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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 2 anime is entitled MIDNIGHT TRAIN. After Marley’s success in the war vs the middle east forces, the soldiers head back home to Liberio to meet their family. Zeke explains the plans to retake Paradis. What does his power entail for the Marleyan forces and who is the strange person Falco meets in Liberio? Read on the summary below.


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Summary

The episode starts off with Marley officials and Zeke discussing the outcome of their victory against the Middle East forces. Despite winning the battle, they are still at a disadvantage after the enemy forces gained upperhand in developing anti titan weapons. Marley only have the titans to rely on which are indisputably better at land combat.

To counter the negative impression, Zeke suggested to device a plan to recover the founding titan in his last year. He proposed that the next headline should read that the Marley forces have occupied Paradis and gained the power of all titans. This is were the anime cutoff the dialogue where Zeke mentioned his father, Grisha Yaeger and how he got the attack titan.

Zeke Secret Special Power

Colt and Zeke went to the roof top to talk after the meeting. Colt then asked Zeke what was so special with him when he doesnt have any royal blood. Based on the diary of Grisha, we know that Zeke’s mother, Dina Fritz, is a Royal blood. This is an allusion to Zeke’s secret when he mentioned to Colt that he will learn about his secret when he finally inherits the Beast titan.

Magath arrives in the scene overhearing the conversation of Colt and Zeke. He then asked what was Zeke’s plan in getting the Founding Titan when all the 32 reconnaisance ships they sent to Paradis ended in failure. The anime cut off Zeke’s explanation of Paradis possessing four titans.

Reiner Braun’s Trauma

Reiner Braun woke from a nightmare recalling the day he lost to Mikasa. Porco was seated beside him and sarcastically expressed how Reiner looked happy. Porco then tells Reiner how he was constantly being saved and in the process losing his brother. He was also frustrated how he can only see Ymir’s but not his brother’s memories. Pieck then entered the room and told Reiner that the kids were worried about him and that he should show up to them.

Before sundown, Gabi saw the prisoners embarking in a boat in the pier. Udo reflected that it will be bad for Eldians once the prisoners recounts their terrifying experience with the Titans. Reiner arrives and Gabi asked him to walk with them before they board the train to Liberio. As the kids were walking away, Reiner had a brief flashback and saw himself with Marcel, Bertholdt and Annie in the figures of the kids.

Midnight Train

That night, everyone boarded the midnight train headed back to Liberio. The Eldians were celebrating Gabi’s victory in destorying the armored train. Standing at the side was Falco who was talking with Reiner. He told Reiner how Gabi adores him so much and is working hard to inherit the armoured titan. Reiner then pursuaded Falco to do his best to inherit the titan and save Gabi.

The train finally arrives in Liberio with the family of the soldiers waiting patietly. This is similar to the first episode where Eren and Mikasa were watching the return of the Survey Corps. The parents of Gabi, Reiner, Pieck, Porco, Falco, Colt and the grandparents of Zeke gave them a warm embrace.

Falco felt sorry for the group of injured soldiers lining up at the side. He tried to encourage them, saying that they will get better in no time. Falco then helped a long haired guy with a broken leg and had his armband in the wrong arm. Who could this guy be?

That afternoon, Gabi and Reiner’s family were at the table and Gabi was sharing her experience in destroying the armoured train. Reiner assured them that Gabi would inherit the titan. Gabi then praised Reiner for surviving for 5 years in the land of the devils. Reiner narrated how evil the people in Paradis were describing his experience with Eren. His mom appears unconvinced and thought Reiner was hiding something. Reiner’s mom approached Gabi and told her that what she did is right and must work hard to punish the Eldians who moved to Paradis and left them in Marley.

Zeke Meets with the Titan Shifters

Zeke and the remaining titan holders including Reiner, Porco, Pieck, met at the barracks the following day. Porco asked if they were the only ones to meet and Zeke confirmed that “they are not here”. Here, he was refering to the war chief and other officials. According to Zeke, this is only a tea session and to plan for the next action.

Zeke explains that the Eldian’s existence is in danger if Marley’s forces weakens. In order to combat this, they must obtain the founding titan in Paradis together with the resources in the island through the help of the Tyburs.

The Tybur family, currently weilding the war hammer titan, will play a major role in this plan. One hundred years ago, the Tyburs had a profound role in driving away King Fritz into isolation in Paradis. Porco doubted the allegiance of the Tyburs and said that they have not participated in any wars. Reiner agreed to Zeke’s plan if that will save Marley.

The plan will commence during the upcoming festival that will be participated by VIP around the world. This will serve as a venue to announce the declaration to retake Paradis within one year.

The final scene showed the Marleyans listening to the conversation of the titan shifters. General Magath found it off for Zeke to say that they are not there which meant he was aware of them. Reiner went outside and saw Gabi and Falco training, finally exclaiming that he is going back to the island.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Explained

Zeke’s Spinal Fluid has played significant role in the Ragako Village incident in Paradis. The spinal fluid is similar to the powes of the founding titan in such a way that it can transform Eldians into mindless titans and eventually control them. This is because Zeke is the son of Dina Fritz and has royal blood. However, the Marleyan forces does not know Zeke’s secret bloodline and how he is able to possess such powers. During the titan holders meeting, he told them that “they are not here” to tell the Marley forces that he is aware that they are listening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the long haired guy in Attack on Titan (AOT) season 4?

The long haried guy in AOT season 4 is Eren Jaeger who crossed the ocean from Paradis. He was immersing himself with Marley and planning for their attack.

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