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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 6 continues from the previous episode where Eren transformed into the Attack Titan, destroying the building and perfomance stage. In this episode, we will finally know if Willy Tybur is the weilder of the war hammer titan and if Eren successfully gained his third titan form.


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Summary

The episode starts off with a brief flashback of Willy Tybur talking to his four young children in the mansion. The kids wanted to witness his perfomance but Willy told them that they can’t and asked his eldest daughter to take care of her siblings. He also bid farewell to his wife who felt anxious as she knows that something bad may happen. Willy left with the lady in maid out fit and the guard.

Along the way to Liberio, General Magath and Willy had a conversation about the possible attack of the enemies of Marley. They were unsure of when the attack will happen but Willy believes it will be during his speech. He asked General Magath to have all the army seated together on the edge as they will be a necessary casualty and will pave way to rebuilding the military.

Willy also believes that there are some conspirators working with Paradis but they are not sure who they were since Marley has many enemies. The Eldians will also be part of the sacrifice and Willy points out that whether Marley sends them to war or dies tonight will not make any difference. Contrary to Willy’s beliefs, General Magath thinks that this is not war unless they really know who their enemies are.

The War Hammer Titan

Back to the present, Eren ate Willy Tybur thinking he was the war hammer titan holder but nothing happened. Shocked by the events, everyone started panicking and a huge stampede broke out. Zofia died after a big boulder fell on her. Udo tried to dig her out but the rushing crowd ran over him.

From the side of the stage, the lady wearing the maid outfit emerged from the rubble and uttered that her brother did a good job in fulfilling his duties. A spark ignited from her body and she transformed into the war hammer titan. Eren saw the transformation and punched the titan to the ground. A huge spike came out from the body of the titan skewering Eren several meters above.

The war hammer titan stood up and summoned a hammer to crush Eren. Eren then hardened his fists to break the spike in order to evade the attack. Then the war hammer titan attacked again, breaking Eren’s arms. Eren finally showed up from the neck of the Attack titan.

Survey Corps Attack on Marley

While this was happening, the Panzer squad finally located Pieck and Porco trapped under the floor. Pieck asked them to get a rope so they can get out. Porco was amazed how they managed to find them. Pieck told him about her suspicion on the bearded guy and asked his squad to silently follow them. She asked her squad to get her the cart in 10 minutes so they can attack. As she looked up, she was shocked to see Paradis’ survey corps dangling in the roofs and about to launch their attack on Marley.

Feeling confident that the war hammer titan can finally crush Eren, she asked if he had final words. Eren called for Mikasa and then out of nowhere, Mikasa arrived attacking the nape of the war hammer titan with thunder spears. The remaining survey corps showed up on the watch tower and threw explosives at soldiers.

*Note that these are the same thunder spears they used against the armoured titan back in Pardis.

Mikasa, seeing Eren again after a long time, asked him to come home. She told Eren what he did was bad and now his hands are stained with blood of the civilians and children. As they were talking, the war hammer titan stood up and attacked them. Mikasa and Eren were confused as to why it is still standing after it’s nape got hit and serevely damaged

Lara Tybur

Mikasa carried Eren and evaded the attack. Eren told her to get the attention of the titan while he tries to figure out what was happening. Apparently, he was able to deduce that the titan transformed from its feet instead of the nape. This provided a clue as to why it remains invinsible. He noticed a string like substance connecting the war hammer titan to the ground then transformed back to his titan form and finally got hold of the hardened shell of Lara Tybur. He pulled the cord and the war hammer titan lost its life force, falling face down to the ground.

Meanwhile, Colt, carrying the lifeless Udo, and Gabi rushed to the hospital to seek medical attention. The doctors declined them saying that there are more people they can tend and there was nothing they can do for the kid. Gabi then left the hospital to avenge the death of her friends.

Along the way, she met the gate guards who stopped her from going to the battle field. As they were talking, the two guards died from the shots coming from the from the rooftop. It was Sasha who sniped them leaving Gabi feeling more vengeful. Connie then arrived and Sasha reminded him not to forget to setup the torches in the roofs.

As Eren was about to eat the hardened shell, the Jaws titan showed up and bit the Attack Titan’s nape to eat Eren. However, Levi was also waiting for the right timing and cut the joint on the mouth of the Jaws titan losing it’s grip and the other survey corps attacked the Jaws Titan simultaneously. This was the first time that Porco met the survey corps as he only acquired the jaws titan from eating Ymir in Marley.

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