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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 7 focuses on the continuing battle between the titans and soldiers from Marley and Paradis. How will the battle end and who will emerge victorious? Will Reiner still get up from his slumber and will Eren acquire the War Hammer Titan

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Summary

As the Jaws titan was about to get taken down by the survey corps, Pieck showed up to back him up with the machine guns from Panzer squad. Some of the survey corps got taken down while the rest flee to shelter. On the other hand, Lara Tybur summoned a deformed War Hammer Titan with tree like hardening emanating from its hand piercing Eren’s Attack Titan.

The beast titan slowly arrived walking towards the battlefield telling his comrades not to let anyone escape and that his war is not with Eren but with Levi Ackerman.

Miraculously, Falco emerged from the rubble inside Reiner’s deformed armoured titan. Reiner protected him just in time before Eren fully transformed and destroying the building. He recalled how remorseful Reiner was while talking to Eren. Falco assured Reiner that he still has them and that they will be at his side. He then went out to seek help for Reiner.

As the Survey corps continued their attack on the beast titan, Panzer squad attacked them and killing some soldiers. Porco also attacked the soldiers attacking Pieck’s blind spot.

Breaking off the War Hammer Titan’s Crystal

While Eren lay hanging, he was still holding the crystal on his hand. He tried to bite off the crystallized form of Lara Tybur but lost his teeth as the hardening was stronger than expected and similar to that of Annie. He then decided to leave his attack titan and created a new attack titan.

Along the port, the Marleyan ships were preparing to to block all possible escape routes of the Suvey corps. Suddenly, a small boat showed up carrying a young blonde Armin. He then transformed to his Colossal titan form. The transformation was like a nuclear attack, destroying all the ships and buildings nearby.

Furious with what he saw, Porco left their formation and Levi took this opportunity to attack the beast titan making him fall face down in front of General Magath and the two kids. The attack continued and Sasha saw an opening and sniped one of the Panzer Squad members. Pieck tried to avenge her comrade but Jean showed up with other Survey corps member and fired their thunder spears on Pieck incinerating all other members.

Survey Corps Escape Plan – Blimp

Armin released himself from the Colossal Titan and saw the casualties. He suddenly thought about the feelings of Bertholdt when they first attacked Wall Maria. Then, a blimp came to pick up Armin and he boarded the flying vessel which following the lamps set up by the survey corps as their guide.

Back to the warzone, Jean tried to finish off the Cart titan with Falco in front. For a brief second, he hessitated giving time for Pieck to release a steam and made the thunder spear miss Falco. Porco was angrier than ever and attacked Eren, biting off his hands and slashing his face. The second time Porco tried to slash Eren, he blocked the attack with the crystal form of Lara Tybur and it got damaged making Eren realize that this might be a good way to crack open and eat the war hammer titan.

As the Blimp arrived in the warzone, some Marleyan soldiers noticed the floating fortress and immediately realized that they survey corps will be using it for their escape. Porco tried to attack it but Mikasa found a chance to cut off its legs as he leaped through the roof top. Eren tore off the remaining limbs of the Jaws Titan and put the crystal into the Jaws mouth and used it break the hardening and extract the war hammer titan.

Attack Titan vs Armored titan

All three titans from Marley’s side have now fallen while Reiner is still unconsious in his half shell titan form. Feeling desperate, Gabi and Falco started shouting to call on Reiner. Reiner heard the shouts and asked them why they cant just let him die in peace and finally transforming to his armoured titan form.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Manga Chapters

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 covers chapters 103 to 104 of the manga.

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