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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 14 continues from the appearance of Eren and the Jaegerists in the restaurant. We also see Levi and Zeke in the forest and it appear its been a month since they arrived here. What will happen to the brothers and will they eventually meet?


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14 starts off with Gabi, Armin and Mikasa in front of the table and Gabi asking why the devils of Paradis did not kill her even if she killed Sasha and the guard at the dungeon. She is also asking why Falco had to risk his life to save her. Armin pacifies the situation and asks why Gabi was always thinking about killing. Suddenly a bloodied palm Eren appears and threatened everyone to put their hands on the table.

Eren started the conversation by telling them that he only wanted to talk and that conflict will not solve Eldia’s problems. Armin responded by telling Eren that they also wanted to talk. He asked Eren if the attack on Marley was planned by Zeke and Yelena. Eren denied this and told them that he is free and the choices he made were his choices alone.

Armin tried to confirm this with Eren but Mikasa thinks that he was being manipulated. Mikasa believes that Eren cannot kill innocent people, even kids, and that Eren cared for them just like how he saved her in the cabin and giving her the scarf. Mikasa felt so passionate, even standing up and raising her voice with Eren. Then Eren threatened again and told her to keep her hands in the table.

Free Will

Eren admitted that he met with Zeke when he was in Liberio as Zeke had more knowledge about the titans than Marley. He asked Armin if he was acting of his own free will in visiting Annie? Armin felt shocked at the question and couldn’t believe if this was really the case. Eren continued saying that Bertholdt is influencing him to meet Annie and the feelings he was feeling was not his.


Mikasa couldn’t believe what Eren was saying but Eren stopped her by asking if her will is also hers. He explained that the Ackermans were designed to protect Eldia’s king. The headaches is a result of the awakening of their powers and their old self resisting from being forced. Then, Mikasa remembered Eren ordering her to “Fight” while facing the threat of getting killed. This triggered her instincts thinking that she needs to protect Eren, the king.

To Eren, the Ackerman family is only made to protect the king and are slaves with no freedom. He continued agitating Mikasa by telling her that he finally knows the reason why he hates her. He can’t stand those who are not free and those who only obeys orders without questions. Armin couldn’t believe he was hearing this from Eren and tried to punch him to wake him back to his senses. But the Ackerman blood rushed to protect the king and subdued Armin proving Eren was right all along.

Mikasa, realizing what happened, let go of Armin. As soon as he had the chance, he proceeded to punch Eren and both of them falling off the table. Eren retaliated punching Armin many times, telling him they haven’t fought since it has always been an unfair fight. Mikasa couldn’t do anything to stop Eren as she watched the two fight. Mikasa rushed to help Armin as soon as Eren stopped. Eren told them that there was no need to resort to violence as he only wanted to know where they were hiding Zeke. He asked his colleagues to bring Armin, Mikasa and Gabi with them.

Still unsatisfied, Armin mocked Eren by saying he only wanted freedom to hurt Mikasa. He called Eren a slave that bows to a bastard. Eren asked who Armin was calling a slave then ordered everyone that they are leaving to where it started – Shiganshina.

Activated Spinal Fluid

Back to the forest where Levi was guarding Zeke. The messengers were reporting to Levi the death of Premier Zackly and the group supporting Eren called Jaegerists. Levi commented that he will turn one of the Jaegerists into a titan and Zeke. Zeke seems to be quietly reading his book but was overhearing their conversation.

Levi descended down the tree and walked towards Zeke. Zeke asked if there were any wine left. Levi confirmed that it has been consumed as they have been in the forest for a month now. As Levi walked away from Zeke, he recounted his plan of chopping Zeke regardless of what Pixis would think noting that there are 30 soldiers on guard and there is no way for Zeke to escape.

As soon as there was a safe distance from Levi, Zeke started running away and shouted in an odd tone. This activated the spinal fluid in the wine, turning all the 30 soldiers, excluding Levi, into mindless titans. The titans started raining down from the trees surrounding Levi. All Eldians who drank the wine felt Electricity run through them and they all speculated that Zeke must have activated the power.

Levi vs Zeke

Levi found himself in an odd situation where he needs to choose whether to survive or be eaten by his comrades. While escaping, he recalled the time they were arguing the necessity in bringing the wine on their mission. He recalled his conversation with Zeke regarding the Ragako village incident where the people froze up after inhaling the gas with Zeke’s fluid. He thought this must have been a lie and then proceeded in cutting off his comrade-turned-titans.

Zeke was trying to leave the forest while being carried by the titans. He was contemplating that Levi was wrong in thinking that they had the time and choices in the war. He knows that even if he explains his side to Levi, he is still unwilling to understand. Near the entrance of the forest, Zeke was getting anxious to finally meet Eren. However, Levi finally caught up with him and ordered the titans carrying him to go faster.

Levi was cutting the limbs of the titans like there was no tomorrow. Realizing he was at a disadvantage, he turned himself into the beast titan and started attacking Levi by ripping the head ot the titan and throwing it to Levi like a baseball. But the forest is not his friend as there were many blind spots and he cannot quickly react to Levi. Alas, he was cornered and Levi fired thunder spears on his name causing him to be expelled from his titan.

Commandant Shadis

In Shiganshina, Commandant Shadis was training new cadets to protect Shiganshina. The cadets were feeling unease as some of them had the same sentiments as the Jaegerists and believes that Eren is their savior. Shadis appears to have overheard them but did not react to punish them. Suddenly, the doors opened and low and behold, Hange appeared tied with her hands at the back. Floch was following her and declared that the area is now under the control of the Jaegerists.

He asked the cadets if any of them are willing to join their cause and to prove their loyalt, they must beat Shadis up. At first, there was reluctance on the part of the cadets but later on, their burning passion won and beat Shadis to join them. Floch asked Hange to accompany them to where Zeke was being held. We also see the Armin and Mikasa and the rest of the survey corps behind bars and Eren waiting by the window.

The episode ends with Zeke finally waking up with Levi riding a cart and a thunder spear stuck in his side. Levi was taking out his grudge for Zeke pitting out his comrades against him while slowly cutting off his feet. As Zeke slowly regain his lost parts, he asked Levi where his glasses were and then remembering a certain man named Mr Ksaver whom he played catch on his childhood.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14 Manga Chapter

Episode 14 of Attack on Titan Season 4 covers half of Manga Chapter 112 up to 113.

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