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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 entitled Declaration of War is one of the best episodes to date with the animation, pacing, storyline and soundtrack. The right blend of story telling from both Eldian and Marleyan sides complemented by the soundtrack from previous seasons is so nerve racking, it will certainly give you chills and goosebumps at the end of the episode.


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Summary

The episode starts with a flashback of Reiner, Annie and Berthlodt walking towards their camp in Paradis and the latter telling the other two about his recurring dreams of the man from their past who hanged himself up. He cannot understand why the old man had to tell the story and ending up killing himself as if he was wanting someone to forgive or judge him.

Then, the scene cuts back to the present where the previous episode left off with Reiner standing in front of Eren. Shocked in disbelief, Reiner did not know what to say and Falco bewildered at Reiner’s reaction.

Then, we get a glimpse of the stage with the audiences where Willy Tybur will be making his performance. At the backstage, Willy was looking tensed in the mirror when Kiyomi appeared with two body guards. She wanted to see Willy before his performance and to wish him luck. Kiyomi then left the area after the meeting, never to be seen again. Why did Kiyomi not watch the performance?

Eren and Reiner

Sitting in his chair with one leg broken, Eren offered Reiner to sit for a serious talk. Eren described their location as a perfect spot to listen to the performance, pointing his finger up towards the spectacle of commoners living in the building, at the same time showing his bloodied palm. Reiner immediately noticed the threat and followed Eren’s order to sit down and asked Falco to stay as Eren requested.

In the event area, Reiner’s mother and Annie’s father were sitted as an honorary Marleyan. Mr Leonhart exclaimed Bertholdt’s father passed away in his sleep and he is still hopeful that Annie is alive. We also get a glimpse of the location of the Marleyan army, the ambassadors and the VIPs.

Pieck and Porco Trapped

Prior to the start of the performance, a tall bearded soldier called for Porco, Grisha and Pieck telling them they were summoned by General Magath. The three went ahead but separated ways when Grisha was told to proceed to the gate.

Along the way, Pieck noticed something peculiar with the soldier guiding them and felt like she had met him before. While walking, she saw her crew and hugged one of them out of the blue and then continued to the meeting place. Upon reaching the house, the soldier suddenly pulled a knife and slashed the rope near the door. A trap hole opened where the two were standing, causing them to fall, injuring Pieck and Porco.

The hole where Pieck and Porco fell was deep and small preventing them to transform to their titan form. Pieck muttered that the place was primitive and designed to immobilize those who were trapped.

Marleyan Great Titan War

“Approximately 100 yrs ago, The Eldian race ruled the world with the power of the Titans. Between the appearance of the founder, Ymir, and the present day, Titans have stolen the lives of so many people that the present population of the world could die thrice and still not compare.

Because of the Titans, an extraordinary number of races and the cultures and histories thereof, have been stolen from the world. That slaughter has defined human history and the history of the Eldian Empire. And when the Eldian empire ran out of enemies, it turned to the killing of its own kind. Thus begun the great titan war.

Houses holding eight titans shed blood in combat and among themselves.in these desperate times, one Marleyan saw a path to victory. He was the hero, Helos. By artfully waging an information war, he led the Eldian Empire’s biggest threat to turn against and kill one another. He then joined hands with the Tybur family and successfully drove King Fritz for whom victory was not out of reach, to Paradis Island.

But even exiled to the island, the King still held power. Tens of Millions of titans capable of crushing the world flat still slumber in that island. Marley, decided to take the initiative against the island, and sent four titans to neutralize the threat. But that plan failed and only the armoured titan returned. In other words, the Eldian Empire, scourge of human history, is alive and well.”

Tybur Family’s Real Titan History

“Approximately 100 years ago, the one who ended the Great Titan War was neither Helos nor the Tybur family. The man who brought an end to that war and saved the world was King Fritz.

He came to regret the Eldian Empire’s savage history and the infighting among his people. Above all, he grieved for the Marleyans and the opression they live under. When he inherited the Founding Titan, he and the Tybur family devised a plan to establish a single Marleyan as a hero in the war. His name was Helos.

The king then moved as many Eldians as he could to the island and closed the gates of his walls. When he did, he declared that any who disturbed his peace would be met with the wrath of thousands of titans.

But this was not his true intention. To ensure that his ideals will be inherited, King Fritz made a pledge renouncing war. Because of this, Karl Fritz’s ideals have been passed on to his descendants. This is why no Titans have attacked from the island to this day.

In other words, this world has been protected by none other than the man we know as the despocable king of the walls, Karl Fritz and his desire for peace. His goal was indeed peace.

Karl Fritz used the power of the Founding Titan to build three concentric walls. These walls, made of untold millions of Colossal Titans, have acted as both spear and shield to protect the worl’s peace until now. However, several years ago, a revolution occured on Paradis Island. King Fritz’s peaceful ideologyhas been overthrown, and the founding titan has been stolen by a certain individual.

Karl Fritz Message

If Marley is to gain power and come to claim the lives of the royal family and the power of the Founding Titan, I will accept that. The Eldians’ sins are grave enough to justify it. No atonement will ever be enough. However, until we receive our recompense, grant me a paradise without conflict in the world within these walls. Please at least allow us this.

Karl Fritz

The Rumbling

For one hundred years, from the time King Fritz moved to Paradis until the present day, the island was left undisturbed. The royal bloodline was bound by the pledge of renouncing the war and so they cannot use the power of the Founding Titan. The walls containing the millions of Titans remained dormant as long as the Royal Family held the power of the Founder.

But things have changed after Eren ate the Founding Titan as plotted by his father Grisha. The chain was broken and so, the Rumbling can now be activated. However, since Eren was not of Royal blood, he too cannot fully utilize the power of the founding titan.

Falco and Eren’s Letter

Nearing the end of Willy’s speech, Eren’s leg started to heal. Falco was feeling terrified and had several realizations of the situation.

  1. Reiner was so scared after seeing an old friend.
  2. If Reiner met Eren more than four years ago, then it must have been during his mission in Paradis. Falco cannot believe that Eren was from Paradis.
  3. The letters Eren asked him to send were not for his family.

Marley and Paradis Devils

From Marley’s point of view, the people living in Paradis were the demons. They devised the plan to send four kids, Reiner, Annie, Berthodlt and Marcel, to Paradis to reclaim the Founding titan and prevent the rumbling from happening. After Marcel got eaten, Annie and Bertholdt wanted to go back and abort the mission but Reiner stopped them and wanted to continue so everyone will recognize him as the hero.

From Paradis Point of view, the enemy were the people outside the walls. After the Colossal Titan destroyed Wall Maria, it allowed the mindless titans to eat the citizens including Eren’s mother.

To Eren, the Marleyans were the enemy, but then, after eating and sleeping with the enemies, he realized that Reiner’s situation was like his and both of them had no choice. Reiner asked Eren to kill him just like the old man from the past who wanted someone to judge him.

Declaration of War

As Willy was ending his speech in declaration of the war, Eren reached out his hands to Reiner uttering that he can only keep moving forward and exterminate his enemies. Reiner grabbed Eren’s hand and sparks shot out signalling the titan transformation of Eren. Aware of the situation, Reiner ran immediately to protect Falco and protect him from the rubbles falling as Eren destroyed the building.

Titan Eren shocked the crowds at his appearance. Willy Tybur, looking up at the attack titan, was torn in half in split second and the war finally begun.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Explained

How will the Rumbling be activated? There were three instances when Eren was able to use the Founding Titan’s power.

  1. Eren touched Dina Fritz’s mindless titan and activating the coordinate
  2. When Historia and Rod Reiss touch the chained Eren for him to remember the past.
  3. When Eren kissed Queen Historia’s hands and remembered Grisha’s memory talking to Freida

This means that in order for Eren to use the power of the founder, he needs to connect with any person of Royal blood.

Here are the descendants of Karl Fritz family seen in previous chapters / episodes

  1. Dina Fritz †– the last Eldian in Marley. She married Grisha Yeager and had a son, Zeke. Zeke was supposed to spy for the Eldian restorationists but Zeke betrayed and sold his parents to the Marleyans. Because of the betrayal, Dina was bought to Paradis and was turned into a mindless titan while Grisha inherited the attack titan from the owl. Grisha married again and had a son, Eren, and his new wife was eaten by the mindless titan Dina Fritz.
  2. Uri Reiss † – Holder of the Founding Titan before Frieda, and Brother of Rod Reiss. He became the best friend of Kenny Ackerman after several attempts of the latter to kill him.
  3. Rod Reiss † – the true ruler of Paradis after Freida lost the Founding Titan and father of Historia.
  4. Frieda Reiss † – half sister of Historia and inherited the Founding Titan from Uri. Eren ate her to gain the founding titan as plotted by Grisha Yeager. Eren then ate Grisha to become the holder of two titans.
  5. Historia Reiss – Current Queen of Paradis. She was installed by the survey corps after the coup in the capital and overthrowing the fake king.
  6. Zeke Yeager – Current holder of the beast titan and half brother of Eren Yeager.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Manga Chapters

Attack on titan season 4 episode 5 covers chapters 99 and 100

Who was the soldier who trapped Pieck and Porco?


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