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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 11 continues the story of the imprisoned Eren and the reaction of the commoners with the decision of the Army. What will happen to Falco and Gabi and who will they meet?


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Be warned if you have not watched the episode yet as this summary will contain spoilers.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11 Summary

Episode 11 starts off with Gabi and Falco inside their prison cell in a remote area in Paradis. Gabi pretended she was in pain and a soldier went in to help her. Suddenly, using a cloth and a brick, she hit the soldier with improvised weapon causing the man to fall down. She continued hitting him she eventually killed the man.

The two ran as far as they can until they reached the river where they had an argument. Falco asked Gabi to remove her armband as there were no sense in continue using the armband in Paradis and the soldiers may recognize it as a Marleyan symbol. Gabi insisted that the armband is a proof that she is a good Eldian and that the armband will distinguish her from the devils of paradis.

While the two were having an argument, a blonde girl showed up and asked why they were fighting. Gabi was quick to think and made an alibi that they ran from home while grabbing a stone on her back. The girl thought the two might already by hungry and invited them to where she was staying.

Blouse Stable

Upon their arrival at the stable, she told the two to wait while she ask permission. Gabi thought that they can use the horses to run away when they get a chance. The girl called them and the two entered the house. Falco introduced themselves as Ben and Mia and politely requested that they be allowed to stay in the house for a few days.

Lisa, the matriarch of the house tried to comfort Gabi. However, due to Gabi’s ill feelings about the Eldians in Paradis, she screamed and pushed away Lisa’s hand. The people inside the house were shocked at the scene. Falco tried to divert the attention by appreciating the food and eating them.

Paradis Revolution

Meanwhile, Kiyomi returned to Paradis after the successful assault in Marley. No other than the commander-in-chief Darius Zackley met them at the port. Kiyomi congratulated the Eldians and brought with her the one and only flying vehicle powered by Iceburst Stone.

In front of the army barracks, reporters and the Reeves company were questioning the move of the government to detain Eren and relocate the people of the Shiganshina district. People have strong desire to get answers as to why their savior, no less than Eren Yaeger, were being held captive despite his role in successful infiltrating Marley.

Hange entered the barracks and there were four soldiers namely Holger, Wim, Louise and Floch who were detained for leaking information to the public. They argued that Eren should be freed and that he has not done anything wrong. Eren is their savior and by activating the rumbling, they can show the world the might of the Eldian Empire. Hange then ordered the detention of the four until their trial.

Mikasa was tasked to take Louise to her detention cell. Louise asked if Mikasa was once imprisoned there. Ever since, Louise has looked up to Mikasa and wanted to get close to her after the latter saved her from the titans proving that one with strength and power can win. She then asked why Mikasa joined the Survey corps and if Eren has something to do with it. Mikasa tried to brush her off but then, her head suddenly ached and she remembered Eren saving her.

In another detention camp, Commander Pixis was interrogating Yelena. He was trying to ask her on her role why Eren suddenly change his mind 10 months ago. This happened after the opening celebration of the Trost railway and Floch became Yelena’s escort.

The Horse is a devil

While Gabi and Falco were cleaning the stable, a horse tried to chew on Gabi’s head. She slipped from the water she threw on the floor and kicked a bucket which flew and ricocheted to her head. She was thinking that everything in Paradis including the horse was the devil’s doing but Falco told her it was just a horse and nothing else.

Kaya, the blonde girl who helped them before, called them to eat lunch. While standing outside, Falco noticed that most of the people living in the stable were young. Kaya explained that the place is being supported by the queen for orphans who lost their parents four years ago during the attack of Marley.

Out of the blue, Gabi blurted out that people of Paradis have not accepted their guilt from the sins the Eldians caused to humanity. Kaya asked if that is what was being taught in Marley? Falco was shocked upon hearing this and asked how she knew. Kaya told them she overheard them in the woods but kept silent on this. Gabi picked up a rake and pointed it to Kaya. Falco blocked her and the other kids asked why they were fighting? Kaya covered them up saying that Mia was just being jealous of her that she might be stealing her brother.

Why did my mother had to die?

Kaya brought the two to her hometown. She narrated her childhood story when a titan attacked her village eating most of the people. Apparently, her mom was too weak to run and they were left off to themselves. Kaya saw the titan slowly devouring her mother. She asked why people outside the walls thinks they were devils but at her young age, she cannot comprehend why they were being hated for the things they did not do.

From her childhood, Gabi was made to believe that the Eldians have commited grave sins to the world by slaughtering people. The Eldians used the titans to rule the world wiping out civilizations. They eventually multiplied and murdered countless of people.

But Kaya argued that her mom was born and raised in Paradis and they have nothing to do with the sins of their ancestors. Why did the descendants have to bear the sins of the ancestors? What wrong did they do to suffer being eaten alive?

Gabi was left shocked with no words to explain to Kaya. Then suddenly, Falco told her that it was a reconnaisance mission to regain the Founding titan. The fate of Kaya’s mom was a casualty of the attack and her mom did not do anything wrong. Falco then apologized to Kaya but Kaya said there’s no need to apologize on behalf of Marley. Just like her, Gabi and Falco were just born in Marley.

Falco was curious how Kaya managed to survive? Kaya then told her about the bravery of Sasha and how she fended of the titan and pointed her arrow on the titan allowing her to escape. She then told her that if she was alive, she would not abandon people like Gabi and Falco.

Zeke the traitor

Back in Marley, the army has completed recovering pieces of evidences from the attack. They could only find limbs of Zeke but not his body. From these they made an inference that Zeke was part of the restorationists and the attack has been planned ever since four years ago.

General Magath told them that the combined forces of Marley and the rest of the world will attack Paradis but Reiner declined telling him that Zeke expects their attack and they should not wait for that long. The other titan shifter agreed saying that they cannot afford to lose Gabi and Falco, otherwise, it will take longer to train warrior candidates.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11 Manga Chapter

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