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Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 1 Summary

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 1

Attack on Titan Final Season 4 Part 2 Episode 1 entitled “Conviction” continues from the ambush attack of Marley on Paradis to save Gabi and Falco and retrieve the Founding Titan. Eren is yet to meet Zeke and is left alone to fight the Marleyan Army. Will the imprisoned survey corps help Eren?

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If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled, be warned.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 1 Summary

Episode 1 was aired on January 10, 2021. The episode starts off with Hange finding a lifeless Levi Ackerman along the riverbank with a deformed Titan on his side. Suddenly, the titan blew off some steam puzzling Hange as titans do not give off steam when disintegrating due to the sun. Out of the titan’s belly emerged naked Zeke Jaeger like a new born child. Hange took this chance to escape by the river carrying Levi with her.

Zeke reborn from the Path

It can be recalled that in episode 15 of part 1, Zeke blew himself to escape from Levi to be able to meet with his brother Eren. The disfigured body of Zeke could no longer regenerate when out of nowhere, a titan appeared placing Zeke into her belly. Zeke explained to Hange and Floch that a little girl kneaded soil to his body which allowed him to gain his body back. Only then he realized that the place was in fact the PATH that connected all the titans together and the little girl was indeed Ymir. What took years in the path was only mere moments past in the real world.

Marley Attacks Paradis

As the blimps approached the encampment, the Jaws titan attacked Eren while Pieck transformed into her cart titan form and took Gabi to escape. Yelena then asks Eren to turn back to his human form and escape so they can rendezvous with Zeke.

Just like in Episode 1 of final season part 1, Reiner jumps off the blimp, but this time without the Beast Titan backing him up. Eren stares at Reiner as they face off again to continue their unfinished business in Marley.

General Magath learns of the Founding Titan’s secret

Pieck brought Gabi to safety to meet the Marleyan soldiers and get the anti-titan weapon. General Magath showed his concern with Gabi who risked herself to enter the enemy territory. Colt was relieved to see Gabi and asked where his brother Falco was. She replied that he is being detained and that he accidentaly drank Zeke’s spinal fluid.

It puzzled Magath how come the Attack titan has not activated the founding titan’s power yet. Then, Gabi recalled Zeke’s words in the blimp after she killed Sasha. From Gabi’s words, Pieck was able to deduce that Zeke’s absense and Eren’s inability to activate the founding titan’s power could be related. She recommended that they must prevent Eren and Zeke from meeting at all cost.

“Now we have both the founding titan and a titan of Royal blood”

Zeke Jaeger

Eren hit by Anti Titan Weapon

Magath climbed the ladder to pilot the anti-titan weapon lugged by the cart titan. As he ascended, he instructed everyone that their goal is not to kill the Founding Titan but to eat him and put an end to the 2000 years of grudge.

Eren and Reiner continued their fight with the Jaw titan pulling out an ambush attack and eat Eren. Eren was already prepared and used the war hammer titan’s power to sprout spikes taking out both the the armoured and jaws titan. A surprise attack from afar disabled attack titan as it started bleeding. It was indeed General Magath, the best Marleyan sniper, who fired the anti titan weapon bringing down the titan but not killing Eren.

The eldian restorationists took this chance to attack the titans using their lightning spears but the Marleyan soldiers were already positioned and fired their guns and killed the soldiers.

As he was firing the second round, Magath recalled that their ambush was only possible because of Willy Tybur’s sacrifice. In episode 4 of part 1, Eren ate Willy Tybur in his attempt to gain the War Hammer Titan but was mistaken as it was Willy’s sister Lara Tybur who had the power.

Onyankopon frees the Imprisoned Survey Corps to save Eren

Desperate on their losing position, Onyankopon approached the imprisoned Survey corps and frees them to ask them to save Eren. As soon as he opened their cell, Connie rushed and attacked him asking why do they need to save Eren and in the end be unable to bear children because of Zeke’s Euthanization Plan

Armin requested Connie to let go of Onyankopon and listened to his explanation with the latter affirming the group that he really was not aware of Yelena’s plan. He proposed to let the world witness the Rumbling to defer the nations from further attacking the island.

Armin turned to Mikasa and asked if she wanted to help Eren. Mikasa affirmed but thinks this is only because of her Ackerman blood. Armin also firmly believed that Eren was not the type of person who will simply agree to the Euthanization plan. Finally, Connie agreed proposing that Eren may not have opposed Yelena and Zeke because he can use the Rumbling to protect the island.

Eren Screams

As the battle continued to rage between Reiner and Eren, Reiner took his chance to bite the neck of the weakened Eren to take out the Founding Titan. Eren screamed loudly as if he was calling out to someone and pleading for help.

Who was he calling out to? Remember when he first used the founding titan’s power and screamed? But this time, there were no mindless titans to call out to and Dina Fritz is already dead as she was eaten by the mindless titans to protect the founding titan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Manga Chapters are covered by Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 1?
Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 1 covers chapters 117-118.

Who healed Zeke?
Ymir healed Zeke in the path using the clay. This is the same process how titan shifters are able to constantly regain their body parts when severed.

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Shingeki No Kyojin Season 4
Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 2
Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 2

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