also possible that the time that he saw Luffy was inside Level 6 Impel Down and was included in the prisoners who became part of Blackbeard’s crew.

Here are Blackbeard’s well calculated moves which proved fairly profitable in his goal.

  1. Blackbeard joined the Whitebeard Pirates as he believed that his chances are highest to gain the Yami Yami no mi.
  2. He kept a very low profile in Whitebeard’s crew and after he captured Ace successfully catapulted his ranking from zero bounty to Shichibukai.
  3. Once he became a Shichibukai, he was able to use this position to enter Impel Down to gather his crew.
  4. After his successfully penetration to Impel Down, he returned to Marineford and killed Whitebeard and gained his title 4th Yonko.
  5. He captured Moria’s Subordinate Absalom and successfully extracted his Clear Clear Fruit and gave it to Shiryu of the Rain, the former warden of Impel Down.

And in his latest appearence, he ordered his crew to pack their bags to get ready and claim the prize.

This can only be possible if he has access to the information about Wano and the best time to attack. And we know for one that Caribou has gobbled up the Boss Snail in Udon Prison and now, Caribou is missing in action which could be possible that he sneaked into Momonosuke to reach Onigashima and capture Robin.

Here is my own thought on how the plan could take place.

  1. Robin is currently on a weakened stated and Brook is carrying her to safety as Onigashima is burning.
  2. Caribou arrives in Onigashima and starts looking for Robin. His fruit provides him an upperhand as he can creep into locations without anyone noticing just like how he did in Fishman Island and taking the mermaids hostage
  3. Catarina Devon’s Ninetails makes her the best substitute so the Strawhat pirates will not suspect that the real Robin is missing.

I can also think of a possibility that Blackbeard and his crew are inside Caribou’s body as his body is the perfect hiding place.

Final Words

So, what do you think? Is Caribou the Blackbeard’s 10th commander and Spy in Wano? Let’s look for more clues in the story of One Piece.