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Zoro Asura vs Kaido Advanced Conquerors Haki | One Piece 1010

Zoro’s Asura and Conqueror’s Haki

In One Piece Chapter 1010, Zoro attacked Kaido using his 9 sword style Asura: Dead Man’s Game to protect Luffy. Kaido then asked Zoro if he can use Conqueror’s Haki as the wound he inflicted would remain. How did Zoro used Ashura to defeat his opponents and his Color of the the Supreme King / Haoshoku Haki?


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Zoro vs Hachi

In One Piece chapter 84, Hachi told Zoro the reason why a human swordsman can never beat him is because he is using the six sword style. Then on the following chapter entitled “Three Swords vs Six“, Zoro used a new attack called Three Sword Style: Dragon Twister (Santoryu: Tatsumaki) to defeat Hachi.

Zoro will use this later on in his fight with Kaido to counter his whirlwind attack and eventually, Zoro will learn to use six hands and three faces in the form of Demon Aura Asura.

Zoro’s Demon Aura: Asura Attacks

There are four times where Zoro used his strongest attack Demon Aura Ashura. The first was Zoro’s fight vs Kaku where he used Asura: Ichibugin. The second was against PX4 in Sabaody Archipelago where he used Asura: Makyuusen. The third one though not canon was in the movie One Piece Strong World in his fight versus Indigo and used Asura: Ugui. And most recently, in One Piece Chapter 1010, Zoro used Asura Bakkei: Moja no Tawamure (Dead Man’s Game) against Kaido.

Asura IchibuginZoro vs Kaku

Unlike other attacks, Zoro has not used Asura in the same manner as it was previously used. In Zoro’s fight against Kaku, Kaku noted that Zoro looked like a demon god with three heads and six arms with a total of 9 swords or kyuutoryuu. He is also seen with a purple aura in the anime. Before attacking, Zoro utters the words “suffering is good on the path to carnage”. In Zoro’s Asura Ichibugin attack, he was able to disperse the wind energy from Amanedachi and in turn attacking Kaku with nine blades enough to beat his iron body.

Kaku asks if Zoro was making illusions with his soul. Before Zoro introduced his Demon Asura form, Kaku already saw the form and was intimidated causing him to stop his attacks. Unlike other known Conqueror’s Haki, Zoro’s Ashura does not seem to control or make others faint with his will.

Asura MakyuusenZoro vs Bartholomew Kuma Clone (Pacifista)

In Sabaody Archipelago, Zoro fought using his Asura Makyuusen against Bartholomew Kuma’s clone PX4 Pacifista. 阿修羅 魔九閃 is translated as Asura: Demon Nine Flash where Zoro was seen spinning with his 9 blades and like a rotary top to slice off the iron body of Kuma.

Chopper and Brooked were shocked to see so many Zoros. Zoro fought at a weakened state as he was still recovering from his injuries he received from absorbing Luffy’s pain in Thriller Bark.

During this encounter, Zoro was already using Ryuma’s sword Shisui after his Yubashiri was retired in Thriller bark. Since Zoro was fighting a clone with no emotion, there was no intimidation that happened unlike the first time it was used. This was also the last time Asura was seen used by Zoro until the time he fought with Kaido in the manga.

Asura: UguiZoro vs Indigo in One Piece Movie Strong World

In the 10th movie Strong world (non canon) shown in 2009, Zoro fought Indigo as he was furious that he was mocking the people of East Blue as weaklings. To counter this, Zoro used his signature attack Demon Aura Asura: Ugui (Piercing Drill) 阿修羅 ( アシュラ ) 穿威 ( うぐい ) immediately finishing his opponent without any time to retaliate.

Compared to the first time he used Asura where he had a purple aura, Zoro’s Aura was red colored. This may not be canon to the story so we need to wait Zoro’s Demon Aura in the Anime.

Asura Bakkei: Moja no TawamureZoro vs Kaido

In One Piece Wano chapter 1010, Zoro tells Law that he is at the limit of his ability. Zoro unleashed his final attack on Kaido using Demon Aura Asura Bakkei: Moja no Tawamure. Kaido sustained a significant wound and asked if Zoro has Conqueror’s Haki commenting that the wound he inflicted will remain. Compared to Ichibugin which was like a scissor like attack, Dead man’s game had one sword pointing upward giving the distinct wound in Kaido’s chest.

In Japanese Moja means Dead man or cadaver while Tawamure means game.

Kaido then asks Zoro if he can use Color of the Supreme King (Haoshoku Haki) to which the latter replied he doesn’t know what Kaido means.

All of Zoro’s Attacks in Wano based in One Piece Manga

Let’s track all of Zoro’s attacks in Wano Kuni based on One Piece manga chapters. Most of Zoro’s attacks used in Wano Kuni have already been seen in the past. This includes Tower climb (vs kaku in Enies Lobby), Flying Dragon Blaze (vs Ryuma), 720 pound phoenix (a variation of 1080 pound phoenix he used vs Pika), Purgatory Onigiri (vs Hyouzou in Fishman Island).

One Piece Manga ChapterOpponentZoro’s Attack
Chapter 909random samuraiOne Sword Style using Sepuku Blade
Chapter 913Zoro vs HawkinsNigiri tower climb ripple
Chapter 937Zoro vs Kamazo (Killer)Purgatory Onigiri
Chapter 944Zoro vs Orochi and Denjiro720 Pound Phoenix
Chapter 1001Zoro vs PrometheusFoxfire Style Fire Flame Rend
Chapter 1001Zoro vs KaidoPurgatory Onigiri
Chapter 1002Zoro vs KaidoOne Sword Style Flying Dragon Blaze
Chapter 1003Zoro vs KaidoBlack Rope Dragon Twister
Chapter 1009Zoro vs PrometheusFlame Rend Crossing the Six Paths
All of Zoro’s Attacks in Wano based in One Piece Manga

Zoro’s Aura

There is much to desire in trying to understand Zoro’s aura. Apart from Luffy and other Haoshoku Haki users, it appears that Zoro is also able to use the same ability although to a different extent. Conqueror’s Haki as defined by Rayleigh is the power to intimidate others into submission. We have seen this time and time again with Luffy using it to defeat weaker opponents. However, Zoro’s aura appears to be different.

Zoro vs Kamazo

In Chapter 937, Zoro fought Kamazo (Killer) in the bandit’s bridge and used this as a final attack against him. In anime episode 934 for the same chapter, we see Zoro using a purple aura similar to his Demon Asura form without the heads and extra arms.

Zoro using Enma

The same purple aura was seen when Zoro used Enma and the sword was stealing his haki (or ryuo as per Tenguyaman Hitetsu).

Zoro Sepuku

In the first episode of Wano Kuni, Zoro attacked the magistrates using the sepuku blade and we can see the same purple aura he emitted.

Luffy vs Katakuri Conqueror’s Haki Clash

The same can be seen in Luffy vs Katakuri fight in episode 868 where the two used Conqueror’s Haki to fight and the bystanders on the sideline were knocked off afterwards.

Hyogoro’s Ryuo

And lastly, Hyogoro’s Haki Flow or Ryuo is a bit pinkish in color due to the reference to Ryou’s other name 流桜 as Sakura flow.

Zoro’s Ryuo

In chapter 1001 after Luffy hit Kaido, Zoro asked if the attack Luffy used was the one he learned from old man Hyogoro. In the same chapter, Zoro used Kin’emon’s Foxfire technique. Luffy was amazed commenting that it was Kin’emon’s technique and Zoro replied that he stole it. Would this mean that Zoro would soon learn ryuo and use it in a different way or does he already have it?

Back in Alabasta with Zoro’s fight against Mr 1, Zoro remembered the teachings of Kuina’s father, Koushirou.

the pinnacle of swordsmanship is the power to protect what one wishes to protect and cut what one wishes to cut“.


As Zoro was on the verge of death and defeat, he heard the breathing of the material things surrounding him, even the blades of his enemy. There he learned the power to cut steel and defeated his opponent using what is perceived as the first manifestation of haki in One Piece,

In Udon prison, Luffy learned Haki flow or Ryuo from old man Hyo. It was demonstrated as an invisible power that stems from the body and can be infused with the blade. The same time Hyogoro was explaining this, he tells Luffy the exact same words that Koushirou told Zoro during their training. As such, Zoro has already learned Ryuo at a very early stage and should be able to further enhance this as he is faced with defeat again.

In Baratie Arc, Zoro fought with Mihawk for the first time. He was defeated by a single pocket knife. However, Mihawk mentioned “what strength of spirit” pertaining to Zoro. This inspired him to use his blackblade Yoru and fought seriously versus Zoro. After Zoro’s defeat in Sabaody, he asked Mihawk to train him and swallowed his pride to make Mihawk his second master, thus learning armament haki and observation Haki.

Zoro’s Conqueror’s Haki

Roronoa Zoro’s conqueror’s haki has not been as clear as Luffy and other Haoshoku Haki users. However, there were several times where Zoro used a similar power using his swords. Also, it is believed that Zoro has Conqueror’s Haki in parallel with Rayleigh being the first mate of Gol D Roger.

The first time Zoro used a similar power to conqueror’s haki was against Monet where he used his will to break Monet’s spirit. The second was when he saved Tonoyasu (Yasuie) and broke the spirits of the samurais though this scene was not present in the manga.

Zoro vs Ryuma

In Thriller Bark, Zoro’s fought against Ryuma where he attacked using One Sword Style, Flying Dragon Blaze eventually setting Ryuma’s corpse on fire. Zoro used Wado Ichimonji in his attack while his Yubashiri, was retired after Zoro gained Shusui from winning the battle against Ryuma.

Zoro vs Kaido in One Piece Chapter 1010 Discussion

In One Piece Chapter 1010 Zoro attacked Kaido using one of his strongest attack Demon Aura – Asura Bakkei: Moja no Tawamure. Kaido then comments Zoro being able to use Conqueror’s Haki. Prior to this, in chapter 1002, Big Mom warned Kaido to dodge as the attack Zoro was going to unleash was coming from a powerful sword. Kaido then asked how Oden’s presence is in Zoro’s sword.

Zoro received Enma from Hiyori as a replacement for his Shusui. When Tenguyama Hitetsu handed him the sword, he did not specify that Oden’s presence was in the sword. Instead, he told Zoro that the sword will suck dry the ryuo of the swordsman who wields it.

The same was true when the 9 red scabbards attacked Kaido and he felt the presence of Oden in their attacks. The scabbard’s attack using ryuo was weaker in nature thus unable to wound Kaido in the same spot where Oden left the scar.

In my discussion above, I was able to establish that Zoro’s Demon aura was already present in his fight versus Kaku, that he already learned ryuo as early as his fight in Alabasta and the sword Enma does not carry Oden’s will. His conqueror’s haki somehow works differently compared to Luffy. Zoro uses his sword to project his spirit / will (as his fight with Mihawk) but the results is similar in nature and that it can break others spirit (as his fight in saving Yasu). With all these combined, Zoro was able to cut Kaido and the wounds will be similar to the wounds left by Oden.

This attack One Sword Style, Flying Dragon Blaze Zoro used against Ryuma was also used against Kaido in chapter 1002. Big Mom warned Kaido to dodge the attack as the sword was not an ordinary sword. The sword Zoro was using was Enma. There may soon be a possibility that Zoro will use this attack to slay the dragon and set it on fire just like how it set Ryuma, the legendary figure who slayed a dragon in the past, on fire.

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