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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 4 Episode 16 is the last episode in Season 4 Finale. The episode continues with Zeke devastated with the explosion of the thunder spear. The Jaegerists, Survey corps and the Military Police are now in Shiganshina. Will Zeke still be able to meet Eren and is Levi still alive? Will Eren be able to find out the location of their enemies?


If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 Summary

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 starts off with Zeke after he got blasted off by the thunder spear. Hange, Floch and two other Jaegerists are on their way to the forest where they were hiding Zeke. Floch suggests that they head on to that direction. We saw a glimpse of a little girl carrying a pail then suddenly, a Titan carried him and put her in her belly.

In the barracks where Shadis was training the cadets, Yelena was dining with Pixis. She reminds Pixis what she said while she was in captivity that they will be dining in the same table soon while thanking him in following her order to gather all the soldiers in Shiganshina. Pixis didn’t have a choice given that they drank the wine with Zeke’s spinal fluid. They have evacuated most of the residents in the unlikely event that the soldiers were turned into titans.

Pixis also contemplated about his comrades pointing guns at him explaining the three types of armbands the Paradis forces are wearing. White means they belong to Jaegerists forces. Red means those who drank the wine and forced to comply. And black for those who drank the wine without knowing the consequences. He asked Yelena if this was the same as how they were captured by Marley and she answered they learn many things from their enemies.

Imprisoned Survey Corps

The captured survey corps from the restaurant were imprisoned underneath the barracks where the rest of the Military were staying. Connie asked Armin if he could just transform to a titan to bust them out but Armin said he cannot control the titan as much as Eren could and will only lead to him just destroying the city.

Then, Jean asked what happened with Armin and Mikasa’s conversation with Eren and why did he ended up like a punching bag. Armin answered Eren said hurtful things to Mikasa which made him punch Eren and thus Eren fighting back. Jean tried to pushed Mikasa in telling him what Eren said but Mikasa declined. Connie commented that Eren is no longer their friend by hurting the two most important people to him.

Jean being the most rational among them could not believe Eren was doing it without any purpose. He then asked Armin and Mikasa if there was any meaning behind this.

Yelena and the Survey Corps

Suddenly, Yelena, together with Onyankopon and Greiz, showed up in front of their prison cell and apologized for imprisoning them. Connie asked Onyankopon to let them out but the latter responded how badly to ask him after getting him into house arrest first.

Jean asked if Yelena was satisfied in finally achieving their goal in taking over Eldia and the Military to crush Marley and avenge their homelands. Onyankopon answered that they helped Paradis get out from their 100 years slumber. Nicolo and Greiz had an argument how the latter sold them off to get promoted and then calling Nicolo a traitor for siding with the devils of Paradis.

This triggered Yelena to shoot Greiz on his head saying theres no need for people to continue calling them devils. She also answered Jean’s question that their true goal is more than just getting revenge on Marley. Rather, this will finally end the cycle of hate to save Eldia and eventually Marley too. She also promised there will be no more secrets and she will tell about Zeke’s Euthanization Plan.

Pieck vs Eren

Meanwhile, Gabi was in the cellar and still contemplating why the devils of Paradis did not kill her. Suddenly, Eren entered the room calling her brat who killed Sasha. He asked her to help him if he wants to save Falco by weeding out the infiltrators in the walls. As he was explaining the plan, Pieck showed up and killed the guard beside Eren, then pointed a gun on his head.

After confirming the identity of Eren, she asked Gabi to point the rifle of the guard towards Eren. She then asked Eren to take his hands out of his pocket and threatened him that she will blow up his head. Eren knows this is a bluff and said that their mission is to eat him alive at all cost. She cannot do this while on her human form thus her threats were pretty much empty. After hearing this, Pieck asked Gabi to remove her fingers from the trigger and surrendered to Eren.

Eren knows that the consequences of disobeying the order will cost the lives of her family in the zone. Upon hearing this Pieck surrendered to Eren and praised Eren for still finding their tracks. She asked Eren if he has more than just having the founding titan. Eren asked what was Pieck’s goal in siding with him to defeat Marley. She then answered that she only wants her father to be freed from the internment zone. To do this, she needs Marley to be crushed

Honorary Marleyans

Then Gabi interrupted telling Pieck that Zeke was the traitor who masterminded the Attack on Marley. Now, she sees Pieck is turning sides and is confused about what they were fighting for to gain their title as the good Eldians. In turn, Pieck asked Gabi if they are Marleyans or Eldians? Gabi answered they are honorary Marleyans. But to the contrary, they are neither of the two as they are only Subject of Ymir who can turn into Titans.

Just like the war on Fort Salva, Titans are no longer the sole controlling power of the world. When Marley no longer need the titans, they can kill the Eldians. Being an Honorary Marleyan is not a free pass to their freedom and fighting for their rights is the only way to go.

Eren then asks Pieck to prove herself and she agreed to show him where her comrades are when they go to the roof.

Euthanization Plan and the Rumbling

Back to the prison, Yelena was explaining the Euthanization plan to Armin and the survey corps. This entails stopping the Eldians from bearing children, thus, the children being freed from the the cycle of hate. Jean complained that in a few years as the Eldians die out, there will only be old people to defend the people. This can be solved by performing the rumbling and detering the people from attacking Marley so long as the royal blood line and the founding titan are preserved.

The pregnant Historia will soon bear a child to continue the royal blood line and inherit the founder until that child dies. The Jaeger brothers Zeke and Eren will put an end to the endless cycle of hatred and suffering caused by the titans. They will become a legend for years to come and be seen as the saviors of humanity.

Suddenly, tears started falling in Armin’s face as he was touched by the noble cause of the plan. But this was short lived. A soldier came running towards Yelena declaring that an invader, the cart titan, killed one of their comrades, Ruckus started amongst the soldier in preparation of a war.

Cart Titan on Paradis

A handcuffed Pieck and Gabi were walking towards the roof with Eren in front of them and Jaegerists at their back. Pieck asked if it was already safe to assume that he trusts them but Eren said his guarantee is Pieck not being able to transform as Gabi will die as a result of the transformation.

The sight of Eren and the captured Marleyans was a sight to behold amongst the soldiers. Pieck waved at them but we see Porco Galliard in the midst of the soldiers. This was the similar during the time she went to hug a Panzer squad member to give them a secret message.

Concerned with her friend, Gabi asks Eren the location of Falco. Eren replied that he is also here but it appears that he too drank the wine with Zeke’s spinal fluid. Pieck asked Eren if he knows how it happened. Soon thereafter, Gabi realized it was her fault again after Falco jumped in to save her from Nicolo.

Pieck was quick to conclude that the Jaegerists were able to take control of the Military by using Zeke’s spinal fuid. She then asked if Eren is aware of the secret of Zeke’s special powers saying that none of the Marleyan forces know about it. It appears to Pieck that Zeke has always been lying to them over and over. The only time she saw Zeke show his true self was when he shouted to Eren to believe in him and eventually save him. Because of this, Pieck believes Eren knows the nature of Zeke’s power like drawing out the power of the Founding Titan’s power.

Attack on Paradis

Pieck is indeed a very clever girl to have been able to draw conclusion with very little information she has. She was on point on almost all her conclusion though she only needed some things to prove her claim. As they reach the rooftop, a feisty Yelena greeted her. Pieck complimented her saying that the beard looked good on her. Pieck and Gabi proceeded towards the edge of the rooftop to look at the view. Eren also prepared himself by slashing his finger while asking her the location of her comrades.

Slowly, Pieck turned around while gazing at Gabi with a reassuring smile. She pointed at Eren and quickly jumped off for cover bracing Gabi with her. A wild Jaws titan appeared underneath Eren, biting off his legs. An angry Eren suddenly transform into his Attack Titan form shaking the whole building supporting their weight. The people below understood that the titans above have finally started fighting.

As Eren was transforming into his titan form, Porco Galliard in his Jaws titan form was protecting Pieck and Gabi. Gabi thought that Pieck sold them to their enemy but the latter responded she cannot trust Marley but she trusts her comrades who fought with her.

In the air, 5 airships slowly hovered its way towards Shiganshina. General Magath was in the frontline in one of blimps with Reiner telling him to getting revenge on Liberio. This signalled the attack on Paradis with Eren looking at them and shouting “Reiner“.

Who is the girl carrying a bucket in Zeke’s dreams?

The girl carrying a bucket in Zeke’s dreams is Ymir. She was also the titan who put Zeke into her belly to help him regenerate his body. The regeneration happened in the paths in the manga

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 Manga Chapters

The Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 covers chapters 115-116 of the manga

(Shingeki No Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Final Part 2

Watch Attack on Titan Season 4 Finale Part 2 trailer below. The Season 4 Final Season Part 2 Episode 1 will be aired this coming winter. “This winter” could mean early December of 2021 or January to February of 2022.

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