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Oden Kozuki Journal

Oden’s journal was written by Kozuki Oden after he left the Flower Capital to document his escapades. It starts from the formation of the Red Scabbards, the development of Kuri region, his escape from Wano and adventures with the Whitebeard and Gold Roger Pirates until they reached Laugh Tale and eventually his return to Wano.


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Oden’s Journal

Kin’emon: What are you doing?
Oden: I’m keeping a journal, Apparently people overseas write them everyday while on their ships

After Momonosuke, Kin’emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, O’kiku and were sent to the future, Oden’s log book found its way to Yamato who kept the diary and made it her bible. It eventually gave some hints about the new generation who will eventually find their way to the new world and end up in Wano. It also has the details about the D Clan and the ancient weapons.

When Yamato saved Luffy, he mentioned to him about Oden’s journal and how he was waiting for Luffy’s arrival after meeting Ace. In Chapter 999, Yamato detailed some of the contents of Oden’s Journal to Momonosuke and later on gave him the journal.

What will Momonosuke read and will it give a clue about him being an ancient weapon? For several chapters, we have been hinted at Momo’s power to hear voices. It appears that he has not unlocked observation haki yet as they jumped in time when he was 8 years old.

The power to hear the voice of all things have only been seen with the D clan (Gol D Roger) and Kozuki clan (Momonosuke and Oden) but only Momonosuke has the power to control and talk to Zunisha.

Excerpt from Oden’s Log Book

In Ringo, we met two hungry urchin brothers. They tried to make money by dancing, but the towns folk were cold to them. Apparently, they were sons of a traditional dancing school but when their father was arrested, the family split apart. The little brats started gobbling up our oden and crying. (Chapter 962)

In Kibi, we came across a monstrous creature that cut the hair off of both the living and the dead. It turned out to be a little freak who sold brushes made with hair for a living. He tried to go after my hair and once I walloped him, he started following us. (Chapter 962)

He said he was persecuted in the past. If you ask me, he deserved it. (Chapter 962)

In the deep forest of Udon, Rumor spoke of an infamous bandit who kidnapped women and beat men half to death. But it only turned out to be the genius ninja, Raizo, who quit the Kozuki clan’s Oniwabanshu after a kunoichi turned him down. (Chapter 962)

When I broke through the gate I was met with the stench of death, blood and violence. It felt like I’d stepped into another world. And all of its hostility was focused on me. (Chapter 962)

You’re allowed in but any who try to leave are killed. Those are the rules of this place. What a cramped life!!! This is no place for people to live. (Chapter 962)

Don’t leave? That happens to be my least favorite rule!!! (Chapter 962)

The world is made up of four major seas and one very long narrow sea. And from what they say, the world itself is as round as a dumpling!! What a mysterious thing!! (Chapter 965)

Whitebeard has his own natural enemy. (Chapter 965)

Sometimes, more people showed up on the ship just as we found ourselves there originally. (Chapter 965)

Another orphan it seems… (Chapter 965)

No matter how far we sail across the sea I still have more to see!! I simply don’t know how to end an adventure once begun! (Chapter 965)

I froze stiff. For the second time today, I was stunned. Who was this man? (Chapter 966)

But my blood cried out to me. It asked why can the Kozuki read these letters? Why I have come across Roger at this moment in time? Before I knew it the words were leaving my mouth on their own. (Chapter 966)

It was the second act of my life as a pirate. A new adventure had begun!! White-Kichi was a great man but Roger too was off the charts! I am a lucky fellow. (Chapter 966)

The world is vast!! Even bigger than before!! Not even gods would believe that people live in the sky! (Chapter 966)

Show it to me Roger. Show me the final chapter of your grand life-spanning adventure!! (Chapter 966)

With the help of Ganfor, the god atop the clouds, we descended safely back to the sea below and proceed to a city of ship builders. (Chapter 967)

Even as I turned my back on Wano, I knew that some ominous change was afoot. (Chapter 967)

I could sense that if I turned back, I would never again go to sea. (Chapter 967)

I took a quick copy of the Ponegliff, then went back to the ship. It was my first return home in four years, and it lasted merely hours. (Chapter 967)

We had found several real ponegliffs and the four road ponegliffs. (Chapter 967)

Whether out of good fortune or bad, the apprentice deckhand Buggyjiro caught a sudden fever and had to forgo the voyage to the final island. Redtaro chose to stay behind and care for him. Are they best friends or mortal enemies? (Chapter 967)

We learned the entire truth of the world. What the 100 year void is… What the people of the D are.. What the ancient weapons are… (Chapter 967)

In the past, Wano was open to the world and in the face of that vast treasure which was very real indeed, Roger just laughed. And so did we all. We laughed until tears sprang to our eyes. (Chapter 967)

When Roger returned from Laugh Tale, Redtaro came to him and asked him something only to shed tears afterward. (Chapter 968)

The birth of the king of the pirates caused a stir around the world prompting the navy to leap into drastic action. (Chapter 968)

The world at large referred to everything that Roger gained as the One Piece. (Chapter 968)

Roger said something to his oldest confidant, Rayleigh, the man they called Dark King, and then he stepped off the ship. (Chapter 968)

He had a whole bunch of medicine from the ship doctor Crocus. His disease was in its final stages but this was a man’s farewell. (Chapter 968)

We were utterly stoic. Not a tear was shed. For the crew of the king of the pirates would never ever cry. (Chapter 968)

It’s not as though I’m dying so of course we parted with a smile. We all know that we’ll meet again one day! (Chapter 968)

The more I heard, the more confused I was. Orochi was like a brother to me now? All I did was lend him money out of consideration to Yasu! And he never once returned a single coin of it. On top of that, Orochi was the descendant of the Koruzomi clan that caused that terrible incident in the past. (Chapter 968)

And now I find that Kurozumi Orochi is occupying the position of Shogun as my proxy. (Chapter 968)

I don’t know all the ins and outs of the story. I just know this. A fool has taken control of Wano!! A weak cowardly fool using the strength of a fearsome pirate and taking advantage of this closed nation where no one can interfere to turn our land into a hell scape. (Chapter 968)

Oden’s Letter to Toki

Toki, I have reached my limit. If I fail to defeat him, there will be no others who can stop Kaido for a long time.

Over 20 years ahead of us, there will likely be a massive war terrible enough to split the seas themselves. In other words, in another 20 years, the primary figures of this great war will muscle their way into the new world. They are the ones who can strike down Kaido!!!

A long winter will settle over Wano. I want you to use your power, Toki. If I should die…