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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 8 continues from the attack of Paradis in Marley. Now that Eren has eaten the War Hammer Titan, what are their next move and how will they escape Marley’s army through the blimp?


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 starts off with the appearance of Reiner’s armoured titan. However, it was still weak to fight and Eren no longer has energy to continue fighting. Mikasa then pursuades Eren to go and ride the blimp as they prepare their escape from Marley.

One by one, the survey corps started retreating and boarding the vessel. As Eren arrived at the blimp, Armin extended his arms to reach towards Eren. As Eren climbed inside, Levi was standing looking down on him. Out of nowhere, he kicked Eren’s face making him fly towards the other side. Mikasa tried to help Eren but Armin stopped her while other survey corps members surrounded Eren with a gun pointed at him.

Levi was furious because Eren dragged them to this mess of having a lot of casualties of innocent civilians. Eren on the other hand remained calm and told him that he explained everything in his letters.

Outside the blimp, Jean called out to the remaining members to start retreating as Marley no longer has ways to bring down the blimp. Commander Lobov asked to remain outside as he ensured that everyone is on board before climbing. Jean pulled his trigger and his ODM gear hurtled towards the door and Connie and Sasha were reaching out their hands to him.

As Jean entered the blimp, the survey corps were celebrating their first victory saying that the 6 fallen members were relatively low compared the the casualties on the side of Marley. Jean felt bad asking when will their fighting end? Connie then tried to encourage Jean and hugged him and Sasha saying that he is glad they have survived again and he thinks of both of them as special.

Gabi Rides the Blimp

Down below, Falco and Gabi were running towards the blimp trying to find any way to get their revenge on Eren. Falco tried to stop Gabi telling her that Eren felt the same way when Marley attacked their homeland. Gabi doubted this asking if he saw it. Gabi was full of anger on what happened with everyone in the internment zone. She kept blabbing that the people of Paradis are devils and they deserve to die.

Gabi finally caught up with the blimp after taking several shortcut routes and saw Commander Lobov dangling alone outside. Without hessitation, she shot Lobov in the head making him fall in front of her. Falco also caught up with Gabi and saw her holding the ODM gear of Lobov. Gabi bid her farewell to Falco and told him to send her goodbye to her family and Reiner.

Colt saw Gabi and Falco and tried to stop them but it was too late. Gabi pulled the trigger and she was pulled up towards the blimp. Falco remembered his promise to Reiner to protect Gabi from the dark future and he quickly jumped to grab Gabi and both of them were pulled towards the blimp and crashed. Sasha heard the noise from their crash and asked Jean if he heard the noise.

Sasha’s Death

As Jean was checking if everyone was already aboard the ship, Connie mentioned that Lobov may still be outside but Jean thinks he has already boarded. Gabi was silently getting through the door to enter the blimp carring her gun. She rolled inside and pointed her gun toward’s Sasha who killed the two gate guards from the rooktop earlier. She pulled the trigger and in less than a second, a bullet punched a hole in Sasha’s back instantly killing her.

Gabi was preparing for another round of shot and Jean reacting to what happened pointed his gun towards Gabi. as he was about to fire his gun, Falco reached the door and ran towards Gabi to protect her from getting hit. The bullet ricocheted and almost hit Jean. The remaining soldiers ran towards Gabi and Falco and punched them without hessitation until both of them are unable to standup and bruised.

Connie and Jean tried to tend to Sasha’s wound but it was too late. Sasha uttered her last words “are we eating soon” and “meat” and finally fell silent. The soldiers who beat the two kids realized that they also killed Lobov and used his gear to climb up. They suggested to throw the kids but Jean thought it’s useless as this will only futher cycle of revenge.

Back to the room where Pieck was recovering, she remembered who the man with the mustache was and told General Magath that the person belonged to the first scouts who were sent to Paradis after Reiner returned. She said she remembers the person as she had some interest with her being a devout follower of Zeke.

Zeke the Traitor

Inside the blimp again, we get introduced to Yelena after Levi asked her to stop wearing the fake beard. Outside the room, Gabi was shouting out of her anger and frustration. She was telling everyone that the Marleyans will carry on the will of Zeke thinking the latter was dead.

Jean, brought the two to the other room where Levi and the others were. The two kids got shocked at the sight of Zeke who was alive and recovering from the injuries. At first, they thought that the enemies captured Zeke only to realize that Zeke was working with the enemies all along.

The plan to attack Marley was devised by Zeke but there were some miscalculations. This includes Yelena failing to trap the cart and Jaws titan and the two kids boarding the escape vehicle. The attack on Marley and the destruction of their port and fleet should be enough time before the world launches their attack on Paradis. However, because of what happened, the survey corps had already lost their trust in Eren.

Zeke’s main plan has to involve him, a person with Royal Blood, and Eren, the weilder of the attack titan. The sacrifices they made that day will ensure the freedom of Eldians.

As soon as Zeke finished talking, the door opened and and a shocked Connie uttered “Sasha is dead“. Eren asked Connie what was Sasha’s last words and the former told him “meat”. Then, out of the blue, Eren laughed confusing everyone with his reaction with Jean blamining Eren for Sasha’s death.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Manga Chapter

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 covers only one chapter from the Manga particularly chapter 105

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