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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 13 recounts the incedent in Ragako Village and how the Eldians were turned to mindless titans. The Blouse Family has arrived in the restaurant and some unexpected guests arrive as they were having their meal. Who could this guests be and how will Gabi’s story progress from hereon?


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13 Summary

The episode starts off with Zeke explaining the incident in Ragako Village where they sprayed the whole village with a gas made of his spinal fluid. The gas is very potent in such a way that any Eldian who breathes the gas will freeze. Zeke can then activate their transformation via the path. Zeke further explained that this was a necessary sacrifice to protect the Eldians and so his cover will not be exposed.

Levi thinks that Zeke has no remorse whatsoever in doing this. Zeke then asked Levi when will they start the test for the Rumbling but Levi told him that they were still waiting for instructions from headquarters. Zeke believes that they don’t have much time and Levi agreed on him. Then suddenly, a soldier arrived and whispered something which made Levi shocked.

The Restaurant

The Blouse Family together with Gabi and Falco arrived at the restaurant. It was as elegant as it gets complete with red carpet and candelit chandelier. Gabi and Falco seems to be uneasy and the other children teased them. Then Gabi whispered in Kaya’s ears if she is sure if the Marleyan really works there.

At the dining area, Nicolo greeted Mr Blouse. The latter introduced his family and Nicolo appeared to be shocked on the number of guests. Kaya then told Gabi that the one they are looking for is the cook. Gabi asked how Mr Blouse was invited despite him not being a soldier. Kaya responded saying that his daughter was the one who saved her. She continued and said that Nicolo was in the funeral and he wanted to let her father taste the food Sasha loved. It also looks like Mr Blouse’s daughter and Nicolo were lovers. Falco appeared to have a bad feeling about the situation..

The food was served and Falco was still out of him self. However, as soon as he tasted the food, all his worries disappeared as he uttered that the has never eaten such delicious food.

The Wine

While Nicolo was cooking the main dish, he was called out by some uninvited guests. The scouts were in the hall waiting for him to ask some questions. Onyakopon then told Nicolo that the scouts are trying to investigate regarding their detention. Nicolo understood and led them to a vacant room full of wines. Jean saw the stack and and asked why only the higher ups can drink the wine. Connie exclaimed that they too are higher ups and deserve to taste the wine.

Nicolo came shouting and grabbed the wine. He looked so scared and exclaimed that a good wine should not be wasted on Eldians. Jean asked why Nicolo keeps blabbering about the race issue but Nicolo looks unfazed and continued to mock them. Nicolo looked awful as he walked towards the kitchen.

Gabi saw Nicolo entered the room and Falco pretended to have a stomach ache to be able to excuse themselves. The two sneaked to where Nicolo was. Seeing the two kids, he told them that the toilet is in the other direction but the kids told him that the reason why they were there was because of him.

Gabi exclaimed that they were warrior candidates from Marley and they sneaked in the blimp. They tried to warn Nicolo of the upcoming attack from Marley and to hold round and inform the other Marleyans. Upon realizing what Gabi said, Nicolo asked if they killed anyone. Proud of her kill, Gabi exclaimed that she shot a female soldier.

Nicolo suddenly felt a gush of pressure in him seeing the person who killed his beloved Sasha. He grabbed the wine bottle and attacked Gabi. But Falco was quick to react and pushed Gabi away taking the hit on the wine bottle.

The Cycle of Hatred and Revenge

A bloodied Falco lied unconscious on the floor. Gabi was rocking him to wake him up but there was no reaction. Nicolo realizing what had happened, punched Gabi hard on the face and then carried them to the dining area. Nicolo then pointed a knife towards Gabi and told Mr Blouse that the kid was the one who killed Sasha. The two adults were terrified upon hearing this.

Nicolo tried to hand over the knife to Mr Blouse so he can kill Gabi for killing his daughter. Gabi came to a realization upon hearing the word “daughter”. Then Armin saw the scene and asked his comrades to come to the dining area quickly. Jean and Connie saw Gabi and asked Nicolo why the kid on the run is in the restaurant. Nicolo then pointed the knife towards Falco and told the scouts to stay back.

Gabi begged Nicolo to spare Falco and asked what is Falco to her. Nicolo then confessed his love for Sasha and how she saved him from the war. Sasha being an Eldian is a believed by many as the spawn of the devil. But she of all people loved his cooking and this brought a change of heart. Nicolo realized his love for cooking can make other people happy.

He asked why Gabi had to kill the person he loved. Then the kid answered that it was Sasha who killed first the person Gabi cared for the most. She also believe that Sasha bewitched him being a spawn of the devil.

Kaya Tries to Kill Gabi

Mr Blouse asked Nicolo to hand him over the knife. He approached Gabi with a grim look in his face. Then Mr Blouse started narrating about Sasha’s past and how he was responsible for letting her out in the forest. It’s to kill or be killed. Sasha was aware of this, and yet, she continued wandering the forest too long causing her to eventually lose her life. He suggested to keep the young ones out of the forest so that these kinds of things wont happen again. The adults must learn how to carry the burden of the past.

Mrs Blouse asked Nicolo to let go of Falco (Ben) to which he slowly let go. Mikasa approached Gabi to check her bleeding nose. The couple also asked if Gabi (Mia) is ok. The confused kid didn’t know how to react to this. In her mind, the people of Paradis are devil but now they are concerned with her and Falco.

Suddenly, an angry Kaya came rushing picking up the knife on the table and trying to stab Gabi. Mikasa’s quick reflex stopped her from hitting Gabi and Kaya shouted in disbelief why her friend killed the person she adores.

The Secret of the Wine

After the scouts assisted Gabi out of the room, Nicolo asked Hange to wash the mouth of Falco with water as some wine went inside. Hange asked what is the secret of the wine and he answered it had Zeke’s spinal fluid.

That night in the forest, Levi was talking with the messengers on top of the tree away from Zeke. He then learned that Zackly died and the Jaegerist had practically controlled everything. Levi believes that this is part of Zeke’s plan in making Eren and Yelena meet. Finally, he learned about Pixis plan in letting Eren meet Zeke.

Levi started to doubt why he keeps on saving Eren despite a lot of his comrades dying. Why did he believe that Eren was the hope of humanity?

Back to the restaurant, Jean was trying to get Nicolo to speak about the wine. Nicolo narrated that the first scouting unit was asked to pack the ship full of the wine with Zeke’s fluid. Until such time that Nicolo secured his job as a chef, Yelena asked him to serve the wine to high ranking members only. Apparently, only Nicolo was the only one who knows of this.

Hange realized the complexity of ther situation and how Zeke’s little lie has enormous effect. The little lie is that the person who drinks or inhales the spinal fluid will freeze. Apparently, no one who has drank the wine has ever frozen so they never suspected anything. The incident also happened 10 years ago when Marley attacked another nation. Suddenly titans sprung all over the city allowing them to conquer the city in just one night.

Jean realized that what happened earlier was a way for Nicolo to protect them. However, because of his confession, he now fears that his days are now numbered.

Eren Arrives at the Restaurant

In a separate room, Gabi was question why Mikasa and Armin protected her despite her killing their comrade. Mikasa answered that she doesn’t have any reasons. Gabi tried to bargain her life for Falco but Armin insisted there is no reason to kill. Suddenly we see Eren arrive at the restaurant in a familiar scenario showing his bloodied palm. In another room, the Jaegerists had the scouts surrounded. When Hange, Connie, Nicolo and Jean entered the room, Floch pointed their weapons at them and asked the location of Zeke. Hange immediately surrendered and said they don’t have an intention to fight.

Floch then told Hange that any negotiation with the Military is off the table at Eren’s decision. Jean then asked how come the Jaegerists know their location. Apparently, someone from the restaurant is an eye of Yelena in such scenario. Hange on the other hand tried to convince Floch that they don’t have time for infighting as the wine with Zeke’s spinal fluid was spread out.

Floch answered that he will just make a bigger mockery out of the Military Police. Hange immediatly realized that the Jaegerists knew about the wine when she did not even tell them who drank it.

After their conversation with Hange, Floch knocked on the door where Eren was. Armin, Mikasa and Gabi was seated with Eren with their palms facing the table and his hands still dripping with blood. Gabi looked either scared or mad at the sight of Eren in front of her.

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