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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 4 centers about the introduction of the WAR HAMMER TITAN, the last titan shifter in the series. We also learn more about the Tybur family and the plans for the upcoming festival in Liberio. And finally, it builds up the characters of Reiner, Falco and Eren towards the end scene in this episode.


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Summary

The Episode starts with Reiner meeting Falco heading back to the headquarters. He remembers Eren, who introduced himself as Mr Kruger, requesting him to send a letter to a certain someone but must do so away from the hospital where he is confined. Eren tells Falco it was for a family to tell him/her that he is doing fine. Who was the letter for and what purpose does it serves since Eren does not have a family in Marley, or does he?

Willy Tybur

This is the first time General Magath meet the Tybur Family. Willy Tybur, the head of the family, introduces the members of the family who were seated comfortably in the sofa with some tea and pastries. We see a middle aged woman standing beside an elderly woman and bald grandfather. There’s also a teenage girl taking care of four other kids and a tall maid standing beside the wall.

In the balcony, Willy asked Magath, being the head of the Marley Warrior unit, if he recognized the War Hammer Titan from any of them. The latter answered he is not sure if its even there but the former confirming otherwise. Then Willy started telling the history of the titans after taking a look at the statue of Helos.

The History of Titans as recounted by Marley

“A Century ago, a mere human slayed the devil of all earth and became the renowned Marleyan hero who saved the World – Helos

Upon hearing the story, Magath exclaimed that the Marleyans are content by just hearing the news of their teritory expanding and thinks that the Marleyans are being controlled from the shadows. Quick to his wit, Willy admits that the Marleys were indeed being controlled by the Tyburs in the shadows but the wars were Marley’s doing. He continued, saying that he is planning to reveal the truth to the world at the festival.

The Plan to retake Paradis

The following day, Reiner is back in the headquarters with high Marleyan officials discussing about the possible strategies to retake the founding titan.

South: Titans are mostly located, and the walls are less defended near the mountains
North: Best place to attack but the ships can only dock near the wharf near the south.
Wharf: Probably destroed since most of the ships were lost.

Then we switch scene to the remaining titan holders looking at the four kids training below. Reiner recognizes Falco winning the race from Gabi but his brother Colt says that Gabi is mostly assured to take the titan.

The kids were celebrating Falco’s win as they head towards the internment camp. Upon hearing the story from the kids, one of the guards teased Falco that he might have a chance in getting the Titan but Gabi got mad and punched Falco in the head. She was still bragging her feat during the war of Fort Salva and how she saved everyone and made Marley proud.

Falco accepted and slowly walked away. But Gabi was insistent and asked why Falco still wants to get the armoured titan despite Colt already getting the beast titan and assured of the honorary title. Falco, concerned with Gabi, shouted that he is doing it for her. There was a brief silence. Everyone thought that Falco was done for but alas, Gabi did not get Falco’s concern for her.

General Magath and Willy Tybur

The three kids then headed to the place where the Festival will be held. On their way, they met a couple who appreciated their efforts and thanked them, giving rations of bread. Upon arrival, they saw a theater like area being prepared where the VIPs will gather for the declaration of war.

Udo thinks that this will not magically take away Marley’s problems. Udo narrated that his family was from an internment camp abroad and that the hate for Eldians far exceeds that from Marley. Gabi thinks otherwise and said that its the more reason for Eldians in Marley to work hard to change the perspective and so others will also understand them.

In the same area, General Magath was talking with Willy Tybur about the preparations for the Festival in Liberio. Willy congratulated Magath saying that he controls the army but Magath says that they serve the nation and Willy is the supreme commander. Willy showed his reluctance of carrying the burden of leading the nation. Magath quickly changed the topic pointing to the house that needs to be demolished.

Eren and Mr Yeager

The scene switches to Falco telling Eren how he needs to work more to surpass Gabi. Eren encouraged Falco more by thanking him for his effort in sending the letters. Falco then notices a baseball glove beside Eren and asked if it came from his family and Eren affirms saying that he might need to go home after the festival. Falco bid farewell from Eren upon seeing a man dressed in Doctor’s gown.

The man approached Eren and sat beside him. He introduced himself as Doctor Yeager and Eren introduced himself as Mr Kruger. Mr Yeager discloses to Eren the background of Falco’s family and that his uncle was a leader of the restorationist. The restorationists are sent to Paradis to atone for their sins. Falco and Colt had to work hard to become a warrior to protect their family.

Eren wonders why Mr Yeager was telling him the story and the latter told him to stop asking Falco for favors that may endanger his family. Mr Yeager then remembers his regrets with his son taking his sister outside the walls. His daughter dies as a result and he blames himself for his son rebelling because he pushed him to become a doctor.

NOTE: Mr Yeager is in fact Eren’s grandfather. The son he was referring to was Grisha Yeager and Zeke is Eren’s half brother. The baseball glove was from Zeke. Though it was not shown here, there was a panel in the manga of Zeke playing practice throw. The name Eren Kruger was from the OWL of the Eldian restorationists.


In the banquet held for the VIPs, the four kids were tasked to become waiters for the guests. Two of the guests noticed the arm bands and why they were being served by filthy blood. To his shock, Udo splashed a wine on the kimono of a woman passing by. The woman covered up for Udo and told the man that it was an accident and she was just asking for help. Gabi notices the symbol on her attire and exclaimed that she is an easterner from Hizuru.

During the party, Willy Tybur met some of his childhood friends and they reminisced about the old times. Then Marley’s ambassador called everyone’s attention for a toast. He jokingly told them that yesterday’s enemies are today’s friend and that they should just wash out their past in the toilet with their drinks. No one seems to be impressed with the speech so Willy had to take over and everyone got back to their cheerful mood.

Wily started his speech by acknowledging that the people from the internment camp has the same blood as his. He also acknowledged that the Eldians used to oppress the Marleyans but after the Marleyans won, they took the same paths as the Eldians, continuing the cycle of oppression. He then announced that he will give the solution to this problem tomorrow in a theater like production.

Festival in Liberio

The following day, Gabi woke up with festive music in Liberio. Overwhelmed, Gabi met up with her friends and enjoyed all the food they could chew. Reiner, Pieck and Porco joined the kids and enjoyed the festival too. At the end of the day, Gabi was so stuffed, she could barely walk causing Reiner to drag her. She muttered that there are a lot of things happening that she feels something is about to change.

After the final credit, we get a glimpse of the stage. Falco told Reiner that someone wants to meet him and brings him to an underground place at the back of the stage. Then, the unthinkable happens. Reiner is shocked to see Eren.

AOT S4 episode 4 Manga Chapters

Attach on titan season 4 episode 4 episode covers half of Manga Chapter 97 and the full chapter 98.

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