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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 15 shows a flashback of Zeke’s life before inheriting the beast Titan from Mr Tom Ksaver. Why did he foresake Grisha Yaeger and Dina Fritz and how did the “Euthanization Plan” came to be?


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15 starts off with a young Zeke with his father Grisha Yeager and mother Dina Fritz. They were in a high rise building overlooking Liberio from Marley. Just like the Eldians in Paradis, Eldians in Liberio were locked up in walls and are not allowed to leave. Grisha asks Zeke if he would like to leave the walls someday to which the the boy affirms.

Then, an old man in charge of cleaning the tower came out and saw them wearing an Eldian armband. He threw the bucket full of water to them and muttered he was only cleaning and need to get rid of the trash – the spawn of the devils. He also commented their atrocity of still breeding out kids. At an early age, Zeke has experienced discrimination and Grisha ensured that Zeke remembers this well so he could change the world and save everyone.

Beast Titan Holder

A few years later, Zeke started training to become an honorary Marleyan to eventually inherit the beast titan. Magath and the current beast titan holder was overlooking the training. But young Zeke was weak and fragile and has always been left out. After the training, Grisha and Dina came to pick up Zeke and asked about his training. The boy answered it was difficult. But Dina encouraged him saying he can do it because he has a special power.

They then proceeded to Grisha’s parents house to leave Zeke. The couple is attending their social dance club but this was only a front for the “Restorationists” movement. As the couple left, Mr Yaeger told the story of the “Tragedy of Lago” to Zeke

tragedy of Lago

The tragedy of Lago occurred 1200 year ago. After Lago was destroyed in a single day, the Titans went on to cause the Horrors of Valle and the Ravaging of Monte. Marleyans in the tens of thousands were killed by Eldia. The people who escaped Lago fled into the countryside. However, the Eldian Empire put titans along the path, and at daybreak, the titans rose and attacked and a lot of people died

Feeling concerned with Zeke, Mr Yaeger asked if he really wanted to become a warrior and fight for Marley. Zeke confirmed with a tone of hesitation. The old man then cut off the conversation and told Zeke its time for bed. As he stood up, Zeke saw the picture frame of Grisha and young Fay.

The next day after his training, Zeke went home early to see his dad. Grisha greeted him saying they can continue studying. Apparently, the tragedy of Lago was a made up story only

Eldian Restorationists

In one of the trainings, Magath reprimaned Zeke for not being serious and that Marley cannot entrust the titan to someone who was not willing to devote himself fully for Marley. Zeke felt bad and hopeless when suddenly a ball rolled to his feet. He picked up the ball and saw a man wearing glasses and holding baseball gloves. The man was also wearing a red arm band and introduced himself as Tom Ksaver, the current beast titan holder and working in titan research.

Tom asked the boy’s name and he introduced himself as Zeke Yaeger while throwing the ball with strength and precision. Tom complimented Zeke and told him that he can become a good pitcher.

As Zeke arrived home, he overheard his parents talking inside a room with another member of the Restorationists named Grice. They were talking about the slim chance of Zeke being able to inherit the titan which will severely affect their plan. The “Owl” won’t be able to influence the decision unless Zeke shows improvement. Then Grisha saw a silhouette and realized it was Zeke. He approached him and shouted Zeke can do it because he is his son.

The following day, Zeke approached Magath again to swear his allegiance to Marley. Grisha felt frustrated as he and Dina watched Zeke train and saw him struggling in keeping up with his peers.

Tom Ksaver

Zeke found a friend in Tom as he is able to open up with him. Tom felt like Zeke never wanted to become a warrior but Zeke told him it’s his responsibility to become one but utterly failed. But Tom thinks its useless for him to shorten his life and fight battles for Marley. Zeke asked why Tom chose to become a warrior to which the latter answered that he wanted to learn about the secrets of the titans.

Tom said he was curious how the Eldians and the titan powers came to be which all started when Ymir touched “something”. This was enough motivation for him to risk his life and shorten his life span.

As Zeke was cleaning, he passed by a room with soldiers talking about the Eldian Restorationists. It appears they found out that the group was headed by a leader called the “Owl”.

Zeke felt afraid for his life, his parents and grandparents but he couldn’t tell them what he overheard. Instead, he asked them to stop doing dangerous things otherwise they might be sent to the island of devils.

But Grisha was hard in his ideals and taking the stand against Marley. He insisted that they were doing this for all Eldians including Zeke. Zeke was confused and didn’t want to have the same fate as Fay, however, Grisha explained that Fay died because the world was twisted and they need to correct it by winning Eldia’s rights back.

Zeke told Tom what happened to bid his farewell. Tom couldn’t believe what he just heard. He wanted Zeke to live and suggested that the only way to save his life and his grandparents is to report his parents and prove his loyalty to Marley. Zeke followed his advise and his parents were eventually captured and thrown to Paradis.

Euthanization Plan

A few year later and Zeke grew up to be a strong man worthy to inherit the beast titan. Mr Ksaver is also nearing his 13 years as titan shifter. He told Zeke about what he learned about his research. Zeke asked if this was about rewriting memories. Tom answered it’s more than just rewriting memories but in fact changing the biology and anatomy of the Eldians just like they survived the pandemic. Apparently, everyone is connected to the Founding Titan where ever they may be. At that point, Zeke asked if it is possible for the subjects of Ymir to stop bearing children. This will eventually be called the Euthanization plan.

Zeke explained that if Eldians are no longer capable of bearing children, than in 100 years, all Eldians will eventually die out and the children will no longer suffer the same fate.

Tom Ksaver’s Family

As Zeke was giving his plan, Tom suddenly became quiet and started recalling his past. During his early life, he removed his Eldian Armband and pretended to be a Marleyan. Eventually, he got himself a wife and a kid while still pretending to be a Marleyan. However, his secret was not meant to be kept forever and as soon as her wife realized that he was an Eldian, her wife killed their son then committed suicide.

Tom saw his son in Zeke and played baseball with him just as he was supposed to do so with his son. He made his titan research as an excuse to run away from reality.

That instance, Zeke finally realized his mission to inherit the beast titan and take the founding titan not for Marley but to save the world.

Breaking the Founding Titan Vow

Before transferring the titan to Zeke, Tom divulged a secret of the Eldians so the can break free from the founding titan’s vow of renouncing war. This was only possible because Zeke is carrying a royal blood just like the founding titan. Zeke needs to make a contact with the founding titan to be able to draw out it’s power. However, the caveat is that the power can only be used by the founding titan alone.

To be able to be successful in this, Zeke must find the person who harbors the founding titan and must agree to their plan. Zeke will serve as a key to open the powers but the founding titan must do the action to change the biology of the Eldians so they are no longer able to a bear child.

Yeager Brothers

During the reconnaissance mission to retake the founding titan, Bertholdt and Rainier found out the identity of the founding titan holder. They discussed with Zeke that the basement of his house holds the key to a vital information. Zeke asked the two if Eren discussed anything about his father. Bertholdt replied that Eren’s father was a doctor and was missing. That time, he realized that his father, Grisha Yeager, was alive and Eren is his brother.

When Eren infiltrated Marley, he had a chance to meet with Zeke while staying in the hospital, thanks to Falco sending his letters. During their meeting, Zeke told Eren his plan was exactly as Yelena has explained to him. He asked if Eren agreed to the Euthanization Plan

Eren remembered the time when he kissed Historia’s hand and gained access to his father’s memories. He saw how Grisha took the founding titan and slaughtered the kids one by one and feeling it as if he was experiencing it first hand. If it weren’t for this, the cycle of the retaking of the founding titan and the breeding of the royal family will never end and they will be bound by the vow renouncing the war.

So Zeke asked Eren if he agreed to his father’s ideals. Eren thinks that his father was wrong and Eren also thinks himself as a mistake. If Eldians hadn’t been born, the Euthanization plan and the rumbling would not have to happen thus agreeing to Zeke’s plan and put an end to the 1000 year old titan domination. Zeke felt flattered that they were finally able to agree with each other but told Eren that it is not yet time to shake hands, instead giving him his precious baseball.

Levi Explodes

Back to the present, the rain was pouring hard and Levi was driving the cart with Zeke still tied with a thunderspear in his stomach. Zeke was looking at the raindrops while saying that their only salvation is the euthanization plan. Levi was confused on what Zeke meant about euthanization and said that they are heading to a place so Zeke can be eaten as a retribution for all the lives lost. Feeling desperate, Zeke told Levi he did not just kill them, he saved them from bearing children in the future. He then pulled the trigger of the thunder spear causing it to explode and him and Levi getting blasted off the cart.

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