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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 12 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 12

In Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 12, Hange and Pixis try to determine the cause of Eren’s sudden change in behavior before they left for Marley. Will Eren continue to be locked up like how he threatened Hange from the previous episode? What will happen if Eren will meet Zeke. A new faction called Jaegerists who supports Eren Jaeger is now a threat to the Eldian Government and how will they pacify the demands of the group?


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 12 Summary

The episode starts of with Hitch teasing Armin as he tries to touch Annie’s crystal form. This is a call back to Episode 9 when Armin was trying to find out answers why the Attack on Marley had to happen. While walking, Armin read in the newspaper that Military was clinging to power by wrongfully detaining Eren Jaeger. Of course this is not true as the Military cannot tell the people yet about the Rumbling.

Near the gate, several people on strike holding banners to have Eren released. The Military Police called Hitch and Armin was left alone. Mikasa approached him saying that they cannot have the opportunity to go to waste. They must seek the chance and ask permission to talk to Eren. As they were heading to Zackly’s office, they noticed several scout recruits leaving the premises. Mikasa wondered why there were in the headquarters.


Cut scene to Pixis and Yelena. Pixis was trying to interrogate her meeting with Eren. He asked if Yelena convinced Eren to infiltrate Marley alone. But Yelena disputed saying she did not do it and only told Eren that someone must light a fire. Eren seems t agree with her and felt the urgency to move quickly. Pixis tried to imply that Yelena risked a meeting with Eren without any concrete plan. Was she manipulating Eren as Zeke would want her to do?

Yelena, feeling the pressure of Pixis line of questioning, suddenly blurted out her anger. She said she only wanted to meet Eren and that she was hoping Eren will attack Marley so they can get a sense of retribution. But the attack on Marley exceeded their expectation. She then asked Pixis if he believes that what is happening now is history itself changing course. She said she only wanted to be beside the two brothers as they change the world.

Pixis tried to believe what she said but it appears she was only giving half truths. She then asked Yelena to narrate everything they spoke about with Eren and they will have it annotated.

Meanwhile, Hange was with Onyankopon to find out his participation with Yelena’s meeting with Eren. Onyankopon was complaining why all the years they were working together has gone to waste. Then, Hange said that Yelena met with Eren. Shocked by what he heard, he asked Hange if this was true and he had no idea. Then Hange doubted why he did not say Yelena would never do it because he knows it might happen. To get to the point, Hange asked Onyakopon to tell her eveything he knows about Yelena.

Zackly’s Chair

Back to the headquarters, Armin and Mikasa was with the Zackly to ask for permission to talk to Eren. However, the latter declined telling them that Eren was in contact with the volunteers. This resulted in the attack in Marley and they are now trying to establish connection with anyone involved. Furthermore, Eren has kept quiet and has not confessed on what happened while he was in Marley. They also believe that Zeke is manipulating Eren.

Armin and Mikasa was shocked by this revelation and asked Zackly what will happen to Eren. Then, Mikasa saw what appears to be a torture or electric chair in Zackly’s office. The old man said he asked some recruits bring it there as was nowhere else to store it. Armin tried to talk his way in convincing Zackly but still failed.

The two left the room with a heavy heart. They met three Military Police while walking on the corridor outside Zackly’s office and eventually enetering the office. Armin thought to himself that they were already starting to pick the next founding titan. Mikasa then decided to go back to try to peek into the conversation.

Suddenly, a huge explosion happened inside the room and throwing off Zackly to the ground near the gate. The people outside who his corpse were delighted saying that their anger has reached them. All of the people then started shouting “Give your Hearts”

Eren Escapes

The Military Police and Scouts were investigating the source of the explosion. Hange told the investigator that he was with Onyakopon the whole day on house arrest. Armin then spoke and said that the chair was brought in by three scout recruits and they saw them leaving the headquarters. The Military police looked at them badly as they were also part of the scouts. Prior to this, there were already scouts detained for leaking the info to the people regarding the status of Eren. And the all of a sudden, a soldier shouted that Eren escaped from his cell.

On a hill, Eren met up with Floch and the other members of the Jaererists. They seemed to have planned the escape and used the panic caused by the explosion to escape. Then Eren gave the instructions to them to find the location of Zeke.

The following day, the Military Police gathered info that a 100 soldiers and guards escaped from the prison. The goal, according to Hange was to bring Zeke and Eren together and have Eren lead the reformed military. It was the Military Police who was plotting to take the founding titan from Eren that caused them oto rebel. The Military Police then rebutted saying that most of the Jaegerists are from the scouts which Hange leads. Hange exclaimed that she will take responsibility but it was not the proper time to resign

Surrender to the Jaegerist

Pixis arrived in the hall before the MP and Scouts start bickering. He asked Hange how many people knows the location of Zeke and she answered 30 soldiers and 3 others who deliver supplies. Then, he requested to have the three soldiers to be brought in for interrogation. He also asked Nile about the status of Queen Historia to which the former replied only a few people knows her location.

The ultimate goal of Eren is to get in contact with Historia and Zeke and he gave an order to have both of them protected at all cost. Armin proposed to have Pixis take over the command following the death of Zackly and asked what they are supposed to do. The commander then replied to surrender to Eren to avoid any infighting and minimize the risk. They will use the location of Zeke to negotiate with the Jaegerists.

After giving the orders, Pixis apologized to Kiyomi on the incident and told her that he may not be able to guarantee her safety. He asked the Azumabitos to retreat to the port until everything is settled.

Kiyomi agreed to Pixis’ proposal then asked Mikasa to come with them in which the latter declined. She only sees that greed in Kiyomi’s eyes in exploiting the resources of Paradis for their own good. Kiyomi confessed that the Azumabitos are hanging by a thread and relies on the success of the rumbling to advance their interest.

Yelena and Zeke’s Intentions

After the meeting, the scouts headed out to to depart. Connie, still mad at Sasha’s death, was blaming Eren for the death of Premier Zackly. Mikasa then answered that they are not even sure if Eren did it to which Jean asked them to keep their voices down. Others may think that they are on the side of the Jaegerists and Connie asked Mikasa whose side she was on. Mikasa defended herself saying that they were almost caught up in the explosion.

Hange stopped them from further disagreement. She disagrees with the plan to have Eren and Zeke meet but in her mind Zeke and Yelena has taken precautionary plans in this situation. Their goal now is to find out Zeke’s true intentions. She is worried about Yelena’s actions in securing work for the Marleyans at odd places like the restaurant. Because of this, they are going to the restaurant to further investigate.

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